Is the Coffee Enema Beneficial?

CoffeeOne of our members has asked if I could talk a bit more on this subject.

Dr. Christopher Discusses “The Coffee Enema”

One of the most harmful methods of tripping the gall bladder reflex is the coffee enema.  It is used by so-called “holistic” practitioner without respect to its ill effects on the body.

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine which can be habit-forming. Over the years, Dr. Christopher has treated patients who could not take food orally or intravenously.  There was once a baby who had to be fed rectally until his health improved.  Nutriments were actually absorbed through the rectum.  Likewise, with the toxic substances.  A young lady who was trying to stimulate her gall bladder into functioning properly, administered to herself at least one coffee enema a day for several months.  During this time she became addicted to caffeine and began to experience severe withdrawal symptoms once the enemas were stopped.  She would never think of taking even a sip of coffee, but here she was getting high doses of caffeine rectally!

There are safer ways to stimulate the gall bladder. One is by taking cayenne pepper orally.  This has been reported in medical journals to trip the gall bladder reflex and promote the flow of bile naturally.

Coffee enemas are used to trigger the gallbladder to dump; they do not flush the liver.   Nutrition taken in through the colon is absorbed straight into the blood stream.  All the blood from the stomach and small intestine flow directly to the liver where the substances picked up from the stomach is broken down and handled as needed.  Blood from the colon dose not route directly through the liver where harmful substances can be broken down or removed.

Years ago I heard the story of a man who decided to drink his whisky by enema into the rectum.  He died of alcohol poisoning after ingesting less than a fifth of whisky into his colon.   The effects of the caffeine are also intensified when absorbed through the colon.

The benefits gained do not out weight the negative effects of caffeine on the body.  A teaspoon of cayenne extract taken by mouth will produce the same effect without any harmful side effects.  I’ve also used a strong tea of Skullcap & Catnip as an enema to encourage liver dumps.  Both of these produce excellent release without robbing the body of vitality.

I recently purchased the entire Gerson Therapy program DVD Set as I was interested in doing the program.  After going through the material I discovered the program is not based as I thought on juicing and eating healthy foods.  They advocate some drug use along with the coffee enemas.  I was also surprised to hear her advice against the use of water.  She felt enough fluid was taken in through the juices and water was not needed.

A story shared on the DVD set to show the benefits of Coffee enemas convinced me how weak and worthless they actually are.  The testimony goes that a man suffering from an acute onset of eczema began using the coffee enemas starting with one a day resulting in twelve hours of symptom free skin.  So he escalated to two enemas a day and became symptom free as long as he continued to use the coffee enemas.  It took nearly six months for the condition to clear.

I have used the emergency Liver Flush (ELF) to completely clear an acute case of eczema in two days with only two flushes.  I have seen these results repeated over and over again with acute skin conditions of all kinds.  The coffee enema is unable to quickly clear an issue because it does not flush the liver, only stimulates the gallbladder to dump what it is holding.  From what I have seen and read the Gerson Therapy does not promote liver flushing aside from the coffee enemas.

As for Coffee enemas being the superior treatment for cancer I would have to strongly disagree.  While the caffeine robs the body of vitality needed for healing, the Coffee enemas do not create a flush for a real clearing of waste from the liver.

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