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Living in Love

What is real love, how does it materialize into a life?  What impact will honest loving have in real life? To know true love is to learn to be at peace with whatever the day brings.  Why?  Because all truth … Continue reading

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Understanding & Using LBF #1

Those new to natural healing may question the need for supporting the bowels at all.  No healing can happen in a body where the waste is not being removed.  Holding a cesspool in the middle of your body filled with … Continue reading

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Sunburn Relief with BF&C Salve

Praise be for BFC!  Last month my fair skinned daughter had a really bad sunburn and on a whim I told her to put the BFC on it and it relieved the pain as well as healed the burn much … Continue reading

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Cysts, Boils, Rashes, Blisters, Eczema

Breakdown of the skin in the form of rashes, blisters, and eczema, cannot be addressed with a topical application or soothing salve.  It is necessary to go to the heart of the issue by flushing the liver.  As the vacuum … Continue reading

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New Flushing Experience

The best discoveries have come when something I have done over and again the same way for years is tweaked a bit with amazing results.  One of these “light-bulb” moments came a few weeks ago during a juice fast and … Continue reading

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What to Expect During a Good Detox

Many people avoid deep cleansing programs because they are unsure what to expect or how to deal with the inevitable results of a good system wide detox.  The deep work of cutting lose and removing waste from the body’s tissue … Continue reading

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Loved, Blessed and Surrounded

There is so much to be thankful for.  This has been a fantastic week.  The humidity has felt low and the sun has been out all week.  Almost makes me feel like I still live in California instead of North … Continue reading

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Debility: Rebuilding the Body

Since my early teens anything that promised strength or energy was of interest.  A low functioning thyroid, bouts of depression and physical weakness have plagued my life.  Learning how to use the herbal gifts to better support the overall health … Continue reading

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Understanding Nervine Herbs

The nervine combinations and herbs have been proven useful aids in relaxing the systems of the body as well as calming the mind, and relaxing the muscles.  Over the years I have discovered several truths about the herbals, one truth … Continue reading

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Knee Pain

I have recently discovered, first hand, how valuable the nervine herbs are for relieving nerve pain. What you might call a “fire ball” of pain had developed in my knee.  None of the regular herbal remedies were bringing any level … Continue reading

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