Three Reasons for Flushing The Liver

Three Types of Liver Flushing

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One of the most powerful healing tools at our disposal is the Liver Flush.  There are three ways to flush the liver.

1) Five Day Week of Liver Flushing and detoxing; this type of flush work is made stronger by following a juice fasting food program for the five days.

2) The ELF (Emergency Liver Flush); this flush is accomplished in one night and can be repeated for up to five nights in a row.

3) The Amazing Liver Flush, this flush can only be done once a month at most and one opinion I read said it should only be done once every two or three months.  This flush is done with Epsom salt to aid in flushing the bowels.  IT can be harsh but at the same time it is very effective.

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Three Reasons to Flush the Liver

healing crisis

1) The healing or cleansing programs that were working well stop working or begin to make you feel bad.  This is often caused because the vacuum cleaning of the body, the Liver, is full and needs to be flushed out.  The internal vacuum cleaner bags needs to be changed.  Often a day or two of flushing the liver will set everything back right again.

Understanding The Healing Crisis
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2) Body breaks out in a rash, blisters, actually any serious breakdown or breakout of the skin can be cleared quickly with a few days of liver flushing.   When the liver is backed up and unable to process waste out through the normal channels it will eliminate the toxic waste through the skin.  The skin being a sensitive organ cannot take this type of toxic waste and will break down or breakout very quickly.


3) As an aid to help clear chronic pain from old injuries or arthritic joints from the body.  Again we go back to the fact that the liver is the vacuum for the body.  Chronic pain occurs because of blockage, the good stuff can’t get in and the waste can’t get out.  The lack of circulation of body fluids allows a buildup of waste in the affected area of the body which contributes to pain in the body.  Clear the blockage and you will clear the pain.  I’ve personally used liver flushing to deal with the pain in my bad knee.  IT works every time.  IT is not magic but a healing that is allowed to happen over time.  The liver flushing speeds it all along allowing better movement, better use of the body part.

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