Set-up for Healing

barefeetPreparing the body to heal is as important as the actual healing programs.  The Bowels must be open, the immune system must be supercharged, the nutrients must be flowing or the therapeutic flushes will be unable to do their healing work.

The issue or disease really is not of importance when setting up the body for healing.  Regardless the disease or condition of the system the set-up for healing will be the same.

Bowel Cleansing:  to open the largest elimination organ and maintain good bowel function throughout the healing process.

Echinacea: to supercharge the immune system for dealing with the huge amount of upcoming “die-off” and rebuilding during the healing process.

Superfood & Fresh Juices: to provide the massive amounts of nutrition needed during the cleansing and healing processes.

Once the body has been prepared to heal, it is now ready to release the disease while rebuilding the weak and damaged organs.

Flushing the liver is the next step in the healing process. It is time to initiate the first week of Liver Flushing along with any support programs for the specific condition.  The more serious the condition the more intense will be the flushing programs.  See the article on “Light, Moderate, and Intense Flushing”

Continue the Set-up or Foundational programs throughout your entire healing process adding to them weeks of liver flushing followed by a week of Kidney flushing.  These flushing programs support the body in eliminating the disease from the system.  The body knows how to heal; our job is to provide the needed nutrients and nutrition so these wonderful bodies can do correctly what only they know how to do.

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