Life’s Surprises

sun-drenchedLife is full of surprises, some good, others not so great.  Living well is the ability to pass through today and into tomorrow with dignity and grace.  Ensuring an excellent tomorrow depends on how well we embrace today’s revealed lessons.  Life is all about choices, choosing to be other focused; choosing to accept the result of a poor choice; choosing to make better choices as past errors in judgment gifts us with their lessons.

The understanding of life shifts as experience expands the mind repainting the narrow misconceptions of childhood with the broader strokes of maturity.  Each of us begins life completely self-focused, unable to see beyond our own needs and feelings.  The value of others is taught by experiences.  Each interaction writes deeply into the softness of a child.  Every look, action and tone is soaked up by the little sponges.

The lack of maturity along with the self-focused slant to a child’s personality makes one prone to misinterpret experiences.  Evaluating the values leaned as a child, making sure they still make sense is difficult.  Often it is not until our life ceases to work; when we are finally forced to ask the question that we discover all the false assumptions we accepted as truth when but a child.

Forgiving past errors in judgment along with the downright bad choices can be a slow process.  Learning to live life with eyes wide open is a part of the healing process.  A willingness to see the hard things is a sign of maturity.

Understanding that living well requires maturity to view life through the eyes of love, allowing growth will take time and mistakes are only chances to grow.  Choosing to stay other focused knowing our choices affect for good or evil all those within our sphere of influence.

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Thanksgiving my Way

100_0376Every year my husband and I seem to do Thanksgiving a bit different.  Growing up it was all about the food, something I take no joy in and find hard to justify.  Don’t get me wrong I love good food, what I don’t love is too much at one time.  My idea of a great meal is one scrumptious dish prepared to perfection and enjoyed slowly.  Each year we decide what delectable treat will be our Thanksgiving meal, buy all the ingredients and enjoy our own company preparing the dish.

The second part of the holiday is the weekend project.  dara-closeupFour whole days to ourselves to fill in any way we please, this alone is heaven.  Several years ago we spent the entire holiday weekend redecoration our movie room.  My husband is a puzzle lover so we decided to paint the walls with huge puzzle pieces. It actually turned out quite well.  Over the past 32 years my idea of the perfect day has not changed much.  Perfection is being wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket with the one who has filled my life with every good thing since the day we feel in step together and oh yes, good food and a good book.

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Herbal Answers for Impotency aka Erectile Dysfunction

Man new lifeImpotency also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is becoming a more common occurrence in the younger middle aged man.  There are many good natural supports proven able to rebuild the testosterone levels.  What has been missing from the healing mix is something to help clear the blockage and support circulation into the affected area.

A confession is important at this point, after 32 years with my husband the thought of giving up or even cutting back on the “good stuff” did not sit well with me.  The first time the “toys” failed to work as they always had motivated me to look for answers in a way few things would.  The Male formula and Male Booster were added to his morning Superfood drink.  Taking several doses of herbs daily has never been a strong point for my husband.  The once a day dosing of the Male formulas proved to be enough.

Over the years I have counseled several men dealing with impotency issues.  The ones who recovered well not only supported their systems with the herbal aids to rebuild but also increased their physical activities and cleaned up their food programs.  An understanding that an enlarged prostate can also play a part in a lack of circulation suggested we add the M&L Salve to the basic program for most men.  This has proven to be very beneficial as the salve opens the area up, clearing blockage and allowing good circulation.

A good basic program for Impotency for most men would be to consume 1 tsp. Male formula 2 or 3 times a day. Topically apply the M&L Salve over the male member and sac each night for at least a week.  Apply a good amount to the body and a piece of flannel material wrapped around the male members.  The use of briefs will keep the “pack” in place throughout the night.  This topical application can be continue longer if needed.  For further support the Glands formula (Same mix as the M&L Salve) can be taken as a tea as well three times a day.

