Natural Root Beer

Here is one of my favorite beverages, homemade Root Beer. If you follow the directions you will have a very pleasant and healthy drink your whole family will enjoy.


Sarsaparilla root can be used as a dye plant although it has a tendency to fade. It was formerly used in the making of root beer, so much so that the flavor has been duplicated synthetically and the root is no longer present in the beer.

Harris said that his grandfather made a good homemade root beer with more or less equal parts of Sarsaparilla, burdock, dandelion roots, sassafras bark and red clover.

Dr. Christopher gave a good recipe for root beer. If you are going to serve root beer to the kids, start ahead of time and give them the genuine article.

  • 2 ounces Sarsaparilla root
  • 2 ounces Sassafras root bark
  • 1 ½ ounces wintergreen herb
  • ½ ounce tansy
  • ¼ tsp. Baking yeast or Wine yeast
  • 1 pint molasses (NOT Blackstrap)
  • 1 Gallon Distilled Water
  • 1 ½ Gallons Distilled Water–Lukewarm
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Natural Support for Pancreatic Cancer


I HIGHLY suggest for ANYONE, who has been diagnosed as “INCURABLE” or “HOPELESS” to THROW OUT that Diagnosis and start on a HEALING Program IMMEDIATELY! The “INCURABLES” Program has NO POWER, unless you put ALL of the Time and Energy, that you have into it! You must give l00%!

LOVE, giving it and receiving it, is the MOST POWERFUL Cleansing and HEALING TOOL! Be RESPONSIBLE for yourself! You created this PROBLEM and you can get RID of it! NO one ever got BETTER by feeling SORRY for themselves! The Doctors were WRONG; you can get WELL! FORGIVE EVERYONE in your PAST, including ALL of the Doctors! The MAIN Function of your Body is to REPAIR and HEAL itself, so let’s get STARTED! THERE ARE NO “INCURABLE” DISEASES! GET POSITIVE RIGHT NOW! BELIEVE, START NOW!

The Food Program

If you are seriously ill, you are to discontinue food immediately. You will be drinking one gallon a day of water and fresh juices. No food. Some members may need to drink up to two gallons per day to maintain good hydration. It all depends on how large a person you are.

The larger you are the more fluids you will need to maintain good hydration which will aid your body in cleansing and healing. There are many resources available on this subject, check them out and use the information to determine how much fluid your body needs to maintain good health.

Buy A Juicer

The best juicers have the juice coming out one place and the pulp ejected out another. If this is not the case you will have to stop in the middle of juicing to clean the pulp from the juicer. Way to much hassle.

Check the internet or your local health food store for an affordable Juicer. I like the Champion juicer because it’s versatile. For about $250 you can mill your own flour (if you buy the milling attachment) make nut butters, frozen fruit desserts, and juices in it.

Now supposedly the best one made is Norwalk, but its $2000. Who needs that? The Champion works great. Some people feel the Juiceman, which is about $300, is a little easier to clean. I got my Champion almost 10 years ago, I’ve still got the same one and it’s still putting out great healing juice.

JUICES ONLY – during the most critical phases of healing.

  • If you don’t have a juicer, BUY ONE.
  • If you choose not to invest in one you might as well stop the program now before you waste any more of your hard earned money. Because that is all you will be doing.

Why is Nutrition so Important?

Herbs are God’s master builders; he has provided a master herb for every function and organ in the body. For example Hawthorne is the master heart herb, it has an enzyme that attaches to the cells of the heart that enable them to absorb more oxygen. Thus the heart is protected so even if there is an attack and oxygen to the heart is cut off the heart muscle will not be as damaged. Hawthorne is also heart food. It feeds the heart cells with exactly what they need, speeding healing and strength to this very important organ.

Now we know that different herbs target different areas of the body depending on the work God designed them to do. What most people don’t seem to understand is that these master builders do not contain the massive amount of nutrition needed to do the work they are capable of doing.

In other words if you continue to eat the average American food program of hamburgers and pizza you will fail to provide your body the raw material needed. You would have been effectually sending these wonderful master builders into your body with no wood (nutrition) to build with. Nutrition is the material these master builders need to rebuild your body. If you don’t provide copious amounts throughout the day they will be unable to do anything as they pass through your body. All your hard work will be for naught.

