Making Choices


Do Something New  

Today decide to do something new and better. For most it is an uphill struggle to begin something new. We know we should change and have decided the time is now for us to do our new thing. The first step has been taken, the decision has been made. You must now make a place in your life for the new thing or change you have decided on. Normally creating space for something new requires the removal of something. Continuing to crowd all your new good intentions on top your already full life is setting yourself up to fail.

Take the time to make the hard choices. Drifting along hoping everything will turn out well is not living your life. Drifting is a passive way of avoiding personal accountability. Dumping your responsibility on those closest who will, at some point, be forced to make the choices you have failed to make, or worse, be forced to clean up the mess your lack of choosing has created. Choosing not to choose is a choice.

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