Incurables FAQ

questionsWhat is the Incurables Program? When should someone do this intense cleansing program?

The level and intensity of cleansing will be determined by the work you need to do.  It is important when possible to build up to the intense flushing programs.  Begin with the basic bowel cleanse for a week followed by two weeks of raw food while doing your first liver and kidney flushes.  The next step might be a five day juice fast and liver flush.  This powerful week of cleansing can clear many of those “knock’s and pings” accepted as a part of aging.

We all have issues in our bodies that bother us from time to time.  That dull ache on the right side just under the rib cage.  It comes and goes never too much of a bother.  Nightly leg cramps… just stuff we have come to accept as a part of life.  Everyone has headaches, right? Take a couple of aspirin to dull the pain.  These discomforts all occur because of blockage, a buildup of toxic waste in the body creating blockage.  Cleansing the body will clear out the cause for these little discomforts before they become something serious.

Full Strength Program

When you know there is a serious condition in your body it is time to do the full incurables program. The time has come to get those bowels opened, pull out that juicer and begin rebuilding your body with nutrient rich Juices.  While building with nutrition it is important to begin cleansing the bowels, liver, and kidneys.  Cleanse & Feed, this is how we assist the body in regaining a healthy state.

Keeping your liver actively pulling and dumping waste is key to removing any major disease.  This is done by flushing the liver repeatedly.  The intense program looks like this, castor Oil Packs over the liver every night, liver flushing every other week in addition to doing an ELF three nights a week during both the liver and kidney flushing schedules.

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