For the Love Of Mud

Dripping mud183x253Mudboy183x253It is raining outside; down by the creek the red clay dirt has changed, King, our once white Great Pyrenees to a bright shade of red.  He was obviously having a grand time playing in the muddy water this morning evidenced by the mud he continues to carry.  Regardless, it is his opinion he should be allowed entrance as our employees arrive.  I enter my office as he steps up to the open door innocently peering through the screen.  I gasp at the sight of him.  “Oh, no big boy, you are not coming in today.  You are a muddy mess.”  King’s heart is broken; no one wants anything to do with him today.  Sadly he and his muddy self are banished to the deck until his coat dries and all the mud magically falls off.

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