Understanding Kidney Function

An article by Dr. John R. Christopher provides a simple but complete understanding of kidney function:

DCPhoto“The duties of the kidneys are best described by calling them the filters of the blood.

“Your blood flows constantly through your kidneys to be purified or filtered. You might be surprised to learn that more than 500 grains of waste matter, acids and poisons have to be moved from the blood through the kidneys every 24 hours.  You can easily see, therefore, that on this filtering and eliminating depends your health to a very great extent. Let the kidneys fail to function properly and nature will call your attention to it right away.

“You will feel depressed and tired, restless at night, and pains in the back will show up. There might be scanty urine or a desire to urinate frequently. Your head will ache and many other aches and pains will be making their appearance.

“You really cannot be surprised that you do not feel well.

“Just figure your kidneys would do only half the work and eliminate only 250 grains of waste, what will become of the other 250 grains? They will be carried back into your blood and poison your system.

“Watch, therefore, your kidneys and deal with even minor irregularity promptly.

“To avoid trouble be careful with your diet.

“Americans consume daily 80 grs. of meat or nearly 3 ounces more of protein-thus attempting to dispose of about 35 grams more than we have capacity for. This overload gradually smashes the kidneys and throws them out of commission.

“Our kidneys cannot talk; they just have to stay mum until a hundred and one bodily disorders start us looking around for some mysterious cause of serious trouble. Then, as a rule, it is too late to apologize to the kidneys.”

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Continuing Well

barefootMy best intentions are always easy to follow at the start of the day when my vitality levels are high, my emotional love cup full.  As the day wears on my best intentions can ebb right along with my emotional energies.  The ability to choose well when feeling drained is where the emotional rubber meets the road.  So let’s talk about how to set ourselves up to succeed.  How do we avoid the emotional trap of diving into old familiar patterns when the heart and mind are too tired to do more?

Remove temptation out of reach before it becomes a problem.  Know yourself; set yourself up to win during the strong times.  Clear the kitchen, clean out the closets, and make a standing date with a friend to do any activity you know you will not do alone.  Find a trustworthy friend to be accountable to.

Pain is an excellent motivator.  There is nothing better than a painful condition or experience to induce even the biggest skeptic to face up to life and implement some much needed changes.   The real issue is often not the getting started but the continuing on.  We often hold back just enough to keep out options open, one eye looking back while trying to venture into something new and unknown.

Moving on and winning at this thing called life often means cutting loose people, places, and things that prevent growth.  Personal experience has taught there is no way around this process, the gaping whole created in the life will take time to fill.  Letting go of what is not working is the only way to enable a place in your life for something better and new to grow.

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A Few Final Thoughts on Cleansing

Echinacea in the sunWhen beginning any healing or detoxing program the benefits will only come if the waste can be removed and healing nutrition brought in.  The largest elimination organ is our colon.  If this avenue of elimination is not open and producing well all the good you are doing is for naught.  The waste will be reabsorbed as it sets in a sluggish backed up bowel waiting to be eliminated from the body.

The healing and detoxing of the body need not be a negative experience.  Many people are hesitant to begin a good detox because they cannot afford to be sick or don’t want to feel bad.  Detoxing can produce flu like symptoms when the waste that should be eliminated is reabsorbed.   Feeling bad is not necessary, when the immune system is supported with proper nutrition and enough Echinacea the waste is neutralized and eliminated, not reabsorbed.

It’s all good.  With proper nutritional and emotional support the healing of the body, mind and heart can be an uplifting fulfilling time.  Healing is not so much about the diseased condition as it is about unblocking life on every level, while flooding the body, mind, and soul with healing, restorative nutrients.  Take the opportunity to get real with yourself.  You are a physical, Emotional and Spiritual child of God, as the physical body begins to heal there will be a corresponding clearing of old issues from your emotional and Spiritual life.

