Waterfall & flowerFinally I’m learning how to feed myself and still lose weight.  Up until this past weekend I’d experience a slight bounce in weight when I would switch from my water fast to the low carb food program over the weekend.  It has taken a bit of experimentation to find the right foods to use on a Vegetarian low carb food program.  I believe I’ve finally done it.  Anyone deciding to follow such a program will need to work out what works for them while carefully monitoring their daily carb intake.  This weekend I had a huge craving for unsweetened Almond milk.  I don’t know what about it I was craving but I could not get enough of it over the weekend.

The really great news is I not only did not have a bump up in my weight but actually lost 5 lbs over my three day weekend.  The scales are now rounding down on 90 pounds off.  We have decided to update my FB pic on January 1st.  Those around me are saying they can see a good amount of change, I still don’t but I do believe them, my husband and friends have always been honest with me.

Yes, for those who will ask, I’m still doing 3 or 4 days water fasting each week.  I do not find this difficult as I wish to see the scales slide down more than I wish to consume food.   After the 4th day I’m ready to eat something.  During the work week the teas I’m using are providing good nutrition.  Daily I’m using the Weight loss formula, Calcium formula, Echinacea, Infection formula and BF&C.  The Echinacea and infection formula were added a few weeks ago for my Kidneys.  The stress on them to process out the waste at this time is great and they seem to need the extra support.  I’m also drinking a glass or two of water and apple cider vinegar which is good on so many fronts, along with the Psyllium husk powder in water for bowel support.  Will another week is here and time to get busy.  Onward and downward.

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