Organic Minerals Only

chapparalOne of the most amazing discoveries about chaparral is that it contains a tremendous amount of Manganese, copper, and zinc.

These are organic, living, readily assimilable minerals—not the deadly inorganic type that you can purchase in tablets at the local vitamin store.

While the inorganic minerals may have an immediate reaction on the human system, they only serve to mask the problem while temporarily alleviating the symptoms. These inorganics are only a crutch which will lead to greater problems later as organs are weakened from the deadly residue they leave behind.

The organic forms of minerals found in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds (this list includes the herbs) are the only type of minerals we need in our bodies. We have repeated this principle many times. The point needs to be understood that people have to use organic minerals. Only plant life can utilize the inorganics.

Even though this fact has been presented again and again, we still see folks eating rock tablets for calcium supplements and heavy metals for the rest of their minerals. Once they understand the truth of the matter, they will stop doing damage to their bodies.

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