Q&A: Are Herbal Laxatives, like Senna, addictive?

Jug Plant 2Member Question: I recommended #1 formula to a friend and she is concerned about the Senna in the product.  Can you explain to me why the product is not addictive because I get that concern a lot and I have not found it to be addictive?  I can pass it on to her.


The Senna herb is not addictive in the sense of taking over a function produced or done by the body.  This is where addiction happens. You will become dependent on a substance such as laxatives which grease up or bulk up the waste in the bowel allowing it to be eliminated without the muscular action of the bowel working.   Over time this will destroy the muscle tone of the bowel since the bowel is not doing the work it was created to do.

The herbal bowel supports we use in our LBF #1’s, support bowel function.  When the chemistry in these herbs comes in contact with the bowel they cause it to contract more effectively.  This formula does not work on the content of the bowel but on the bowel structure itself.  Over time the muscle tone of the bowel will regain strength and the formula will not be needed.

This may take years because the bowel is not a muscle you can exercise at will.  The peristaltic waving motion of the bowel is initiated when food is chewed and swallowed.  Moving the meal you are consuming from your stomach to your small intestine.  Your previous meal is now moved from your small intestine to the colon and the final waste from the meal before that one should be eliminated within an hour or so.  (This is in a perfectly functioning body, I’ve not seen too many of these)

The herbal supports the Father has provided for clearing the septic back up from our body and healing the bowel work perfectly.  There are no withdrawal issues when the herbs are discontinued or backlash of any kind when used wisely.

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