Everyone will have their share of pain in this life.  The hard times are not here to destroy us, but to enable us to grow.  As we choose to meet life’s challenges, we develop real worth and depth of character.  When we choose to turn about and squarely face our own personal demons, we inevitably discover how powerful a single choice can be.  The power of choice is the gift Jesus died to give each of us.  The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. The power to overcome on every level and rise above every weakness begins with one choice.  When you choose to embrace life’s trials, you are choosing to attend classes designed specifically for you.   Now, instead of being a victim, you are choosing to expand and grow psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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LIVER FLUSHING-The Ultimate Healing Tool

liverflushdrink1Any healing program will be deficient or hastened depending on how well the ‘Liver Flush’ is used.  This statement is all inclusive; regardless if one is healing from an injury, degenerative disease, or a cancer, whatever the body is clearing, if the liver is not flushed often and well the healing will be slow or not at all.

The Liver is the vacuum cleaner of the body.  Any healing will create an amount of waste that must be eliminated (vacuumed) from the system.

cup-of-tea-01The Immune System also plays an important part.  An immune cell must attach and neutralize this toxic or degraded matter before it can be processed from the body.  When there are too few immune cells to attach each piece of “die-off” the toxic waste that is not neutralized must be reabsorbed back into the system. The reabsorption of these pollutants creates a toxic condition with symptoms ranging from headaches to sever body aches and everything between.

When the waste, “die-off” is ready for elimination the liver is then able to filter the toxins from the body’s fluids.   Problems occur when the liver is unable to process the waste properly into the bowel for elimination from the body.

healing crisisThe vacuum bag is full.  Anyone who has tried to use a vacuum when the bag was full quickly realized their efforts were wasted.  Either the machine failed to pull the waste or it was blown from the vents around the bag settling back onto the floor.  This action also mirrors the effect of a backed up Liver on the body’s systems.  When the liver is unable to clear or dump the waste it is holding the process of filtering all but stops and the system tries to process the excess waste out through the skin.  The Skin was not intended for this type of toxicity and quickly breaks down, or out, in hives, sores, rashes or any number of skin ailments.

Liver Flushing or Doing an “ELF” (Emergency Liver Flush) washes waste through the liver allowing a more effective clearing of toxins from the system.  Inflammation goes down.  Skin aliments are clear.  Sore inflamed joints are soothed.  Painful conditions in the body are cleared as the congestion is removed from the system.

Doing two or three ELF’s a week when clearing any major condition from the body will produce huge benefits.  Failing to do this work while doing any major cleansing program can often result in a preventable cleansing crisis as the body’s systems back up with un-eliminated toxins.

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Our Two Infection Fighters

adding extract to waterHEAL has two general infection fighting formulas, the Herbal Antibiotic, and Infection Formula.  The question keeps arising on how to use them.  I hope to address this today and provide a few tools for understanding how to fight infection naturally.


 Infection: The invasion and multiplication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are not normally present within the body. An infection may cause no symptoms and be subclinical, or it may cause symptoms and be clinically apparent. An infection may remain localized, or it may spread through the blood or lymphatic vessels to become systemic (bodywide). Micro-organisms that live naturally in the body are not considered infections. For example, bacteria that normally live within the mouth and intestine are not infections.

An infection is a serious condition that if left unchecked can be fatal.  Any infection of the body needs to be handled aggressively and cleared as quickly as possible.

Herbal Antibiotic

Garlic& Green183x253Formula: Garlic, Dandelion, Goldenseal, Cayenne, Ginger, Horseradish

This formula is all about the Garlic.

Garlic kills germs!!! In 1944, chemist C. Cavallito identified the stinky compound in garlic, called allicin, and demonstrated that it was a highly effective antibiotic. Other tests have confirmed that garlic is an even more powerful germ-killer than either penicillin or tetracycline. The list of microbes that garlic can slay includes botulism, tuberculosis, diarrhea, staph, dysentery, pneumonia, sepsis and typhoid. Reports list 72 separate bugs garlic can bump off; bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites and protozoa all yield to garlic.

The most significant recent discovery is that garlic also kills viruses. Using the Herbal Antibiotic at the first sign of a cold or flu will in most cases prevent the onset of symptoms.  I have found when I begin to get that all over achy feeling or a scratchy feeling in the back of my throat I can prevent the viruses from getting a foot hold in my body if I will start using 1 teaspoon of Herbal Antibiotic in a cup of hot water with honey.  I will keep my cup full and sip on this all day long.  Normally I’m on top of my symptoms in about 24 hours.

