Victory in Compromise

How do we stay faithful to our intentions?  Yesterday I nearly lost my will to juice fast.  I developed a case of hunger that nearly took me over.  Michael had gone to the post office leaving me alone with the smell of lunch still lingering in the air.  Kim, our cook, had out done herself at lunch serving up a delicious Tofu manicotti. When this tofu dish is made correctly you cannot tell if from the cheese dish.

When I’m juice fasting I seldom go into the kitchen or join the others at the lunch table.  It is much easier for me to just ignore anything to do with food.  Yesterday I went too long between drinks.  I broke the number one rule of juice fasting, I let myself become hungry.  Not only was I starved but I was alone in a house full of food.  I will admit I went into the kitchen with every intention of finding something to eat.  When I opened the fridge the fresh fruit juice was setting big as day on the shelf.  Ok, I’ll make a glass of Superfood first, I decided.  Then I’ll eat something.

The juice was very satisfying.  I drank it slowly setting in my favorite chair in the living room.  As I got up to put my glass away I realized my appetite was completely satisfied.  What saved me?  I wish I could say, will power, but I’d already decided to eat something.  In my heart I really did not want to break my fast.  The little decisions we can still make are the ones that will save us in a pinch.  I did not tell myself I could not eat; I made the decision to have a glass of Superfood in fresh fruit juice first.

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