Final thoughts on Juice Fasting

fresh juiceJuice fasting is a powerful tool for clearing the body of toxic back-up before a major disease takes hold in the system.  A pure food program, eating only the best quality food for the body, is an excellent safeguard for a healthy spiritual, emotional and physical life.  That said; even with the best lifestyle there is still a degree of waste that must be eliminated.  Regular times of fasting provide the extra nutrients to clear the body of accumulated toxins.  Think of juicing as pushing the restart button on your life.  When the body begins to send weird error messages, small little strange thing start popping up in your life, it may be time to hit the restart button.

My Personal Suggestion for a Painless Juice Fast 

Here is what I do when I juice fast.

An ounce of Echinacea daily, 4 to 6 days a week, each week I juice fast.  Since I’m asking my body to detox I might as well support my immune system to deal with the “die-off”.  Supporting the immune system also aids the body to more quickly clear any issues in my Bones, Flesh or Cartilage, namely areas in my body that are in constant need of support.

Superfood, two tablespoon in fresh juice two to three times a day.  This is my meal replacement.  I add Flax seed oil to my breakfast Superfood smoothie each day.  With each glass of Superfood I swallow 5 kelp capsules; this supports the thyroid and feeds the entire endocrine system.

1 teaspoon Psyllium husk powder daily, in a glass of fresh juice or water. Use the Psyllium powder or do a bowel cleanse using the LBF #2 daily during the entire juice fast to keep the bowels comfortable while supporting good elimination.

1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar in 32 ounces of distilled water each morning.  If drinking this first thing make sure to swish first few swallows around the mouth before swallowing.  This allows the stomach to set up for what is coming, preventing any discomfort that may arise from sending the vinegar onto an unprepared stomach.

Each morning I prepare a half gallon or better fresh fruit juice which I sip on all morning.  Come noon I make a fresh pitcher of vegetable juice for my afternoon drinking.  I keep a cup of tea or glass of juice with me throughout the day.  There is really no limit to the amount of juice but all juices should be sipped slowly allowing the flavors to fill the mouth before swallowing.  (Remember: Chew your Juices for best absorption of the nutrients.)

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