Dr. North’s data shows garlic extract kills with near 100 percent effectiveness; human rhinovirus which causes colds, parainfluenza3, a common flu and respiratory virus, herpes simplex1, which causes fever blisters, herpes simplex2 responsible for genital herpes. In addition, garlic has killed the polio virus with 90 percent effectiveness and proven capable of tackling the deadly HIV virus.

The Herbal Antibiotic has been used effectively to clear nearly every type of infections.  I have always been disappointed and frustrated with how poorly it deals with teeth & gum infections.

For the basic Infection program download our Infection Information sheet:

Infection Formula

Plantain TeaIngredients: Plantain, Black Walnut, Goldenseal root, Bugle Weed, Marshmallow Root, Lobelia

This formula is all about Plantain.

Plantain is known as an alternative herb, cleaning the blood and the eliminative tissues and organs. Alterative herbs gradually alter and correct impurities and toxins within the blood. Therefore plantain is beneficial for the liver, kidneys and skin.

Plantain has a stimulating alterative effect on the circulatory system.

It is one of the best herbs for blood detoxification, especially where blood poisoning or bites and stings are present as plantain reduces the swelling as well as healing the affected area.

Plantain is also beneficial for kidney and bladder complaints as well as for any skin condition.

Plantain is therefore one of the most efficient herbs for fighting infection and can also be used as a poultice to draw out infection.

Good for:

  • Detoxification and improving the quality of the blood
  • Stimulating and detoxifying the circulatory system
  • Teeth & Gum infections
  • Blood poisoning, bites and stings
  • Fighting infection
  • Kidney and bladder complaints
  • Ongoing skin conditions
  • As a poultice for drawing toxins and infection from the body

Uses and Examples

Salve on FlannelOur Infection Salve has been used to clear strep from the skin. It is extremely effective on any skin infection including the more serious ones.  The salve is also an excellent aid for wasp or bee

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My Infection Testimony

wet&wildI have received numerous phone calls and emails from members with serious infections who are searching for a Natural Healthy way of cleansing their bodies from these unwanted invaders. It is becoming apparent that the antibiotics we have used for years are no longer working. Their only job is to suppress the symptoms, thus sending the infection deeper into the body.
Those who have used antibiotics to (heal) suppress the symptoms of infection; only to have the symptoms return shortly after the drugs are stopped, will understand this symptom merry-go-round. I have found a way off that ride for myself. I have had to contend with frequent kidney infections since I was a teenager.
Early on I would get a couple of infections a year. By my early 20’s I had progressed to seasonal bouts with infections. Over the next ten years they continued to be more and more frequent until I was spending more days using antibiotics than not. If I was not on a current proscription for infection I was fighting the backache and bladder discomfort that usually preceded a full-blown infection.
In 1996 we moved from California to New York where I was introduced to Natural Healing.
A friend at the campus my husband was working on suggested I use some dry herbs instead of running off to the emergency room for another prescription. I had lost my medical insurance and was willing to try anything that promised to save us the cost of the emergency room and expensive prescriptions.
My symptoms cleared quickly, leaving me amazed that something so simple could be so effective. It was almost three months before the infection tried to return, but this time I knew what to do and headed it off with the herbs I’d used before. Over the next two years I felt like I was on the edge of an infection several times but the dry herb mix managed to clear my symptoms, keeping me out of the Emergency Room and off those expensive medications.

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How to do an ELF

liver flush drink232x189We have developed a saying here at HEAL, “When nothing is going right and you feel awful, Do an Elf.” E.L.F. is short for Emergency Liver Flush. Over the years I have discovered the benefit of flushing the liver whenever a body is bogged down or what was working is no longer proving effective.

The logic behind liver flushing is quite simple, as are most powerful truths in this life. Doing an ELF, put simply, is equivalent to changing the bag on your internal vacuum cleaner. Anyone who has ever tried to vacuum a rug when the bag was full has discovered how useless the vacuum is until a fresh bag has been installed. The liver is our internal vacuum cleaner; it is constantly filtering toxins from our blood and tissues.

