Clearing the Small Irritations

questionsOften the little irritations that crop up in our bodies can be quickly cleared.  Today I want to address several of these issues along with their herbal supports.

Eye Problems: Tired irritated eyes; Allergy eyes; Tearing of the eyes; and Floaters in the eyes;

Flushing the eyes with the several drops of the Eyebright formula added to an eyecup with distilled water is a quick fix to any sudden irritation of the eyes.

sore-throat315x244Throat Problems: Sore Throat; Loss of Voice; Strained vocal cords; Enlarged or Swollen lymph nodes

Issues arising around the throat and neck can be quickly cleared with a cup or two of The Herbal Antibiotic and an Ice Poultice to the throat.  Detailed instructions are available on the Infection Information sheet. The Ice Poultice is also a preventive aid for speakers who tend to over use their voices.  The application can be applied before an event to shore up the voice.

Skin Problems:  Itchy Rash; Hives; Dry chapped skin;

A quick ELF (Liver Flush) will effectively clear most acute skin issues.  Treating the symptoms by using creams on the skin may provide a bit of relief but will fail to clear the cause behind the rash or outbreak.  When the liver becomes backed-up or congested the body will attempt to eliminate toxins through the skin instead of through the normal channels.  The skin cannot easily handle the toxic waste and breaks down rapidly resulting in rashes, blisters, or the like.  Flushing the liver will quickly clear the back-up allowing the toxic waste to clear from the system through proper channels.  The BF&C Salve can then be used to quickly heal the affected skin.

NeckPainStiff Neck & Muscles:  Headache due to tight muscles; Muscle spasms; Over used crampy muscles;

The M&L Salve is an excellent topical muscle relaxant.  This salve will relax and release even the worse spastic muscle issues.  In sever issues using a bit of the Anti-Spasmodic Extract orally along with the M&L rubbed into the affected area works wonders in minutes.

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