The Good We May Do

Smile for The FatherThe decision has been made, you want to make a difference in the world.   Choosing to expand yourself beyond the small circle of family and friends who make up your community.  How does it feel?  What does it mean to stand up?  It means to recognize and answer the call when it comes.  Often the appeal is first heard as a quiet thought or conviction of heart.  These are easily ignored or blown off as a passing whim for many, but to those who have chosen over and again to “Rise & Shine” when called, the passing whisper of thought is enough.  They take hold of the good to be done charting the road for others to follow in their wake.

Regardless how few or how many talents we possess, we each have the ability to largely impact the world  for good or evil.  A lowly birth or limited means in this life in no wise limit the ability of an individual to leave a deep, lasting mark in the world.

The amount of good flowing from a single life when surrendered to the Father’s use is truly astounding.  Humble means, simple beginnings have been the spring board for many of the greatest men who have walked through history.  Men and women whose influence is still felt long years after their minds and voices have ceased to bless this world.

Choosing from their earliest years to bless others they possessed an innate willingness to stand and make a difference.  Accepting their lot in life with an open heart and willing hands to do good whenever possible seems to be the common denominator among the men and women who have blessed the world with their lives.  Only in eternity will we understand how the choices we made effected for good or for evil those around us, leaving our mark in the world to impact future generations until the close of time.

True greatness does not wait for an opening opportunity or ask for directions. Repeated experience has shown over and again the way to begin is just to begin.  The Father will open the way when that first step is taken out into the great unknown.  Greatness finds the way has been marked out one step at a time.  He finds he is walking in the footsteps of a King.

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