When the liver is unable, for whatever reason, to move the waste from itself and becomes about 70% toxic it will cease to function efficiently which can lead to problems. One issue I see often is eczema, psoriasis or hives, these are all conditions brought on by a malfunctioning liver. When unable to dump waste and toxins through normal channels (the bowels) the liver will begin removing waste vicariously through the skin. Problems quickly arise because the waste being forced through the skin is too toxic and the skin breaks down very rapidly. Often an acute onset of hives, psoriasis or eczema can be reversed quickly by doing an ELF, followed by a week of good liver flushing. If the condition has been allowed to remain for months or years it will take much longer and a lot more work to clear it from the body.

An excellent time to consider doing an elf would be to clear the lingering symptoms from a flu you had weeks ago that just won’t end. Anytime you are not bouncing back from whatever got you down it will only help to clear the liver, allowing it to filter the waste from your body more effectively.

Anyone who no longer has a gallbladder ought to consider doing an elf at least once a month. Once the gallbladder has been removed the liver has a much harder time removing that thick waxy waste from itself.

How to Do an ELF

The Bowels Must be Open
The only prerequisite for doing a liver flush of any type is that the bowels MUST BE open and eliminating well.

Items you will want to have on hand:

Castor Oil
Flannel Material
Press & Seal Wrap
Ginger Root for Juicing or Digestive Tonic
Blender or Shaker Glass
8-16 ounces Citrus Juice (I prefer Grapefruit)
8-16 ounces Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Timer or Clock
Towel or Terry Cloth Robe
Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

Optional Items:
Detox Tea
LG/AP Formula

Doing an ELF

The best time to do The ELF aka The Large Liver Flush or The Liver Bomb is between 6pm and 10pm. The liver responds best to the heavy flushing during these hours.

Castor Oil Pack

It is best to prepare the Castor Oil Pack and apply over the Liver before consuming the liver flush drink. To do this:

1) Cut a piece of flannel that will fit over the liver area when folded once. Two layers of Flannel cut to fit from under the breast to the pubic area and from just before the belly button to a little around the side on the right side of the body.

2) Pour 1 to 2 cups Castor Oil into a shallow pan and warm slightly (Very slightly)

3) Add Flannel to soak up warm castor oil

4) Lay press & Seal Wrap on counter sticky side up. You will need a piece large enough to completely cover the flannel

5) Lay the saturated Flannel on the Press & Seal, Pick up The wrap and flannel together and apply to the body over the liver.

6) At this point it is a good idea to have a terry bathrobe to assist in holding pack in place.

Making the Drink

Prepare 1 oz Ginger root juice or 1 tsp digestive tonic & 1 tsp LG\AP in 2oz water

In Blender combine 8 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 8 ounces citrus juice. Whiz for a few seconds

1) Knock back the Ginger Root juice or Digestive Tonic Mix
2) Follow immediately drinking the Olive oil citrus mix.

Lay on Right Side

As soon as you are finished downing your drinks find a place to lay down on your right side, (liver down) for 45 minutes. Set the timer and remain on your right side the entire 45 minutes.
Applying Heat to the Pack

When you have finished the 45 minutes place a Heating Pad or Hot water bottle over Castor Oil pack for 45 minutes to an hour. This will drive the Castor Oil into your system to soften up the congestion in the liver.

You are then free to go to bed. Leave the pack over your liver all night long.

Drinking the Detox Tea

If you like while you are warming the Castor oil pack over your liver you may have as much of the Detox Tea as you want. The Detox Tea will help flush the oil through your system as well as prevent any ill effects such as nausea, burping or gas.

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ELF Party

chest-pain-183x253Saturday night we had an ELF Party.  Several of us decided to support a friend having serious gallbladder issues.  Over the past year or more he had mistakenly believed the pains in his upper chest and shoulder areas originated from pulled or over used muscles.  Earlier in the week when he shared his story with me I suggested he try the gallbladder attack remedy.  Within minutes he was completely out of pain.

As a retired nurse he understood the varied symptoms a gallbladder attack can have.  Before coming to the “light” he had spent his nursing career in Chemotherapy, mixing and administering all types of poisons.  Mistaking a gallbladder attack for something else is not uncommon.  Anytime you are dealing with abdominal discomfort or discomfort in the chest that arises after eating, it is not hard, with the use two specific herbal combinations, to rule out or in a gallbladder problem.

