My Infection Testimony

wet&wildI have received numerous phone calls and emails from members with serious infections who are searching for a Natural Healthy way of cleansing their bodies from these unwanted invaders. It is becoming apparent that the antibiotics we have used for years are no longer working. Their only job is to suppress the symptoms, thus sending the infection deeper into the body.
Those who have used antibiotics to (heal) suppress the symptoms of infection; only to have the symptoms return shortly after the drugs are stopped, will understand this symptom merry-go-round. I have found a way off that ride for myself. I have had to contend with frequent kidney infections since I was a teenager.
Early on I would get a couple of infections a year. By my early 20’s I had progressed to seasonal bouts with infections. Over the next ten years they continued to be more and more frequent until I was spending more days using antibiotics than not. If I was not on a current proscription for infection I was fighting the backache and bladder discomfort that usually preceded a full-blown infection.
In 1996 we moved from California to New York where I was introduced to Natural Healing.
A friend at the campus my husband was working on suggested I use some dry herbs instead of running off to the emergency room for another prescription. I had lost my medical insurance and was willing to try anything that promised to save us the cost of the emergency room and expensive prescriptions.
My symptoms cleared quickly, leaving me amazed that something so simple could be so effective. It was almost three months before the infection tried to return, but this time I knew what to do and headed it off with the herbs I’d used before. Over the next two years I felt like I was on the edge of an infection several times but the dry herb mix managed to clear my symptoms, keeping me out of the Emergency Room and off those expensive medications.

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