Doing a Simple Salve Pack

Fomentation 2- 178x178A big part of clearing any injury or illness from the body requires the affected area be cleared of blockage and flooded with healing nutrients.  One of the most effective ways to accomplish this has been with the use of “Hot Fomentation” a very time consuming, messy procedure.  The value of the fomentation for relief of pain and healing cannot be over stated.  The fact that few will take the time or extend the effort is also a truth.  Because of this truth HEAL has developed a line of herbal Salves, loaded with the needed herbal nutrients, which can be applied quickly and easily, in most cases taking the place of the “hot fomentation”.

Salve packs can be used effectively for many issues such as: Inflamed arthritic joints, gout, bursitis, soft tissue injuries, pulled muscles, injured tendons, thyroid malfunctions, infected wounds, malfunctioning kidneys, Edema, tumors, to name just a few.  Applying the healing herbals topically, allowing them to saturate the affected area will shorten as well as aid the healing process.

Knee Pack475x317Applying the Salve Pack:

1) Gather the items, Salve, Cotton Flannel (or other natural fiber cloth), Press N Seal wrap. Optional items: Towel and heating pad.

2) Cut Flannel to fit area to be treated.  Material should be folded once/ two layers.

3) Cut Press n Seal wrap and place on counter; Place folded flannel in center of wrap.

4) Apply a good portion salve to Flannel

5) Pick up entire pack and apply over affected area, smooth the wrap firmly into skin.

back-pack-5Applying a heating pad over the pack will aid the absorption of the nutrients into the tissue.  Do not apply a source of heat to a newly injured site. The salve pack can be applied but wait 24 hours or better depending on the degree of injury before applying any heat source to a fresh injury.  Ensure all bleeding has been arrested before any heat is applied.

6) Apply towel over Pack, top with heating pad for 30 min to an hour depending on the injury.

fomentation-1Note: the M&L salve is an excellent tool to massage into most affected areas before applying a healing or drawing salve pack.  This salve opens up the area allowing free movement of fluid and toxins from the affected area.  Applying a small amount over the affected area just before applying a pack will enhance the effects of most packs.

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