The Wisdom of Juice Fasting

Juice Fasting sounds like such a great idea.  Anyone wanting to know what Juicing is all about need only watch, “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead,” for the inspiration to get on the juice fasting band wagon.  Everybody would benefit from juice fasting one day each week.  Take a single day and consume only water, fresh fruit and veggie juices all day.  Unless there are blood sugar issues one can drink freely of any and all juices, no limit, drink all you want.

A one day juice fast requires no real preparation.  Under most conditions a body can wake up and just decide today is the day I’m juice fasting.  Ok, so now you do have to hustle a bit.  Your juicer needs a little help producing the nutrient rich juices your body will be thanking you for all day.

My favorite morning juice requires a little planning so an early morning trip to the local store may be in order.  For one day I’d get a five pound bag of apples, two pears, one pineapple, and a bunch of Kale, one honeydew melon or cantaloupe for my morning fruit juice.  The afternoon vegetable juices will need a five pound bag of carrots, head cabbage and 1 beet. There are books full of great juicing ideas out there.  Discover the mixes that best appeal to you.

A one day juice fast, yes, you can do this.  Now comes a little juice fasting wisdom.  First, do NOT gulp down your juices.  Drink one swallow at a time.  Swish each mouth full around in your mouth before swallowing.  It sounds a little weird but you need to “chew” your juices.  This allows your body to begin digestion in the mouth and set up for what is coming so it will be properly handled when it reached your stomach.

Secondly, never give in to hunger before slowly drinking a full glass of juice.  It will normally take at least ten minutes to properly “chew” your glass of juice down.  Many a time I have decided, “I’m finished with this juice fast,” after letting myself get too hungry.  Before eating anything I keep the promise to myself to have one last glass of juice.  Drinking slowly I find myself completely satisfied by the time the glass is empty, the heady sick way I was feeling has cleared, no need to eat.  The truth be told I don’t really want anything else.

We will discuss longer juice fasting in our next newsletter along with a few tidbits of wisdom for first timers to juicing.

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