Hives are Breaking out All Over

hives 2I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Eczema & Hives lately. Not sure what is going on out there.

Several of our members have called this past week with fresh outbreaks of hives.  Hives must be cleared from the inside out.  Topical applications will not clear this condition.  The Liver has decided to detox through the skin instead of channeling the waste through the bowels. The skin was never intended for this type of detoxing.  The blisters and scales caused from the caustic waste itch insufferably.

A good liver cleanse is the only fix for this unbearable condition. Several years ago a woman was brought to me covered in blisters from her neck to her knees.  She had been trying for over a month to clear the hives with prescription meds but to no avail.

She had her first liver flush that afternoon followed by a warm ginger bath.  We added two cups ginger powder to a bathtub of warm water.  She soaked in this for about an hour. There was no need to clear the bowels before her liver flush since she was already using the LBF #1’s.  By the next morning all her blisters were down to dry red patches.  She continued juice fasting and liver flushing that week at home and reported the hives were completely cleared by the following weekend.

Since working with this woman I have discovered the power of the ELF (Emergency Liver Flush) for clearing hives in a day instead of the week it took doing the smaller amounts of Olive oil.  These days I still suggest the ginger bath as ginger is a downward motion herb which will encourage the body to detox through the proper channels.  But I have found doing an ELF at the start of the week of liver flushing when dealing with acute skin issues will often completely clear the misery in one day or at the very least greatly reduce the issue.  Continue flushing the liver throughout the week ending with another ELF on day five of the liver flush.

Those who have stopped flushing the liver after the one ELF has cleared the hives have had the condition return in a few weeks.  It is a good idea to finish clearing the liver so you will not have to face the itch again.

Details on how to do an ELF are available on my blog and in the member’s area on the last two pages of the Liver Flushing E-Book.

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