Once you are off 100% juices, you will be eating a 100% total vegan vegetarian raw diet. This includes all vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, and soaked and sprouted beans and grains. See Attached pdf for complete article:

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Understanding The Brain

The human body is an extremely intricate, divinely computerized and a highly evolved vehicle.  It is much like man-made vehicles in that it must be in perfect running condition in order to get a “good performance.”

The nervous system consists of three major parts that must be in a healthy condition in order to work smoothly together.  First let’s consider the brain


The encephalon.  That part of the central nervous system contained in the cranial cavity, consisting of the cerebrum, cerebellum, pons and medulla oblongata.


The chief portion of the brain, occupying the whole upper part of the cranium, and consisting of the right and left hemispheres; the endbrain; telencephalon


The inferior part of the brain lying below the cerebrum and above the pons and medulla, consisting of two lateral lobes and a middle lobe.


A convex white eminence situated at the base of the brain.  It consists of fibers and nuclei which receive impulses from the cerebral cortex, and sends fibers to the contralateral side of the cerebellum by way of the brachium pontes.”

Medulla oblongata

The upper, enlarged part of the spinal cord, extending from the cord opposite the foramen magnum to the pons.”

The above gives a brief general description of the brain, showing where the various sections lie in the cavity, but let’s go in a little deeper to see how the different sections of the brain work together. 

The following information is taken from The New Modern Home Physician, (Wm. H. Wise and Co., Inc., 1947):

  • “The large masses of nervous tissue forming the brain has an average weight of forty-nine ounces in a male adult. 
  • The structure of the brain shows extraordinary complexity. 
  • The larger part consists of the cerebrum in the form of two hemispheres, right and left, which are connected together by a broad band of fibers running transversely, and known as the corpus callosum.
  • Below this come, in succession and on either side, masses of gray nervous matter, the optic thalamus and corpus striatum, and a stalk, the crus, literally a limb. 
  • Then there is the pons or bridge, and lastly the medulla oblongata or bulb which is continuous with the spinal cord (q.v.).
  • Behind and below the cerebral hemispheres is the cerebellum, or little brain, which also consists of two hemispheres.  These are connected with each other by a central part called the vermiform process and also through the pons.

Nervous Matter

Nervous matter is of two kinds, gray and white.  The former consists of nerve cells and their processes, and the latter of medullated nerve fibers, that is to say, nerve fibers which have a protective white sheath.  Both the fibers and the cells are supported by a kind of connective tissue called neuroglia.

The outer surface of the cerebrum and of the cerebellum is composed of layers of gray matter, and this is infolded, forming convolutions, affording thereby an increase in the area of the brain surface. 

The optic thalamus, as stated, is composed of gray matter, and besides this there are other masses in the base of the brain, in the crus, the pons and the medulla.  It is in the cells of the gray matter that nerve energy originates.  The nerve fibers of the white matter merely transmit such energy.

Within the brain there is a series of cavities known as ventricles, which communicate with each other and have a canal that runs down the center of the spinal cord.  These are filled with a watery fluid, called the cerebrospinal fluid.  The brain is covered by three membranes, the pia mater, in close contact with the brain substance, the arachnoid and the dura mater.  The last is in two layers, one lining the interior of the skull, and the other supporting the brain and sending folds into the deep fissures in the brain in order to accomplish this.

The space beneath the arachnoid is filled with cerebrospinal fluid, which is in communication with the fluid in the ventricles of the brain through certain openings at the back of the medulla oblongata.  This fact is of importance in connection with the occurrence of hydrocephalus (q.v.). It will be appreciated also that, as a preventive against injury, the brain has the advantage of resting on a water cushion.

The deeper fissures seen on the surface of a cerebral hemisphere mark its division into lobes.  The fissure of Rolando (after the Italian anatomist, Lugi Rolando), which, beginning a little behind the top of the head, runs obliquely downwards and forwards, marks the boundary between the frontal lobe in front and the parietal lobe behind.  The occipital lobe lies behind the parietal, and below these is the temporal lobe.  The mention of these lobes simplifies reference to the functions of the brain.  The gray matter on its surface contains millions of nerve cells, which are grouped according to the work they do.  In front of the fissures of Rolando is the area concerned with initiating voluntary movements, subdividing into parts serving the leg, arm and face in this order from above downwards.  The left side of the brain serves the right side of the body, however, and vice versa.

