Tinctures Q&A: the Alcohol

tea-2The question of alcohol consumption comes up often since so many of our members, including myself, choose not to consume alcohol.  Below is my answer to this concern.

In the Bible we are told that there is a purpose for “everything under the sun” this would include alcohol.  Although alcohol has been an abused substance since the flood it does have properties that have proven extremely useful in the healing arts.  When looking at the value of alcohol for the making and long term storage of medicinal herbs it can been seen there is no other substance under heaven that can do this job.

tea-3Alcohol is a “preservant” “extratorant” and “solvent”. When the herbs are added the alcohol dissolves the fibers, extracts the properties and preserves them for hundreds of years just the way God put them together.  When ready to use the extracts the alcohol is easily removed by adding hot water.  The alcohol is evaporated, removed,  from the portion in the cup when hot water of at least 170 degrees is added.
tea-4When it is not desirable to consume the alcohol add the dose to be use to any tea cup, then pour boiling water in on top the extract to “shock” the alcohol off.  You will often see a puff of white smoke rising from the cup.  This is the alcohol being removed.  Allow the brew in your cup to cool to a comfortable drinking temperature, add honey if needed and enjoy.

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