Eye Health Naturally

IMG_6785Being able to see well adds joy as well as safety to everything from a simple stroll down the road to reading a story to a child.  Several years ago I began to notice small black specks floating through my vision.  It was quite disconcerting to look into what should have been a clear glass of water only to see black specks floating on the surface.  After a bit of research I discovered the small specks floating in my vision were actually called “floaters”.  This issue appears when waste accumulates in the clear gel of the eyeball.  The waste will float into the field of vision overlaying the image with black specks.  In serious cases the specks can become like ropes blocking out large amounts from the field of sight.

The Eyebright Eyewash cleared up the floaters quickly.  IT took only one or two flushes using a few drops of the Eyebright extract in an Eyecup of distilled water to completely clear the floaters.  Over the years since when the floaters have tried to return they have been quickly cleared with a single eye flush.

Since moving to the wet, humid south from the dry climate of Southern California in 1996 I began to experience itching and burning in my eyes during the spring and summer months.  Allergy eyes from the high pollen added to the eye strain from long hours working in front of a computer screen would leave my eyes feeling like sandpaper.  Flushing my eyes using the eyecup with the eyebright drops mixed in distilled water completely cleared the watery, gritty and tired feeling after a long day of over use.

IMG_6789Eye Health is all about circulation.  The tiny vessels supporting the eyes are extremely small making it difficult for the body to easily clear the waste from the eyeball.  The Eyebright eyewash increasing the circulation of fresh blood into the eye while aiding the removal of waste from the eyeball. Circulation is good healing blood loaded with nutrients in while the waste is flushed out.

The more serious eye ailments such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Bad Vision have been greatly aided and in many cases reversed using the Eyebright Eyewash.  HEAL’s Eye-Ailments info Sheet will provide additional information on supporting the eyes naturally.

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