Bowels Must Be Moving Well

Clearing the pain was only the beginning; he would need to clear his bowels before he could clear the gallbladder with an ELF. He had already tried using the LBF #1 unsuccessfully.  As he progressed with the bowel cleansing program the pain in his chest and shoulders had become worse.  When he could no longer deal with the pain he had been forced to discontinue work on his bowels.   With the aid of the Gallbladder Attack Remedy he swallowed six LBF #1’s without problem.  For the first time in months he slept deeply thought the night not waking until well after 10:00 AM.

Before retiring for the night he had applied a castor oil pack over his bowels.  The Castor oil pack is used externally over the bowel, liver, heart, lungs, or tumors to break up congestion.  The use of a heating pad for an hour or two before bed had encouraged the castor oil into his bowel.  A pack was applied over his colon each night that week making short work of his backed up bowel.

Doing the “Roto-rooter” ELF

Saturday evening he arrived a bit apprehensive with the idea of drinking large amounts of Olive Oil, but empowered with the ability to quickly stop the painful attacks.  He decided to join our ELF Party.  After a bit of discussion he agreed to do the “roto-rooter” version of the ELF, sixteen ounces olive oil mixed in sixteen ounces of citrus juice.

We were ready to begin.  Gloria served us each an ounce of fresh ginger juice and our glasses of oil and citrus juice mix.  The citrus-oil drink is a great chaser for the hot peppery ginger juice.  We hardly knew we were drinking the oil.  As soon as the drinks were down the kitchen timer was set for 45 minutes and we all laid down on our right sides on the living room carpet.

The floor time went quickly; it was fun lying around with friends.  Now it was time to go downstairs and kick back in the loungers with our castor oil packs over the liver and heating pads over the packs while we watch a movie.  Our detox tea continued to prevent upset tummies.  We each drank a good sized glass while we watched our movie.  During a break in the movie we all got up to stretch our legs and moved around a bit.  We quickly discovered walking around made us sick to our stomachs, so we returned back to our loungers to watch another movie before heading to bed.

Our nurse friend did very well all evening.  He had no more discomfort than anyone else, even though he consumed twice as much olive oil.  The next morning he reported another good night’s sleep and everyone reported passing gallstones by noon.

All in all no one was any worse off for having come to our ELF Party.  A good time was had by all.

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treat-cancer240x240Mild, Moderate & Intense Cleansing Programs

Today I will provide several cleansing options to choose from depending on the degree of work needing to be done. We will start with a mild seasonal cleansing program. I have heard this called a Seasonal Oil Change for the body. This is the mildest flushing program intended to seasonally cleanse someone who normally maintains a healthy (vegan)lifestyle.

We are currently supporting several members actively working to clear major diseases. This past week I spoke with a new member who had just finished a full month juice fasting while doing what he thought was a strong four week incurables program. After which he received a disappointing report from his doctor. A friend suggested he call HEAL. After speaking with him I realized he had done a fairly weak program.

A Mild Seasonal Cleansing Program

Begin by establishing the three Foundational Programs

  • Boosting with Echinacea: an ounce a day for 4 days each week.
  • Superfood & Juicing
  • Bowel Cleansing

This will take only a few days for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once the bowels are open and working well it is safe to begin your selected flush.

Follow the instructions as provided in the E-books on Liver & Kidney flushing doing ONLY ONE flush drink first thing each morning for five days along with a raw food program.

For a more intense cleansing follow a juice fasting food program during your five day flush.

For those wanting to seasonally flush both the Liver & Kidneys, plan to set aside two weeks. Begin with Liver Flushing and end with a week of Kidney Flushing.

Special Note: Each week of Liver Flushing, Do an ELF the evening of day five. Complete Instructions are provided in the Liver Flushing E-Book.

Moderate Cleansing Programs

Here is a program to follow when you want to continue working on an issue but with a little less intensity. Maybe you have done a strong incurable program for several months, there is still a good deal of work to do but it is time to relax a little. This is also an excellent seasonal cleansing program for those who want a stronger cleanse.

Begin by establishing the three Foundational Programs

Liver Flush: When the Bowels are open and working well begin with the Liver Flush. Follow the directions in our Liver Flushing E-book. Do three flushes each day during your five day program. End each Liver Flushing week with an ELF. The Food program for this week is Juice Fasting Only.

