Thanksgiving my Way

100_0376Every year my husband and I seem to do Thanksgiving a bit different.  Growing up it was all about the food, something I take no joy in and find hard to justify.  Don’t get me wrong I love good food, what I don’t love is too much at one time.  My idea of a great meal is one scrumptious dish prepared to perfection and enjoyed slowly.  Each year we decide what delectable treat will be our Thanksgiving meal, buy all the ingredients and enjoy our own company preparing the dish.

The second part of the holiday is the weekend project.  dara-closeupFour whole days to ourselves to fill in any way we please, this alone is heaven.  Several years ago we spent the entire holiday weekend redecoration our movie room.  My husband is a puzzle lover so we decided to paint the walls with huge puzzle pieces. It actually turned out quite well.  Over the past 32 years my idea of the perfect day has not changed much.  Perfection is being wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket with the one who has filled my life with every good thing since the day we feel in step together and oh yes, good food and a good book.

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