The Male Boost can be added, if needed, for additional support raising Testosterone levels.  The Male Boost is a low dose formula; begin using ¼ tsp only 2 times a day.  One of the members working to build his testosterone levels discovered the Male Boost formula played with this high blood pressure issues.  He decided the drop in his energy levels were too severe to completely discontinue use of the formula.  He found a 10 drop dose would provide the hormonal support without affecting his blood pressure.  Several men using the formula with no blood pressure issues have reported using as much as ½ tsp 2 or 3 times a day without issue.

Our regular Male formula has not been known to affect the blood pressure.  Those just beginning a healing program may want to start with only the Male formula and add the Male boost if symptoms suggest the need for additional support.

This program cleared up my husband’s issues and the feedback I have received has been very positive each time I have suggested these herbal supports to HEAL’s membership.

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Tinctures Q&A: the Alcohol

tea-2The question of alcohol consumption comes up often since so many of our members, including myself, choose not to consume alcohol.  Below is my answer to this concern.

In the Bible we are told that there is a purpose for “everything under the sun” this would include alcohol.  Although alcohol has been an abused substance since the flood it does have properties that have proven extremely useful in the healing arts.  When looking at the value of alcohol for the making and long term storage of medicinal herbs it can been seen there is no other substance under heaven that can do this job.

tea-3Alcohol is a “preservant” “extratorant” and “solvent”. When the herbs are added the alcohol dissolves the fibers, extracts the properties and preserves them for hundreds of years just the way God put them together.  When ready to use the extracts the alcohol is easily removed by adding hot water.  The alcohol is evaporated, removed,  from the portion in the cup when hot water of at least 170 degrees is added.
tea-4When it is not desirable to consume the alcohol add the dose to be use to any tea cup, then pour boiling water in on top the extract to “shock” the alcohol off.  You will often see a puff of white smoke rising from the cup.  This is the alcohol being removed.  Allow the brew in your cup to cool to a comfortable drinking temperature, add honey if needed and enjoy.

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The Holidays are Here Again!

thanksgiving-mealThe Holiday season is upon us, Thanksgiving is only weeks away with all the family drama, rich food and pretty much everything needed to overtax and stress our nerves and digestive systems.  Learning how to enjoy ourselves without paying an overly high price for the privilege is vital to living well.  Life’s dramas are not to be avoided but embraced and learned from.

Avoid overeating, filling the stomach until uncomfortable.  Overeating will place a heavy burden on the digestive systems causing frayed nerves and short tempers.

Eating continually throughout the day prevents the digestive process from completing well.  Allow at least 5 hours between meals.  Coming to the table with a healthy appetite ensures better digestion and more enjoyment of the food eaten.

Drinking more than a few ounces of water or juice with a meal will dilute the digestive juices inhibiting suitable absorption of the nutrients consumed.

Support herbs to have on hand for the holiday emergencies would be:

Digestive Tonic: for any upset in the upper digestion; Gas, Bloating, Upset Tummy ect…

Cayenne:  This herb moves the blood; reach for it first for Heart attack, Stroke, any bleeding on the outside of the body due to cuts or scrapes.

Lobelia: Breathing issues, Charlie horses, pulled muscles,

LBF #2: Vomiting or Diarrhea,

Digestive Tonic & LP formula: Gallbladder Attack

Knowing how to deal with life’s little emergencies allows the good times to be even better.  No sad trips to the emergency room will occur when the proper use of these herbal supports are understood.

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Cayenne for Cold Hands & Feet

adding-extract-to-waterCayenne an Aid for Warming Cold hands and Feet

Cold weather can be a trial for those with poor circulation.  Spending the cold months of winter in a constant shiver unable to maintain the body warmth needed for comfort is no way to live.  Cayenne is the answer for anyone dreading the cold.  Cayenne moves blood increasing circulation which contributes to an increase in body heat.  Begin by adding 5 to 10 drops of cayenne tincture to any cup of tea or glass of juice.  Continue increasing the number of drops until you are able to add a teaspoon of cayenne tincture to a glass of tea or juice.  Try doing this daily or even twice a day for better circulation. The warm hands and feet good circulation provides will more than make up for the discomfort of learning to use cayenne

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Just Thinking

perfect-pink-roseThe best time of the year is nearly here.  Yes, the holiday season is closing in on us with all the family fun and drama.  This season at the close of each year affords us a break from our busy lives to remember and be with those who have contributed so much to our happiness.  Putting off those we most need and care for is easy to do during the busy months of the year, but as the days cool down and shorten the long dark evenings of winter provide warm cozy firesides perfect for catching up with family and renewing old friendships.

