Blood Sugar Testimony

sun-drenchedSeveral years ago we introduced the Pancreas Support Formula.  Since its introduction this formula has never failed in supporting blood sugar issues.  Low Blood Sugar can have frightening as well as debilitating effects on the body.  As a child and on into my teens I experienced what I have called “Brown-outs”.  During these events I could hear but not respond to my surroundings.  Lethargy would settle in so deep that I would find myself fighting to wake up.  Since adding the Pancreas Support formula these events have been all but eliminated.  The formula has even prevented an event from escalating when taken at its onset.  I can say from experience that the Pancreas Support formula truly supports low blood sugar issues.

The feedback provided by our members with type II diabetes has consistently showed tea-2the benefits of the Pancreas Support formula for Diabetic issues.  In cases where a good food program is followed the blood sugar numbers fall rapidly, often within days, back into the normal range.  Many of our members have reported after a few days to a few weeks that they no longer needed their medication.  Their blood sugar levels had stabilized in the normal range.

The Pancreas Support formula is not a drug that forces a reaction on the system.  This all herb formula supports the pancreas with nutrients and nutrition specifically for this, often overworked, gland.  The overall effects of the Cedar Berry, the master herb in this formula, on the pancreas, are not completely understood.  The understanding of each of the Father’s master herbs eludes me at times, what I do understand is that the Father has not left us without the aids needed to heal our bodies.  Time and again the Cedar Berry has proven itself able to clear all types of blood sugar issues from the system without any ill effects.

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