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One of the Best Dr. Christopher Articles on understanding the winter flu season! Atchoo!!  You sneeze and everyone around you thinks you have a cold.  “Are you ‘catching’ cold?” they ask.  The reply is usually, “Oh yes, I feel awful,” … Continue reading

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Parasite Cleanse

Pinworms, tapeworms, and roundworms are parasites existing in the intestinal tract. The three most common types of worms found in the body are: the thread or seat worms (Oxyurix vermicularis), the roundworm (Ascares lumbricoides–lumbrici), and the tapeworm (Taeince-taenia solium, Bothriocephalus … Continue reading

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Tooth and Gum Health

Tooth problems start several generations back. The weakness of calcium deficiency is passed from parent to child. By following the same parental pattern of “poor food selection,” each new crop of babies becomes weaker. “The sins (of omission and of … Continue reading

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Plantar fasciitis; Serious Foot Pain

The past three weeks have taught me all I never wanted to know about foot pain.  Dealing with a case of Plantar fasciitis I have had to learn quickly what works and what will not provide relief.  The most effective … Continue reading

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Preventive Program for The Flu Season

Why do we have a flu season each year?  In the Fall and Winter Seasons the weather becomes cooler causing people to bundle up their bodies, close the windows and drapes in their homes and stop going outside into the … Continue reading

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Clearing Boils Naturally

In most Cases clearing Boils is a two-step process.  Relieving the pain and pressure by pulling the boil from the body is only the first step.  The Use of Burdock Root to purify the blood along with a light to … Continue reading

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“INCURABLES” Program: FIRST 30 Days

The Food Program: ALL Food consumed must be 100% TOTAL (Vegan) Vegetarian RAW Food! This includes ALL Vegetables, Fruits, RAW Nuts and Seeds, and soaked and sprouted Beans and Grains. Try to eat Fresh ORGANIC Produce, that is grown locally … Continue reading

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ELF; Liver Flushing Updates

Over the years I’ve tweaked the way I do my liver flush.  Since starting my current reducing program I’ve been doing a lot of “ELF-ing”(Emergency Liver Flushing).  Anything to keep the pounds moving in the right direction.  I know myself … Continue reading

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Spring Time Allergy Issues

Spring is here along with all the pollen issues;  allergy eyes, lung congestion, skin outbreaks.  Below are several herbal suggestions for clearing and or preventing the springtime allergy season. Ensure the bowels are moving well. Constipation is a major cause … Continue reading

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Three Reasons for Flushing The Liver

Three Types of Liver Flushing One of the most powerful healing tools at our disposal is the Liver Flush.  There are three ways to flush the liver. 1) Five day week of liver flushing and detoxing; this type of flush … Continue reading

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