Kidney Flush: Follow with the Five Day Kidney Flush program. Follow the Direction in our Kidney Flushing E-Book. Do Three Flushes each day. You may eat a Raw Food Program during the Kidney Flush week.

Remember your current state of health did not occur overnight, don’t expect to clear 20 or more years of unconscious living in a month. The 30 day incurables program is only the beginning. Depending on your state of health you may need to repeat the 30 day cycle many times before your condition has been restored.

Further Reading:

The Full Strength Incurables Program

Here is a strong program intended for those needing to clear major conditions from their bodies. Below I will describe a strong basic Incurables Program. This is what everyone will be doing regardless of disease or condition. Other program may need to be added to this basic program an example would be, someone with heart issues would also need to be using the Heart Tonic ect… Feel free to call the office for support establishing any additional programs you may need to be doing.

Begin by establishing the three Foundational Programs

  • Boosting with Echinacea: Start with an ounce a day for 4 days each week.
  • Superfood & Juicing: There is no need to be hungry while doing this program. There is no limit to the amount of juice you many consume each day.
  • Bowel Cleansing: The LBF #1 & #2 will be established and continued as long as you are doing a healing program.

Full Strength Liver Flushing

When the Bowels are open and working well begin with the Liver Flush. Follow the directions in our Liver Flushing E-book. Do three flushes each day during your five day program. On Day five of your first week liver flushing we suggest you do an ELF.

Beginning with your second week of Liver Flushing you may do an ELF daily or as often during the week as can be tolerated. The value of the ELF is to turn your internal vacuum (the liver) way up. Every time you do an ELF the liver is flushed out allowing it to pull toxins from everywhere. Doing an ELF is equivalent to changing your internal vacuum bag.

Food Program: Juice fasting only; those needing more calories may consume a tablespoon Flax oil with your Superfood drinks.

Herbal Support for Nausea: 1 tsp. LP Formula/ 1 tsp. Digestive tonic in 2 ounces water; Drink all at once.

Follow each week long liver flush with a week of Kidney flushing. During your week of liver flushing huge amounts of toxins are being processed for removal from your system. This work will not be completed during this five day period. During the week of Kidney flushing the body will have opportunity to complete the work began during the week of liver flushing while also supporting the renal system.

Full Strength Kidney Flushing

Follow with the Five Day Kidney Flush program. Follow the Direction in our Kidney Flushing E-Book. Do Three Flushes each day.

Food Program: Juices Only; you may add a tablespoon Flax oil to your Superfood drinks if desired

Remember there is no limit on the amount of Juice you may consume. Drink all you want. If you become hungry drink more.

Continue the Kidney & Liver Flushing Routines until you have cleared your condition. This may take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on how much work needs to be done. After several months on this intense program you may want to take a little break but not stop the program completely. Try stepping down to the moderate level of cleansing for a little while.

Hydro Therapy: Cold Sheet Treatment

It is suggested doing a Cold Sheet each week you are working a major program. Follow the direction in the Hydro Therapy E-Book.

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Set-up for Healing

barefeetPreparing the body to heal is as important as the actual healing programs.  The Bowels must be open, the immune system must be supercharged, the nutrients must be flowing or the therapeutic flushes will be unable to do their healing work.

The issue or disease really is not of importance when setting up the body for healing.  Regardless the disease or condition of the system the set-up for healing will be the same.

Bowel Cleansing:  to open the largest elimination organ and maintain good bowel function throughout the healing process.

Echinacea: to supercharge the immune system for dealing with the huge amount of upcoming “die-off” and rebuilding during the healing process.

Superfood & Fresh Juices: to provide the massive amounts of nutrition needed during the cleansing and healing processes.

Once the body has been prepared to heal, it is now ready to release the disease while rebuilding the weak and damaged organs.

Flushing the liver is the next step in the healing process. It is time to initiate the first week of Liver Flushing along with any support programs for the specific condition.  The more serious the condition the more intense will be the flushing programs.  See the article on “Light, Moderate, and Intense Flushing”

Continue the Set-up or Foundational programs throughout your entire healing process adding to them weeks of liver flushing followed by a week of Kidney flushing.  These flushing programs support the body in eliminating the disease from the system.  The body knows how to heal; our job is to provide the needed nutrients and nutrition so these wonderful bodies can do correctly what only they know how to do.

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