                Sensation is to some extent served by this area, but more by the parietal lobe.  Tactile sensations and those of pain and temperature are, however, appreciated by the optic thalamus; but this is under the control of the cerebral cortex or outer surface, and if this control is lost pleasing sensations become more pleasing and painful more painful.  In the optic thalamus, also, it would appear that movements expressive of emotion originate, smiling, for example, or grimacing from pain.

                The center for hearing is in the temporal lobe, and the smell seems to be related to a part of the brain at the anterior extremity of this lobe.  The centers for vision are in the occipital lobe.  The speech centers appear to be in the lower frontal and parietal lobes on the left side for a right-handed person.  The cerebellum is of importance in preserving equilibrium, and in coordinating the movements of muscles so as to permit the performance of complicated actions.

                From the brain comes twelve pairs of nerves, whose names and actions are as follows: (1) olfactory, subserving smell; (2) optic, nerve of vision; (3) oculomotor, supplying most of the muscles which move the eyeball and the muscle which contracts the pupil; (4) nerve supplying the muscle which turns the eyeball downwards and outward; (5) trigeminal, nerve supplying sensation to the face, etc., and to the muscles of mastication; (6) nerve supplying the muscle which turns the eyeball outward; (7) facial, nerve supplying the muscles of the face; (8) auditory, subserving hearing; (9) glossopharyngeal, a nerve of taste, also supplying sensation to the inside of the throat and activating some muscles there; (10) vagus, or wandering nerve, supplying the heart, lungs, stomach and other viscera, etc., (11) spinal accessory, supplying muscles in the neck; (12) hypoglossal, supplying the muscles moving the tongue.

                The blood supply of the brain is derived from the internal carotid and the vertebral arteries.  The venous blood and cerebrospinal fluid drain into the large venous channels, known as sinuses, which, in turn, pour their contents mainly into the internal jugular vein.  At various points on the surface of the skull these sinuses are connected with external veins, which, if they become infected, may communicate infection to the veins within.  One of the sinuses, the sigmoid, lies on the inner side of the mastoid process, and not infrequently becomes infected in suppurative disease of the middle ear.

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Laryngitis & Sore Throat Support

Here are some quick easy herbal answers for clearing Strained vocal cords, Laryngitis, or a sore throat. My first go to for a scratchy throat or the loss of my voice is a simple Ice Poultice to the neck area.

When used in combination with the Herbal Infection Programs, the Ice Poultice has been known to quickly clear the inflammation in the throat or vocal cords.

Why does the Ice Poultice Work? The cold draws fresh blood to the area which in this case is over the throat. The warm fresh blood loaded with fresh antibodies is unloaded and then driven through the affected throat area. The result is a healing wave of antibodies destroying the inflammation and infection in the time it takes the body to warm the poultice.

The Items you will need for an ICE POULTICE:

  • Wash Cloth
  • Dish Towel
  • Safety Pin
  • Hot Herbal Infection Tea & Honey
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Heartburn or Acid Reflux

My Acid Reflux Testimony

In the spring of 1996 we were between homes in route from Southern California, to Mountaindale, New York, when I first experienced Serious Acid Reflux.   That fateful night we had pulled our moving van into a hotel in Dixon Tennessee and sent out for pizza, our typical hotel dinner.  Shortly after dinner the acid I began burping up left me gasping for air.   As the night wore on I sipped on ice water trying to cool the burning that seemed to extend from my stomach to my throat.   Around midnight the pressure building in my chest was making it hard to breath.  I was setting in the bathroom when I told my husband that we needed to call an ambulance.  I was sure I was having a heart attack.  The band of pressure that encircled my chest had become painfully tight. 

At the hospital the doctor ordered the necessary test to rule out a heart attack.  As soon as the results were in the doctor proscribed an Acid Reflux Medication which completely cleared my symptoms.  I was then informed that Acid Reflux could mimic the symptoms a heart attack.  Over the next few years I used prescription drugs which while keeping the symptoms of my acid reflux under control contributed to a wide range of side effects.

