Mole Testimony:

salve-jars300x200Over the course of the past 6 months or so, I found that using the BBB Mole Salve to naturally remove a rather sizable mole located just above the ear has worked quite well. All that remains is barely some scar tissue and no more large mole! This too continues to heal more and more every day.

cellfoodMore importantly, I found that the process of breaking down the mole tissue, and healing the area was greatly accelerated by using another healing remedy, in conjunction with the Salve. I use a product called Cellfood (which can be found at

Cellfood, in and of itself, has many uses, as it gives the body an oxygen supplement  to heal, inside and out (You can drink it with water as directed as well… I do.). The addition of this to the treatment had amazing results! The Cellfood (full strength – a few drops on a Q-tip) applied, 2x per day, followed (a few minutes later when dry) by the Salve to coat the area, seems to do the job quite well. I noticed that without the Cellfood, the Salve alone on such a large mole might take months or even years to work, at the speed it was progressing. Adding the Cellfood to the treatment caused the process of breaking down and healing the area to be greatly speeded up.

molesAs well, trying to use the Cellfood alone, caused too much drying of the skin and actually slowed the healing progress. Applying the Cellfood, waiting a few minutes, then applying the Salve to maintain the moisture, both in the morning and at night, has worked quickly and without pain, discomfort or even surgery as recommended by conventional doctors. A fantastic combination…(Another Happy Member!!)

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