Just Thinking

perfect-pink-roseThe best time of the year is nearly here.  Yes, the holiday season is closing in on us with all the family fun and drama.  This season at the close of each year affords us a break from our busy lives to remember and be with those who have contributed so much to our happiness.  Putting off those we most need and care for is easy to do during the busy months of the year, but as the days cool down and shorten the long dark evenings of winter provide warm cozy firesides perfect for catching up with family and renewing old friendships.

Music continues to play an important part in the times of my life.  The calming influence of a beautiful melody easily fills an evening alone with a good book.  The oft repeated words of an uplifting favorite hymn or love song can be the perfect boost at the end of a busy day.  When shared the music rides on the memories sweetly flavoring them with each rendition.  There is nothing so sweet as the melody wafting through the mind  spreading a sweet memory in its wake providing a moment of reprieve in an otherwise busy day, a moment to remember who and what is truly important in our lives.

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