As I continued to look for better ways to heal my body I discovered the power of herbs and herbal therapies.   Shortly after discovering Dr. Christopher and his vast menu of herbal combinations I came across a digestive aid we call “Digestive Tonic.”  This wonderful formula consistently stopped my acid reflux symptoms in seconds.  In 1999 I did my first liver flush which greatly reduced my symptoms of acid reflux.    The more I cleansed my body the fewer episodes I experienced.  This has caused me to believe there is a very direct connection between symptoms of “heartburn” or “acid reflux” and a backed up Gallbladder. 

It’s not hard to know when I need to do a liver flush.  I may go six months or a year without experiencing heartburn but let my liver be in need of a little flushing and I will begin to experience that burning feeling climbing from my stomach to my throat.  (Not nearly as bad, just enough to let me know it’s time to clean house again.) One teaspoon each of Digestive Tonic & LP Formula, in six ounces of water will stop the symptoms in seconds.  Over the years as I’ve shared my testimony with members there has been a small number who did not find relief using the Digestive Tonic.& LP Formula  For this small group Apple Cider Vinegar was the answer they needed.   A person can experience heartburn when the stomach fails to produce enough digestive juices.  When this is the cause then Apple Cider Vinegar will provide the additional digestive support needed to clear the issue.   I’ve found that one of these two Herbal Supports will effectively clear the symptoms of “Acid Reflux” or “Heartburn”

Stopping Acid Reflux Quickly

Over the years I have discovered a quick way to stop the acid reflux symptoms quickly. Add 1 or 2 tsp each of Digestive Tonic and LP Formula to a few swallows of water. Drink quickly. this will usually stop the episode within a couple of minutes.

Clearing the Underlining Cause for the Acid Reflux

It is time to do an ELF. (Emergency Liver Flush) Repeat the LP & Digestive at 1 tsp. each as needed to keep the acid away until you are able to do your ELF.

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Brewing A Strong Herbal Tea

Until recently the dry Detox, and Kidney Bladder, Herbal Teas used in our incurables program have required an over night soak in cold water on the stove. Over the past year I began playing with the Keurig, single cup coffee maker. The machine uses prefilled pods which are inserted into the machine for a single cup of coffee. After discovering that empty pods were available and could be filled with anything one wanted to brew, I began experimenting with the different single cup coffee makers to discover which one would make the best, and strongest, cup of herbal tea.

The Hamilton Beach “The Scoop” single serving coffee maker, became my favorite. With the Keurig coming in a close second.

In the video below you will learn how to use your favorite single serving coffee maker to brew a strong cup of herbal tea.

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Week 2: Liver Flushing

The Liver Flushing week follows immediately after the first week of clearing the Liver and Kidneys when doing an intense detoxing program or the Incurables program.  The Liver Flushing Part of the detoxing program a more intense week of work than the Kidney Flushing week for most members. 

Remember to continue the FOUNDATIONAL parts of your program.  Using Your Echinacea, Superfood, Vit C Powder, Bowel Cleansing Capsules, and any of the Support herbal Formulas.  The suggested food program for the 5 days of the Liver Flushing week is a juice fast when possible.  This will provide the best nutritional support for the work you will be asking your body to do.

Hydrotherapy: Using hot and cold showers to increase circulation through the affected areas of the body is an essential part of the healing or cleansing programs.  Two or three times a day it is important of apply the Hot and Cold routines. 

Intense Hydrotherapy: for those healing major disease issues in the body the “Cold Sheet Treatment” should be done at least once each week.  IN some cases doing it daily or every other day is suggested.  Pick a day each week for your cold sheet treatment.  Detailed instructions for this very important healing tool can be found in the Hydrotherapy E-book

The Week of work for the Liver Flushing Program:

Liver Flush Daily Schedule

6 AM: Liver Flush Drink: Half hour later drink ½ tsp each of the LP and Detox Formula in two separate shot glasses with an ounce of detox tea.  Follow each shot with an 8 ounce portion of the detox tea. (One shot LP formula followed by 8 oz detox tea; then shot of Detox formula followed by 8 oz Detox tea.)

9AM: Liver Flush Teas Only: ½ tsp each of the LP and Detox Formula in two separate shot glasses.  One shot LP formula followed by 8 oz detox tea; then shot of Detox formula followed by 8 oz Detox tea.