Music continues to play an important part in the times of my life.  The calming influence of a beautiful melody easily fills an evening alone with a good book.  The oft repeated words of an uplifting favorite hymn or love song can be the perfect boost at the end of a busy day.  When shared the music rides on the memories sweetly flavoring them with each rendition.  There is nothing so sweet as the melody wafting through the mind  spreading a sweet memory in its wake providing a moment of reprieve in an otherwise busy day, a moment to remember who and what is truly important in our lives.

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Support for Serious Infection

tea-2An infection in the body should always be taken very seriously.  Left to run out of control serious to fatal results can occur.  With this understanding in place it is important to understand the answers to this, often acute and always serious issue, available to those choosing a natural healing remedy.

HEAL’s Herbal tools to clear infections of all types are our, Herbal Antibiotic and Infection Formula used in conjunction with Echinacea.  The herbs in these formulas support the body in the process of clearing the infection while also aiding in the removal of waste from the system.

When serious infections are in the system the following has proven effective many times in the past.  Remember these are only suggestions and are given with the understanding that the bowels are working well and proper nutrition is being consumed.

superfood shakeSuperfood and Juicing provide the additional nutritional support needed.  When clearing an infection the body will not have the resources to heal if proper nutrition is lacking or unavailable.

The use of hydrotherapy will unblock the affected area allowing the fresh blood with its load of healing nutrients to cycle through.  Depending on the place and type of infection the hydrotherapy should be modified to ensure good circulation for the introduction of nutrients and effective removal of waste.

The Natural Infection formulas (Herbal Antibiotic & Infection Formula) are loaded with the herbs needed to breakdown and clear infection ensuring the nutrients needed are available once the use of hydrotherapy has cleared any blockage. Depending on how serious or wide spread the issue these two formulas can be used in conjunction or separately but nearly always should be taken in conjunction with Echinacea.

The suggestion has been given and used successfully for any number of serious infections that the formulas be used hourly trading between the two infection fighting formulas.  An example is to use a teaspoon full of the Herbal Antibiotic at 9am; a teaspoon full of Infection formula at 10am; a teaspoon of Herbal Antibiotic at 11am; continuing this routine every hour throughout the day.

For lesser issues the formulas can be used every three hours. An example is to use 1 teaspoon of the formula when awake for the hours of 3-6-9-or 12; using hours divisible by three makes it a bit easier to remember when the next dose should be consumed.  Except for extremely serious issues waking the person up to take a dose of extract during the night is not advised.  A good night’s sleep is also very healing for the body and should not be disturbed.

Garlic Paste to the Feet is an effective tool to aid the body in getting on top of an infection.  For details on how to apply this very helpful herbal remedy see the infection information sheet in the member’s area.

liver flush drink232x189Flushing the Liver; aka Doing an “ELF” (Emergency Liver Flush); the reasons this is an extremely good idea anytime the body becomes over run with infection would take too long to write.  For additional information on Doing an ELF see our Blog or Lady of Herbs site for any of a number of articles written on this subject.  

Applying the above suggestion along with a good dose of common sense has allowed me to honestly say I have yet to meet an infection I could not beat.  The Father has not left us alone in this world, learning how to intelligently use the tools easily within reach can ensure a brighter healthier tomorrow for each of us.

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Doing a Simple Salve Pack

Fomentation 2- 178x178A big part of clearing any injury or illness from the body requires the affected area be cleared of blockage and flooded with healing nutrients.  One of the most effective ways to accomplish this has been with the use of “Hot Fomentation” a very time consuming, messy procedure.  The value of the fomentation for relief of pain and healing cannot be over stated.  The fact that few will take the time or extend the effort is also a truth.  Because of this truth HEAL has developed a line of herbal Salves, loaded with the needed herbal nutrients, which can be applied quickly and easily, in most cases taking the place of the “hot fomentation”.

