Weight Loss Update 112.5 lbs off

jan23.2018 344 lb
Jan 24 2018 112.5 Lbs Off

Friends and members are asking; “What exactly are you doing?” The weight is continuing to dissolve away.  It has become obvious that whatever I’m doing is working and working very well.   As of this morning 112.5 pounds have melted from my form.  Of course I’ve tweaked the plan from the book, “The Obesity Code” to fit my needs.

What exactly am I doing?  The answer is simple; I’m following a low carb food program, water fasting and Liver Flushing.  I’ve been water fasting three to five days a week since the last week of August 2017.  Many feel this is quite dramatic, but the results are very worth the effort.  Before forming an opinion for or against this program read the book “The Obesity Code”.

Dara Before pic from 2014
April 2014 at Top Weight

The Liver Fasting part is where it becomes a bit trickier.  I’ve been doing an ELF or Amazing Liver-flush about every other week.  The Amazing Liver Flush is very effective and really clears out the waste but is a bit harsh and I can only tolerate one or two a month.  What triggers the liver flush is when the weight loss stalls.  If I’m going to water fast then I expect to drop some good weight the next day.  After struggling through a day of water fasting and running to the bathroom all evening only to not lose or only lose a half pound the next day I know it is time to flush the liver.

Liver Flushing clears the waste from the liver so the liver can effectively process the excess fat out more effectively. Any weight loss program will benefit from regular liver flushing.  An example would be this past week.  After three days of water fasting I’d only lost a pound.  Friday night I did an Amazing liver Flush.  Saturday I water fasted as I felt a bit off from the flush.

jan23.2018 344 lbs
Jan 24 2018

Sunday morning the scales showed a five pound drop.  Sunday I when out to lunch with a friend which likely cost me.  Monday – Wed I water fasted and dropped another 2.5 pounds.  This makes the total weight loss this week at 7.5 pounds.  Anytime what you are doing stops working or fails to work when it is obvious it should then it is time to flush the liver.  My problem is I get so tired of all that oil and will put it off for several day instead of getting right on it and clearing the issue quickly.

This is the summary of what is working for me.  The emotional work is also a part of this process.  I have become emotional for no reason; my sweet husband has been a great support for this process even if he is scratching his head wondering what is wrong with me.  It’s all good and then is an end in sight.

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