Over the years I’ve been asked to explain the uses for Cayenne.  There has been so much already written about this hot little herb so today I am going to focus on when and how to use cayenne.

STROKE: provide 1 teaspoon at the first sign of a stroke to arrest the bleeding in the brain and prevent any after effects of the stroke from setting in.  See our information sheet on Strokes for more information.

CHEST PAIN: 1 tsp. cayenne added to cup of hot water, I also like to add 1 tsp to 1 tablespoon of Hawthorne extract.  Swish the first swallow around in the mouth.  Allow the burn to sub-side a bit (two or three minutes) then continue drinking one sip or swallow at a time until finished.   Normally the mouth has become numb to the heat after the first swallow allowing the remainder of the tea to go down easily.

DIZZINESS OR VERTIGO: ½ to 1 tsp cayenne extract directly in the mouth.  Often when the head is faint or dizzy the taste buds are insensitive so the heat of the formula will not be evident.

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BLEEDING: Flush the open wound with Liquid Cayenne; apply pressure; this will often stop even the worst bleeding.   After using Cayenne to arrest the bleeding use only natural fiber bandages.  As long as the wound can breathe the cayenne will not heat up on the outside of the body.

ULCER: 1 tsp. Cayenne 2 or 3 times a day or when there is pain.  This not only stops the pain but will clear the ulcer.  See our Ulcer information Sheet for details.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Take 1 tsp. then go find a place to lay down flat for ½ hour.  Cayenne will equalize blood pressure.  If high will bring it down, if low will raise it back up.

COUNSELING SESSIONS:  Add desired amount cayenne to juice or water (I prefer 1 tsp.) at start of session.  Cayenne makes it easier to open up emotionally allowing healing truth to flow freely.  After the session has ended consume ½ tsp Lobelia directly into the mouth, lay back and rest for 15 minutes.  The Lobelia aids in moving the raw emotional work to the subconscious levels where the work will continue to process. Using lobelia allowed me to remain alert and active; I did not experience the sleepy down time that would normally follow my heavy counseling sessions.

POOR CIRCULATION: ½ tsp Cayenne & ½ tsp Ginger in cup hot water 2 to 3 times a day.

LOW ENERGY: juice of Lemons & Limes to taste in water with maple syrup and 1 tsp Cayenne.  We call this “Hot Lemonade” Very nice energy boost and good for the kidneys.

About Dara Dietz

Dara D Dietz is co-founder with her Husband of H.E.A.L. Marketplace, a private Natural Healing Association. As a teacher and counselor she has been supporting the members of H.E.A.L. with Natural Healing information and herbal supports since 1998. She continues to maintain strong ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since healing her own kidney ailments she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using natural herbal remedies. Dara has written and compiled numerous articles on a wide variety of natural healing topics. Drawing from her own healing experiences and borrowing from the vast wisdom of natural healers long departed, she continues to provide H.E.A.L.’s international membership with down to earth natural healing wisdom in H.E.A.L.’s bi-weekly newsletters. Dara and her husband currently reside in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
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