Vitamin C Flushing

Dara Dietz

Vitamin C Flushing has been around for years.  I’ve known of it but failed to take advantage of this simple healing tool until one of our sweet young members guided me through the process.  I must admit to being very impressed with the results of this straightforward and effortless flush.  Within hours the tired, toxic feeling plaguing me was gone. 

After doing a bit more research and a few more of the flushes there are a few points that need to be addressed.  Several cautions are floating around referring to excess Vitamin C creating kidney stones. 

Clearly, the kidneys will be required to process additional waste from the blood due to the detoxing effect of the Vitamin C Flush.  With this understanding it would be wise to do the Hot Lemonade drink at least once each day. This is an excellent aid for clearing puss and sediment form the kidneys. 

I have also begun drinking between 32 and 64 ounces of the Kidney bladder tea each day.  ( Add one ounce of the Kidney Bladder Formula into each finished gallon of tea.) I began using the tea in addition to the Hot lemonade drink when my kidneys begun to feel a bit sore after my first week of Vitamin C Flushing.  The tea was consumed all day Saturday, by Sunday morning my kidneys felt right as rain. 

  • Provide additional Kidney Support while doing this type of cleansing work with the Vitamin C.
  • Stay Well Hydrated
  • Use 1 oz Echinacea Daily

A Vitamin C flush is also known as an ascorbate flush or vitamin C cleanse. The concept is fairly simple and is based on the belief that high levels of vitamin C help rid the body of Toxins.

It just involves introducing high amounts of vitamin C at regular intervals until you produce a watery stool to carry toxins away from the body.  

A vitamin C flush is one of the fastest working cleanses, so it’s best for those who are looking for rapid detox. It may also be used by those who are sick and looking for a quick recovery despite not responding to other methods of treatment. Any seemingly healthy adult can benefit from a vitamin C cleanse, but it is especially important for those who may be deficient. 

The Benefits of a Vitamin C Flush

Vitamin C is an important nutrient for the body. It is most well-known for boosting the immune system, which is why it’s great for beating a cold. However, it does so much more than that. 

  1. ANTIOXIDANT – Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant and boosts the function of other antioxidants as well, this helps to repair cells and slow the aging process of your cells to create younger-looking skin naturally.
  2. HEALING – Wounds require collagen to heal completely. Vitamin C is a major player in the creation of collagen and without it, your wounds may not heal completely leading to abnormal tissue repair. A vitamin C boost can help your body repair itself and heal properly.
  3. JOINT DAMAGE – Because of the effects that vitamin C has on collagen, some clinical trials have shown it is extremely helpful for joints. Vitamin C plays a major role in maintaining the integrity of connective tissue in the joints.
  4. STRESS – Yes, Vitamin C can even help with your stress level. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone and studies have shown Vitamin C can actually reduce this hormone in the body and combat the negative effects of stress.

A vitamin C flush gives the body a boost of vitamin C stores so that your body can use what it needs to leave you refreshed and energized.

Doing the Vitamin C Flush

A vitamin C flush is one of the simplest cleanses you can benefit from. Anyone can do it from the comfort of their own home. We recommend doing the vitamin C flush on a day when you’ll be comfortable and near a bathroom throughout the day. 


  • In the morning: First thing in the morning, mix 1 tsp. vitamin C powder in 4 oz of water or fruit juice.
  • 15 Minutes later: Repeat with another teaspoon of vitamin C in a 4 oz of water or fruit juice.  Continue to repeat every 15 Minutes until you pass a watery stool.  You may now stop taking the Vitamin C.  The cleanse will now take care of itself. 

This flush can be used in place of the Prune Juice Flush for clearing the bowels.  The effects are the same. Your bowels will go to liquid for 4 to 6 hours. 

Personal Testimony: My first time using this flush I feel I may have used more of the C powder than I really needed.  I ended up using 10 doses.  My bowels were very tight so after my bowels moved some solid waste I continued to take an additional two more doses.  My last dose was at 12:30 Noon.  My last water bowel movement was at 9pm that night.  I had no cramping or discomfort of any kind just kept having watery stools every hour or so.  to do my Vitamin C Flush without the bowel flushing I use 4 doses.  This is good for me.  You will need to discover how many you doses you require to hit bowel tolerance. 

The best advice is once you have cleared your bowels, let’s say you needed 5  doses (1 tsp every 15 minutes five times), To do a Vitamin C Flush without the bowel Flush you will want to cut back to 4 doses of 1 teaspoon every 15 minutes.  This should give you a good Vitamin C flush without turning your bowels to water.

Always remember to stay hydrated during this process by drinking plenty of fluids. 

The member who guided me though my first Vitamin C Flush also suggested a brand of C powder.  I have found it to be of excellent quality. 

Revitalized Wellness: Fine Powder Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid 

Check out this pdf I found on line. I think it will provide a lot of insight into doing a good Vitamin C flush and show how to continue on allowing the C to heal the body. I do not have any experience of their product but did find their info very useful.

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