12PM: Liver Flush Drink: Half hour later drink ½ tsp each of the LP and Detox Formula in two separate shot glasses with an ounce of detox tea.  Follow each shot with an 8 ounce portion of the detox tea. (One shot LP formula followed by 8 oz detox tea; then shot of Detox formula followed by 8 oz Detox tea.)

3PM: Liver Flush Teas Only: ½ tsp each of the LP and Detox Formula in two separate shot glasses.  One shot LP formula followed by 8 oz detox tea; then shot of Detox formula followed by 8 oz Detox tea.

6PM: Liver Flush Drink: Half hour later drink ½ tsp each of the LP and Detox Formula in two separate shot glasses with an ounce of detox tea.  Follow each shot with an 8 ounce portion of the detox tea. (One shot LP formula followed by 8 oz detox tea; then shot of Detox formula followed by 8 oz Detox tea.)

9PM: Liver Flush Teas Only: ½ tsp each of the LP and Detox Formula in two separate shot glasses.  One shot LP formula followed by 8 oz detox tea; then shot of Detox formula followed by 8 oz Detox tea.

Use this schedule for doing your Liver Flush drinks daily. 

Liver Flush Drink

Monday: Juice 2 Cloves Garlic, 1 Piece of Ginger Root about the size of your thumb, enough apples to make a 16 oz glass of Juice.  When Ready to Drink add two Tablespoons (One Ounce) of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Tuesday: Juice 4 Cloves Garlic, 2 Piece of Ginger Root about the size of your thumb, enough apples to make a 16 oz glass of Juice.  When Ready to Drink add four Tablespoons (Two Ounces) of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Wednesday: Juice 8 Cloves Garlic, 3 Piece of Ginger Root about the size of your thumb, enough apples to make a 16 oz glass of Juice.  When Ready to Drink add Eight Tablespoons (Four Ounces) of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Thursday: Juice 4 Cloves Garlic, 2 Piece of Ginger Root about the size of your thumb, enough apples to make a 16 oz glass of Juice.  When Ready to Drink add four Tablespoons (Two Ounces) of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Friday: Juice 2 Cloves Garlic, 1 Piece of Ginger Root about the size of your thumb, enough apples to make a 16 oz glass of Juice.  When Ready to Drink add two Tablespoons (One Ounce) of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

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Ultimate Hydro-Therapy: The Cold Sheet Treatment

Practical advice on hot and cold showers.

Why is hydro (water) therapy so important to do?

Whenever there is disease or injury there is blockage. The blood is not flowing freely through the affected area. It does no good loading your blood with healing nutrients if the blood cannot get through the blockage and deliver its load of nutrients and oxygen to the affected area.

  • Hot water brings fresh blood to the surface.
  • Then the cold forces it deep.

The more dramatic the change between Hot and Cold, the deeper and harder the blood is driven through the blockage.

Think of it as though you are firing a blood bullet through the blockage. The hot water loads the blood bullet and the cold fires it. The more dramatic the change between hot and cold the deeper and harder the bullet is fired.

How long do you recommend a person stay in hot and cold showers?

When someone is dealing with a terminal illness, it is suggested they take a forty-five minute shower three times a day.

How long hot? How long cold?

A couple of minute’s cold and five minutes hot, and a couple minute’s cold and five minutes hot. Do about seven repetitions of that.

There are several ways to do your HOTS & COLDS.

  1. With a hand held shower head apply hot and cold water, as hot as possible and as cold as you can get it, to the diseased area.
  2. Take hot and cold showers. Stand under the flow of an over head shower and turn the knob to be as hot as you can handle, then all the way to cold.
  3. An Ice Plunge is done as follows: Take a hot shower then jump in a bathtub of ice-cold water, or water with 20-40 pounds of ice in it.

The purpose of these techniques is not torture. It is to BLAST blood into sick areas that are not getting enough blood. Until you do that, expect to stay sick.

Simple Rules

For those who are frail, use common sense and start slowly.

For instance, on babies, use warm water and cool water. Obviously, be gentle.

If you have a heart condition, start gentle with warm and cool. You don’t want to shock the heart when it is weak.

