Painless Juice Fasting

treat-cancer240x240When thinking of summer my mind is filled with all the great tastes and smells out of the garden.  Meals prepared with nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables right from nature.  This is also the best time of year for a good long juice fast filled with plenty of water and nutrition.

When doing a juice fast of any length there are several good items to use daily.

Fiber Plus Powder: Use a rounded teaspoon of fiber in a glass of juice or water each day.  This will add bulk to the bowels ensuring comfortable movements.

Superfood: Use 2 to 4 tablespoons three times a day for added energy.  Using the Superfood in a glass of fresh juice three times a day will not only keep the hungeries away but your energy will shoot through the roof.

Echinacea: Use an ounce a day for four days each week you are fasting.  The need for a strong immune system while juicing is huge.  All the fresh juices create an alkaline condition in the body which allows for deep down detoxing.  The entire system will be dumping waste.  Unless you want to feel like you’ve been run over by a freight train I strongly suggest using the Echinacea.

Carrot Juice: 16-32 ounces each day.  This will ensure the raw material is available to build the needed immune cells.  Juice your carrots first then build the rest of your vegetable juice on top the carrot juice.  Split into 16 oz portions and drink throughout the day.

Fruit Juice: Apple juice is always an excellent juice.  Here is a suggestion for a tasty blend of several different fruits.  This will produce about ½ gallon of juice.

8 Kale Leaves, 6 apples, 1 pear, ¼ pineapple, 1 cantaloupe

Using the fruit juices in the morning and vegetable juices in the afternoon is often found useful.  The fruit juice provide a nice pick up for starting the day.

Juice Once A Day: Many people make their fresh juice just as they are ready to consume it during the day.  Keeping up with all the juicing chores needed for a juice fast can become the biggest obstacle to doing one.  Here is a simple way to keep your juice fresh for the day.

Pick up a case of 16 oz Canning Jars.

Prepare the juice as you normally would.

Pour into the 16 oz jars until they are completely full, to the very brim.

Now screw the lid down and place in the fridge.

The juice will remain very fresh because there is no air in the bottle to degrade it.  Make the juice in the day for the day.  This method enables all the juice to be made once a day for the entire day.

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