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Last week we began a discussion on Food.  Let’s dig a bit deeper by addressing the various food programs combined with good detoxing routines. There is no magic here; the various ways available for detoxing the liver are all aimed at supporting the liver in the function of clearing waste from the body. We can all understand the value of emptying the vacuum cleaner’s bag when full, if left unemptied the machine becomes useless.  Opening the channels so waste can flow from the body’s vacuum cleaner enables better function of the liver which includes better utilization of all the good nutrients taken in.

With this understanding in place establishing an acceptable detoxing program is vital.  A beginner at detoxing the body will do well to begin slowly.  Coming at a body that has never experienced the “joys” of a good detox can create a degree of discomfort.  The preparation before and during the detox will make all the difference in how well the procedure is tolerated.

Once the bowels are opened and the Foundational Programs have been established a good first time Liver Detox could go like this:

  • Do one Mild Liver Flush each morning for five days while consuming a Raw Food Program.
  • Follow with a Five Day Kidney Flush while continuing a Raw Food Program.
  • Drink one or two glasses of Fresh Juice each day.

The above program is a mild way to begin any cleansing journey.  Anyone fearing the discomfort often associated with a good detox would do well to begin here.

Stepping up to a deeper level of cleansing during the second week of liver flushing might look like this:

  • Do Two to Three Mild Liver Flushes each day while consuming a Raw Food Program
  • Follow with a Five Day Kidney Flush while Continuing a Raw Food Program
  • Drink Three or Four glasses of Fresh Juice each Day.

The amount of food desired during the day often decreases with the increase of juices and flushes.  If desired replace the meal with Superfood mixed in Fresh Juice.

The body is now ready to really get down to the business of clearing out the old while rebuilding for a better tomorrow.  After following the above suggestions a body can step securely into a strong liver detox program.  Here is what a strong week of detoxing might look like.

  • Three Liver Flushes each day while enjoying a revitalizing week of Juice Fasting.
  • On day five replace the three daily flushes with an L.F. in the evening.
  • Follow with a Five Day Kidney Flush while eating a Raw Food Program

For those who want to increase their detoxing experience beyond even this intense program, The E.L.F. can replace the daily liver flush drinks for one, two or for the entire Five Days during the liver flushing program.

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Dara D Dietz is co-founder with her Husband of H.E.A.L. Marketplace, a private Natural Healing Association. As a teacher and counselor she has been supporting the members of H.E.A.L. with Natural Healing information and herbal supports since 1998. She continues to maintain strong ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since healing her own kidney ailments she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using natural herbal remedies. Dara has written and compiled numerous articles on a wide variety of natural healing topics. Drawing from her own healing experiences and borrowing from the vast wisdom of natural healers long departed, she continues to provide H.E.A.L.’s international membership with down to earth natural healing wisdom in H.E.A.L.’s bi-weekly newsletters. Dara and her husband currently reside in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
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