The Holidays are Here Again!

thanksgiving-mealThe Holiday season is upon us, Thanksgiving is only weeks away with all the family drama, rich food and pretty much everything needed to overtax and stress our nerves and digestive systems.  Learning how to enjoy ourselves without paying an overly high price for the privilege is vital to living well.  Life’s dramas are not to be avoided but embraced and learned from.

Avoid overeating, filling the stomach until uncomfortable.  Overeating will place a heavy burden on the digestive systems causing frayed nerves and short tempers.

Eating continually throughout the day prevents the digestive process from completing well.  Allow at least 5 hours between meals.  Coming to the table with a healthy appetite ensures better digestion and more enjoyment of the food eaten.

Drinking more than a few ounces of water or juice with a meal will dilute the digestive juices inhibiting suitable absorption of the nutrients consumed.

Support herbs to have on hand for the holiday emergencies would be:

Digestive Tonic: for any upset in the upper digestion; Gas, Bloating, Upset Tummy ect…

Cayenne:  This herb moves the blood; reach for it first for Heart attack, Stroke, any bleeding on the outside of the body due to cuts or scrapes.

Lobelia: Breathing issues, Charlie horses, pulled muscles,

LBF #2: Vomiting or Diarrhea,

Digestive Tonic & LP formula: Gallbladder Attack

Knowing how to deal with life’s little emergencies allows the good times to be even better.  No sad trips to the emergency room will occur when the proper use of these herbal supports are understood.

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