Sunburn Relief with BF&C Salve

sunburnPraise be for BFC!  Last month my fair skinned daughter had a really bad sunburn and on a whim I told her to put the BFC on it and it relieved the pain as well as healed the burn much more quickly.  Daughter #2 had the same experience but waited until she was already peeling to use it and it stopped the peeling – she used a light face scrub to remove the dead skin, applied the BFC and no more peeling!

And as if I don’t know better (she who always wears a hat in the sun) ended up surfing without a hat and got a bad sunburn on my forehead – I immediately applied the BFC with some lavendar oil (mostly for the smell) and it relieved the pain and I did not peel.  I applied it for two days.

Love it!!!

Happy Member in Flordia

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