To get the most result, work yourself up to using as hot as you can stand it — without burning your skin — and as cold as you can get it.

Here are some hydro therapy procedures you can use on situations that commonly come up.

  • Ice Poultice for sore throat or swollen lymph glands in the neck area.
  • Cold Sheet Treatment for anyone doing the Incurables Program.
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Anemia, Herbal Support to Rebuild the Blood

Anemia is a deficiency in the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin or both.


When we have a good bloodstream we have a good, healthy life. It would be wise to take time to learn the principles of building good blood in the body. One of our teachers, Dr. Edward E. Shook at the Los Angeles Herbal Institute (closed at this writing), gives a fine explanation of the cause of anemia as follows:
Carbon dioxide and other waste gases are re-absorbed into the life-giving oxygen. Everyone knows that two atoms of oxygen unite with one atom of carbon to form dioxide. But when there is insufficient oxygen, only one atom unites with carbon, to produce carbon-monoxide, and that is where most of our trouble begins–anemia, low blood pressure, or where there is an abundance of calcium, high blood pressure; because calcium thickens the blood.
It requires a great deal more pressure to pump thick blood than it does to pump thin blood; and please make special note, that all this is brought about because there is not sufficient iron in the blood, to carry enough oxygen to the cells, to enable them to breathe, and throw off their waste products. New cells are not produced fast enough to replace the decaying and dead ones. Pus is formed only when cells decay. Therefore, it requires no great stretch of the imagination to see how vitally necessary it is to have enough iron in the blood stream to convey sufficient oxygen to all parts.
Nearly every food we eat, or a large percentage of it, contains iron and oxygen. Wheat and most of the grains and cereals (in their whole state) contain iron in the form of iron phosphate, as do many vegetables, such as beets, turnips, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, celery, carrots, squash, parsley, mustard greens, dandelion leaves, watercress, etc., but our principal source of organic iron and oxygen is the fruit.
The apple is loaded with these two elements, particularly the Winesap. All berries, plums, prunes, grapes, raisins, dates, figs, cherries, etc., contain organic iron in abundance, and the citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, etc., are principally composed of citric acid, which is one third oxygen.

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The First Week of Your Healing Program

Getting Started with a good strong program includes getting the Liver and Kidneys ready to the the work of detoxing your body. For the Liver and Kidneys to do the extra work they will be asked to do you will need to prepare them by doing an ELF (Liver Flush) and 3 Day Kidney Flush (Intense Kidney Clearing Flush)

Ok, lets look at what the first week looks like: Day One: Begin your Echinacea, LBF #1 Capsules and Superfood along with any of the Support Herbal Formulas specific to your issues.

Early in the day: Add one ounce of echinacea extract into large mug, cover with boiling water, let cool until able to drink.

Mid Morning: Add two Tablespoons Superfood Powder to your juice or water, shake and drink. This can be repeated up to 3 times in the day depending on your food program. If Juice fasting Superfood will be your meal replacement and can be done three times each day.

Around Dinner time: Take one LBF #1 Capsule today, increase by one capsule each day until you discover how many you need to take for good bowel function.

As Needed add in your Herbal Support formulas throughout the day.

Day Two: Begin today with a Vitamin C flush. Add 1 level teaspoon to 4 or more ounces of water every 15 minutes until a watery stool is achieved. Continue the rest of the day to mirror Day One. The effect of the Vitamin C flush will continue for 4 to 6 hours. This will clear any old waste from the bowels. You are free to do your ELF this evening at 6 pm (See detailed instructions below.)

Day Three: Begin the day with another Vitamin C flush if the bowels are tight or not moving well. Other wise you can begin to use your daily dose of the Vitamin C Powder which will not flush the bowels. Set up the Kidney flush drink this morning, it will be ready to begin using tomorrow morning and will take two days to consume. Continue with your regular Day One schedule adding an additional LBF #1 Each day at dinnertime until your correct dose is discovered.

Day 4 and Day 5: Strain off and drink 4 oz of the Kidney Flush drink every waking hour for two day until the drink is finished. The files and videos below will provide detailed instructions for this first week of the Healing Programs.

C Flush Video
Establish Bowel Program
Flushing the Liver
Kidney Flush for Week One
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