Liver flushing

When you can smack your lips over a glass of apple juice and olive oil with a little garlic and ginger thrown in for good measure, you must be doing a liver flush.  This week a friend and I are flushing our livers together.  All year I’ve been trying to talk myself into a good cleansing season.  Several months would be great.  Just having someone here who is doing the same work is so encouraging.

My tail has been dragging all year.  I thought it would pass but improvement has not come.  Monday morning we began and managed to do one flush and juice all day.  Trying to stay on schedule has been the real challenge.  Today we have done two flushes and juiced all day.  Tomorrow I want to do all three.  The problem is there are not enough hours in the day to do it all.

How do I feel on day number three?  Tired, though my head feels clear, I managed to do some work on our much neglected website today.  I have also updated the liver-flushing E-book with the ELF instructions.  All this is creative work I’ve not been up to for the better part of last year.  Good things always come when you clear out the waste.

Onward and forward, it’s time for my Detox Tea!!! And then Superfood, and then a little more juice…..

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