A Few Final Thoughts on Cleansing

Echinacea in the sunWhen beginning any healing or detoxing program the benefits will only come if the waste can be removed and healing nutrition brought in.  The largest elimination organ is our colon.  If this avenue of elimination is not open and producing well all the good you are doing is for naught.  The waste will be reabsorbed as it sets in a sluggish backed up bowel waiting to be eliminated from the body.

The healing and detoxing of the body need not be a negative experience.  Many people are hesitant to begin a good detox because they cannot afford to be sick or don’t want to feel bad.  Detoxing can produce flu like symptoms when the waste that should be eliminated is reabsorbed.   Feeling bad is not necessary, when the immune system is supported with proper nutrition and enough Echinacea the waste is neutralized and eliminated, not reabsorbed.

It’s all good.  With proper nutritional and emotional support the healing of the body, mind and heart can be an uplifting fulfilling time.  Healing is not so much about the diseased condition as it is about unblocking life on every level, while flooding the body, mind, and soul with healing, restorative nutrients.  Take the opportunity to get real with yourself.  You are a physical, Emotional and Spiritual child of God, as the physical body begins to heal there will be a corresponding clearing of old issues from your emotional and Spiritual life.

Everyone will have their share of pain in this life.  The hard times are not here to destroy us, but to enable us to grow.  As we choose to meet life’s challenges, we develop real worth and depth of character.  When we choose to turn about and squarely face our own personal demons, we inevitably discover how powerful a single choice can be.  The power of choice is the gift Jesus died to give each of us.  The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. The power to overcome on every level and rise above every weakness begins with one choice.  When you choose to embrace life’s trials, you are choosing to attend classes designed specifically for you.   Now, instead of being a victim, you are choosing to expand and grow psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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