Using Herbs Topically

Salve on FlannelTaking the best herbal support will avail nothing if the nutrient rich food is unable to travel to and through the affected area.  Good Circulation ensures adequate nutrients into the areas needing healing and the removal of waste for disposal through the kidneys and liver.  During each cycle through the damaged or sick area the blood drops off the incoming load of nutrients while reloading with wastes up for removal from the system.

Applying nutrient rich salves, poultices, and lotions over an affected area is an excellent way to speed-up the healing process.  The purpose of any topical application is to saturate the affected area with the nutrients needed to best affect the sick area.   Often the use of hydrotherapy is applied to blast through the blockage enabling the healing herbs to reach the sick or injured area.  Hydrotherapy can be enhanced through the topical use of herbal stimulants which encourage the circulation of nutrient and oxygen rich blood through the damaged or sick area.

Fomentation 4Fomentation’s have been used for centuries to encourage circulation and the saturation of needed nutrients into an ailing area or body system.  H.E.A.L. has found the use of Salves effective while being much less messy or time consuming.  In the salve we have a concentration of nutrients which when applied quickly penetrate sending their powerful healing aids deep into the affected area.

A second type of topical application is one that draws infection directly from the body.  Depending on the type of poultice used these may be applied hot or at normal room temperature.

Castor oil packs break up congestion in the body.  Castor Oil is an excellent aid for breaking up congestion in the Liver or Bowel.  It is also useful in dissolving tumorous growths in the body.

Any topical application of herbs will prove more effective when used in conjunction with the internal herbal supports and nutrition.  The Bowels must be open and working well, the immune system must be well boosted, and the blood loaded with nutrition from fresh juices and superfoods if the body is to do its part in the healing process.

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