ELF; Liver Flushing Updates

Apr 2019 a

Dara Dietz, April 2019

Over the years I’ve tweaked the way I do my liver flush.  Since starting my current reducing program I’ve been doing a lot of “ELF-ing”(Emergency Liver Flushing).  Anything to keep the pounds moving in the right direction.  I know myself and I’ll not dirty my juicer for an ounce of ginger root juice.  Several years ago I discovered that the Digestive Tonic mixed with equal parts of our LP formula will do a better job at settling the stomach than Ginger juice alone.  When doing an ELF, or any Liver Flush, the two teaspoons of LP and Digestive tonic mix is what I use to prevent nausea from consuming all that oil.

Normally I’ll decide sometime in the afternoon that today is a day to do an “ELF”.  Apr 2019bAround 6pm I’ll combine 2 tsp of Digestive tonic and 2 tsp LP formula in a couple swallows of water.  At the same time I set up my shaker glass holding 8 oz extra virgin olive oil and 8 oz citrus juice.  Not wanting to consume extra carbs I use seven ounces of water with an ounce of lemon juice as my citrus juice with the oil.  Grapefruit juice is the best way to get the oil down.  It is what we use for our guests who come to stay overnight and do an ELF.

What needs to be in place before attempting to do a Liver Flush is:

  • The Bowels must be working well
  • Stop eating solid food around 2pm so the stomach is clear before you drink all that oil.
  • Continue to normally drink water or juice up to about a half hour before consuming the flush.
  • If needed do a prune juice flush in the morning to ensure the bowels are open.

Doing an ELF two nights in a row is a powerful tool for clearing waste from the liver.  Adding a third night is even better.  Every 8 weeks or so the “Amazing Liver Flush” done the first night followed by a night or two of ELF’s is a huge healing, cleansing tool.  The Amazing Liver Flush is done with the Epsom Salt which is harsh but very effective.  This Liver Flush CANNOT be repeated for a second night.  Waiting 8 weeks before repeating this flush is necessary.  The ELF can be repeated for up to five nights in a row.

Liver Flushing not only clears my liver but has a calming effect on my system.  The agitation accompanying my food program along with any food cravings will ease or clear.  Liver Flushing equates to pressing the restart button in my system.  Flushing calms all the internal jumble, dumps the trash and clears me for another week of work.

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