Clearing a Fever Naturally

ailmentFeverIt is always best to work with nature, not against it. A proper understanding of why the body becomes feverish will pave the way for intelligently supporting a fevered body.  A fever is not a disease but is when a congested condition occurs in the body wherein the removal of waste is being blocked.  A Fever is nature’s way of trying to burn out the toxic poisons.

A Fever often occurs when exposure to cold causes the capillaries near the skins surface to contract.  This contraction is enough to prevent the removal of waste matter through the pores of the skin.  The thick glutinous and fibrinous matters begin to harden creating congestion in the system.  The natural function of the body is to increase the heat to a point wherein the fibrinous matters are made liquid enough to pass through the fine delicate excretory membranes and tubules.

When a Fever Just Gets Started: it can be cleared up very easily, if these following procedures are started early.

  • Stop the use of all foods and beverages,
  • Take a high herbal enema (catnip is good)
  • Drink only red raspberry tea.
  • Between cups of this tea, distilled water may be used
  • A good organic (natural) Vitamin C supplement
  • Drink several quarts of red raspberry tea during the day, but no solid foods.

The running nose, fever, headache and weariness will soon leave and one will feel like a new person. Even after feeling greatly improved, continue on with the red raspberry leaf tea all that day and well into the next day.

If an adult will stay on the tea for three days, it would do a wonderful cleansing job for the body.

To make red raspberry leaf tea:

  • Add one heaping teaspoonful of cut or powdered raspberry leaves into a teacup
  • Fill the cup with boiling distilled water,
  • Cover and let stand in a warm place for five or ten minutes
  • Strain, and drink it while it is very warm

You may use an ounce of red raspberry leaves to a pint of distilled water, if desiring to make up more at a time.

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