The Importance of Bowel Cleansing

Bowel CleansingThe Importance of bowel cleansing can never be over stated.  Sadly we humans like to believe we are just about normal.  Many have no idea how sluggish their bowels actually are.  It is impossible to live the experience of another.  We can observe from inches away.  Support them with loads of heart felt compassion and physical care, but at the end of the day that is not our life.  The pain or joy we have been privy to belongs to someone else.

One of the most personal functions in life is the elimination of waste from our bodies.  This is something we seldom share with anyone.  The isolation alone precludes the ability of judging how the body is functioning.    The best information I’ve read on the subject of what normal bowel function looks like is: The Bowels are functioning normally when there is a large bowel movement shortly after rising in the morning, and an addition movement after each major meal.  This would be an average of 3 to 5 movement a day depending on how many meals you eat.  The texture of the movement should be slightly formed and the consistence of peanut butter.

Preventing hard fecal matter from forming in the bowel is the first step in preventing hemorrhoids. Pushing hard fecal matter through the soft tissue of the rectum is what causes hemorrhoids.  The hard material breaks down the tissue until the veins begin floating to the surface causing much discomfort.

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