Detoxing with Echinacea

WindblownsmMember Question: I have the flu and cannot believe it.  I have not been sick for 10 years and now I am watching everything I eat and I get sick.  I am obviously doing something wrong.

Answer: This is what we call a healing crisis; it is very common when the body is being cleansed.  You are doing a deep work on your system, pulling toxins out from everywhere.  Just the change in your food program to a better way of eating can create a healing crisis.  You are not doing anything wrong.  It is going to be important for you to use enough Echinacea, to support your immune system to prevent feeling bad while the toxins are processing out.

Your immune system needs a boost.  The diseased condition in your body is not separate or isolated from the rest of your system.  To heal you must detox your entire body.  This condition in your body was created over many years and will take time and effort to clear.   When the process is complete you can be assured your entire body will be benefitted from the work you will have done. It is suggested at this time you will be best served by using an ounce of Echinacea for six days each week.

A good place to begin any detoxing program is to consume a full four ounce bottle of Echinacea each week.  An ounce a day for four days in a row each week you are working a program. As the toxic condition of the body is processed out the immune system must attach and neutralize each piece of toxic “die-off”.  What is not neutralized is reabsorbed causing a back-lash of detoxing symptoms.  Echinacea sends a chemical command to the immune system to produce more immune system. With more immune cells available to attach and neutralize the flood of “die-off” there is less to be reabsorbed back into the body.

While cleansing a major disease or condition it is common to need to increase ones intake of Echinacea several times. Pay attention to how you are feeling; when flu like symptoms appear the time has come to step up your use of Echinacea.

Here is a good plan for gradually stepping up the use of Echinacea.

  • Start: begin using one ounce each day for four days each week you are working a program.
  • Step one: begin using an ounce a day for six days each week you are working a program.
  • Step two: begin using 1.5 ounces each day for six days each week you are working a program.
  • Step three: begin using 1 oz. in the morning and 1 oz. at night for six days each week you are working a program.

It is unlikely to need more than two ounces each day but if the need arises feel free to increase another step. Only you can know exactly what your body needs to keep you comfortable while doing your detoxing program.  Be kind to yourself, do the work and feel good.  You do not have to feel bad while you work on yourself.

If you find you are detoxing too rapidly and need to slow the process down a bit you can step down from juice fasting to a raw food program.  This will provide less alkalinity into the system thus slowing the body’s ability to detox.  If the need arises to further slowdown the detoxing process continue your raw food program with the exception of a baked potato or serving of brown rice.  Always use caution when applying the brakes to your detoxing program.  Often the body is in a detoxing mood and will not appreciate the interruption.

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