Incurables for the Elderly

An elderly family member with an incurable or chronically debilitating condition can do a strong cleansing program with great benefit.  The fragile constitution of advanced years must be taken into account when applying the natural healing protocols.  Begin slowly; notice any adverse or positive reaction to the herbal supports and procedures.  Since everyone is different there are no hard rules here, common sense should always be liberally applied.

Where to Begin

Begin at the beginning with the Foundational Programs.  These three routines must be established and continued as long as any restorative program continues.  Learn more about the Foundational Programs in the member’s area.

Once the Foundational programs are in place it is time to begin supporting the body’s efforts to clear disease from the system.  The main thrust of this work is done by flushing the liver.   Understanding the liver as the vacuum cleaner of the body will afford a prospective of the work ahead.  Providing the body the needed resources to process out the waste is only half the story.

Time to Detox

A week or two into a good cleansing program is about when the liver begins to need a good flushing.  All the waste it has been filtering out has begun to gum up the works.  The body will begin to show signs of the waste back up in many different ways.  Symptoms ranging from hives to depression can all be contributed to an over-toxic system in need of a liver flush.

Preventing the toxic symptoms is best.  This is accomplished by following the immune boosting routine and liver flushing every other week.  Direction can be found in the Liver Flushing E-Book.

Remember to advance slowly into the liver flushing routines as you daily build the body with fresh juices and natural herbal supports.

Flushing the Kidneys

When the week of liver flushing has been finished it is time to do the milder week of Kidney flushing.  This week of mild flushing not only supports and feeds the entire renal system but allows the body a chance to finish the detoxing process it began during the week of liver flushing.  The waste still needing to be eliminated from the body can now be handled.  Kidney flushing will not create the flood of detoxing waste liver flushing calls forth.

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