Using Herbal Extracts

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Is There a Standard Dose for Herbs?

I don’t know about a standard dose across the board for all herbal extracts but let me try to put them into a couple of categories which might make it a bit easier to determine how to use the different extracts.

In my experience the herbal combinations that create a lot of “die-off” are the ones to be most careful with. “Die-off” explained in a nut shell, what the body must neutralize and dispose of as an infection or disease is being cleared. If the immune system is not able to neutralize (a simple way to put it would be “deal with”) the die-off as the detoxing herbs support the body to clear out an issue then the waste is reabsorbed and the body begins to feel toxic, sore, and sick. When the immune system is able to handle the exiting waste the body will usually feel no ill effects from cleansing.

Immune Boosting

Echinacea is the best immune stimulator available. No healing program should be attempted without regular dosing with Echinacea. There are many immune support herbs in nature but none as powerful as Echinacea.

Detoxing Herbs

Three Categories ought to give us a pretty good rule to go by. First are herbal mixes and herbs intended to detox the body. Never use these without preparing by boosting the immune system & clearing the bowels. When the bowels are open and working well and a good regiment of Echinacea has been established start with a low dose and work up.

A person of 150 pounds might begin with ¼ to ½ tsp every three hours. If this is handled well the dose can be increased if desired. The herbs in this category are powerful detoxing aids and will make the difference between getting well or not, but should always be used with respect.

Pay attention to how you are feeling, if and when you begin to feel toxic it may be necessary to back off for a while allowing the immune system time to catch up and clear out the current load of waste.

Nutritional Healing Combinations

Understanding Herbal Extracts and How To Dose them

The next set of herbs and herbal combination are the ones that target a sick system or injured area with specific nutrition needed to heal the affected area. An example of this would be our BF&C formula. This formula is packed full of herb that knit a body back together. There is a degree of die-off processing out from the injured or sick area but not like the detox formulas which are system wide in their detoxing effect.

When healing an old injury it may be necessary to “Do an Elf” once or twice a month. The liver is clearing waste and could use a bit of support from time to time.

The herbs in this category can be used to clear an issue and then discontinued or may be something used continually as a nutritional support supplement. Dosage of these herbs would again be based on need. When I fell and tore up my knee I took a dose of BF&C every hour that afternoon. The next day I dropped down the 1 tsp every three hours. My knee healed very well. I was walking without support in just a couple of days.

An example of herbal combinations in this second category would be: Pancreas Support, Prostate Formula, Heart Tonic, ect… as can be seen from the names these are specific formulas for supporting very specific areas. Normally they would be used as an addition to the foundational programs with added periodic detoxing programs for Liver and Kidney support.

Herbs for Life

The third set of herbs and herbal combinations are the ones you will use every day for the rest of your life. They are food for the body. Different people require different food because of lifestyle and or physical make-up. Cayenne is a highly used general herb for daily use. You can read more about Cayenne at our website. This is one of God’s most misunderstood but all the same special gifts to this world. Changease, our Hormonal Food combination would fit here. Single herbs such as Licorice Root, Hawthorne berries, milk thistle seeds, Dandelion root, Red Clover, to name a few are also gifts for life.

The herbs in this category are used once or twice a day, for many becoming a habit for life. I love to start my day with a glass of Apple Cider Vinegar, a little maple syrup and Cayenne. This is a tonic for my kidneys as well as the rest of me. A lot could be said for Apple Cider Vinegar but for starters it is an excellent digestive aid. Superfood also known as the Green Drink would be an example of Herbal Food for life.

About Dara Dietz

Dara D Dietz is co-founder with her Husband of H.E.A.L. Marketplace, a private Natural Healing Association. As a teacher and counselor she has been supporting the members of H.E.A.L. with Natural Healing information and herbal supports since 1998. She continues to maintain strong ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since healing her own kidney ailments she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using natural herbal remedies. Dara has written and compiled numerous articles on a wide variety of natural healing topics. Drawing from her own healing experiences and borrowing from the vast wisdom of natural healers long departed, she continues to provide H.E.A.L.’s international membership with down to earth natural healing wisdom in H.E.A.L.’s bi-weekly newsletters. Dara and her husband currently reside in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
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