Copy of echinacea21Understanding the value of Echinacea is imperative, whether you are healing a major disease or the common cold.  Unlike many of the herbal combinations that need to be taken every few hours throughout the day, Echinacea may be taken all at once in the morning or divided into two doses and taken morning and evening.

The reason for spacing the herbal formulas is to keep the healing nutrition available in the blood throughout the day.  After taking an herbal dose the nutrition remains strong for roughly an hour but still available for about three hours.  In certain serious conditions the hourly use of the herbal combinations might be recommended.  Since this type of dosing will keep the detoxing nutrition available constantly, use caution that the body does not fall into a healing crisis with too much die-off to process.  If this should happen drop the dose back and increase the Echinacea.

Echinacea works a bit differently.  It does not contain any nutrition to kill off infection or heal the body of any disease.  So, you ask, why bother with Echinacea at all, and why say it is imperative in any healing program?

Echinacea sends a chemical command to the immune system to produce more immune system.  The Importance of Echinacea is not found in what it brings to clear disease but in what it causes to be created in the body to heal disease.

Echinacea is responsible for increasing the activity of the immune system, stimulating the production of more of the cells that fight disease.  Once the chemical command has been sent Echinacea can disappear from the system without disrupting the process that has begun.  Since Echinacea does not provide the nutrition needed for the production of the immune cells it has nothing more to contribute to the process.

The best food source for nutrition to build the immune system is Carrot Juice.  When boosting the immune system with Echinacea it is important to ingest at least 32 ounces of fresh carrot juice each day.  This is four 8 ounce glasses to be consumed throughout the day.

Echinacea turns on the body’s ability to heal itself; it is the key in the ignition of the immune system, turning on and up the body’s immune building factories.

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