Salve packs can be used effectively for many issues such as: Inflamed arthritic joints, gout, bursitis, soft tissue injuries, pulled muscles, injured tendons, thyroid malfunctions, infected wounds, malfunctioning kidneys, Edema, tumors, to name just a few.  Applying the healing herbals topically, allowing them to saturate the affected area will shorten as well as aid the healing process.

Knee Pack475x317Applying the Salve Pack:

1) Gather the items, Salve, Cotton Flannel (or other natural fiber cloth), Press N Seal wrap. Optional items: Towel and heating pad.

2) Cut Flannel to fit area to be treated.  Material should be folded once/ two layers.

3) Cut Press n Seal wrap and place on counter; Place folded flannel in center of wrap.

4) Apply a good portion salve to Flannel

5) Pick up entire pack and apply over affected area, smooth the wrap firmly into skin.

back-pack-5Applying a heating pad over the pack will aid the absorption of the nutrients into the tissue.  Do not apply a source of heat to a newly injured site. The salve pack can be applied but wait 24 hours or better depending on the degree of injury before applying any heat source to a fresh injury.  Ensure all bleeding has been arrested before any heat is applied.

6) Apply towel over Pack, top with heating pad for 30 min to an hour depending on the injury.

fomentation-1Note: the M&L salve is an excellent tool to massage into most affected areas before applying a healing or drawing salve pack.  This salve opens up the area allowing free movement of fluid and toxins from the affected area.  Applying a small amount over the affected area just before applying a pack will enhance the effects of most packs.

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Healing the Bowels

The clearing and healing of the bowel is likely the most important part to any healing program.  With this understanding in mind the subject of how to heal a sick bowel can never be exhausted.  The Lower Bowel Formulas #1 and #2 are the tools needed for this purpose.  Knowing their value and how to use them well will aid in any cleansing or healing program.

icf2-bLBF #2 thumbnailWith these two formulas, the LBF #1 and LBF #2, you have the “hot and cold” for the bowel.  The LBF #1 will make the bowel work more effectively, move the waste out better.  The #1’s (poop pills) will soften the waste and support the bowel muscles to more it along.

The LBF #2 should be taken every three hours (5 doses a day) I find it easiest to remember by taking the dose at 3,6, 9 or 12 o’clock if I’m awake for any of these hours.   This formula draws inflammation and infection from the bowel walls, healing the bowel.  IT is a binding formula so an extra dose can be used to slow down the bowel action if the LBF #1’s (poop pills) make the bowel too active.

Begin using the LBF #2 when the bowels are working well.  Increase the #1’s  until you find good movements, then add an additional capsule of the #1’s the night before you begin using the LBF #2.  IN the morning when you take your first dose of the LBF #2 any over active feeling or action in the bowel will be calmed.

anxiety-herbs-lgIn the evening when you are ready to take you #1’s (poop pills) consider how your bowels functioned that day, if they were a bit slow take an extra capsule, if they were a bit over active drop a capsule.  The number of caps you use will flux with the detoxing activity going on in your body.  The more intense the detoxing from the liver ect… the heavier the waste dumped into the bowel will be, (less or no fiber is mixed into the toxic waste dumped from the liver) because of this when the body is doing a good detox you may need to increase your #1’s to keep the waste moving out well.  When the body takes a break from this work your need for the #1’s may drop off a bit.

You have the tools in your hands to support your bowels preventing an uncomfortable or backed up condition in the bowel.  A little thought each night before taking your capsules will prove very beneficial to your entire healing program.  Only you will be able to say what is the right number of capsules on any given day.  The LBF#2 should be established and continued, don’t start and stop this formula while healing the bowel, use the LBF #1’s (poop pills) to slow or increase the bowel function while maintaining the LBF #2, (healing formula for the bowel) using this formula every three waking hours.  It may take several months of continued use to heal a diseased or infected bowel.

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