Hydrotherapy the Ultimate Healing Tool

Hot & Cold: Practical advice on hot and cold showers

Why is hydro (water) therapy so important to do?

Whenever there is disease or injury there is blockage. The blood is not flowing freely through the affected area. It does no good loading your blood with healing nutrients if the blood cannot get through the blockage and deliver its load of nutrients and oxygen to the affected area.

Hot water brings fresh blood to the surface.

Then the cold forces it deep.

The more dramatic the change between Hot and Cold, the deeper and harder the blood is driven through the blockage.

Think of it as though you are firing a blood bullet through the blockage. The hot water loads the blood bullet and the cold fires it. The more dramatic the change between hot and cold the deeper and harder the bullet is fired.

How long do you recommend a person stay in hot and cold showers?

When someone is dealing with a terminal illness, it is suggested they take a forty-five minute shower three times a day.

How long hot? How long cold?

A couple of minute’s cold and five minutes hot, and a couple minute’s cold and five minutes hot. Do about seven repetitions of that.

There are several ways to do your HOTS & COLDS.

  1. With a held held shower head apply hot and cold water, as hot as possible and as cold as you can get it, to the diseased area.
  2. Take hot and cold showers. Stand under the flow of an over head shower and turn the knob to be as hot as you can handle, then all the way to cold.
  3. An Ice Plunge is done as follows: Take a hot shower then jump in a bathtub of ice-cold water, or water with 20-40 pounds of ice in it.

The purpose of these techniques is not torture. It is to BLAST blood into sick areas that are not getting enough blood. Until you do that, expect to stay sick.

Simple Rules

For those who are frail, use common sense and start slowly.

For instance, on babies, use warm water and cool water. Obviously, be gentle.

If you have a heart condition, start gentle with warm and cool. You don’t want to shock the heart when it is weak.

To get the most result, work yourself up to using as hot as you can stand it — without burning your skin — and as cold as you can get it.

There are some hydro therapy procedures you can use on situations that commonly come up.

  • Ice Poultice for sore throat or swollen lymph glands in the neck area.
  • Foot soak in Hot and or Cold tubs for Neuropathy, Poor Circulation ect…
  • Cold Sheet Treatment for anyone doing the Incurables Program.


Mankind suffered greatly when the black plague struck Europe during the dark ages as well as the many times these types of flu or influenza have returned to the world, and we especially remember, with sadness, the great multitudes that died during the great flu epidemic of 1918 during World War I.

A fever is given to a person to assist in healing the body which has an over-case of toxicity which is causing a disease (lack of ease). Fever is like a fire, which can warm your body and save your life, or burn your house down and kill you. If the fever is properly controlled and skillfully handled it will clean the poisons, toxins and surplus mucus from the body and bring on a healing crisis. If not controlled properly the fever can kill the patient.

With the information we are presenting to you, at this time, many lives can be saved should another epidemic return.

Water therapy has been used for centuries to heal the sick. Rev. S. Kneipp, the great natural doctor of the old country, had published books on “water cures.” One in our library is a massive work on the subject. Many doctors and authors have volumes written on this subject, and why not? The body is made up of over 80% liquid. Much of the fluids in the body are toxic, loaded with cholesterol, mucus, etc., and with proper replacing, in a natural way, of good liquid we have a great key to better health.

An old story of the first written instances of the water cure is as follows:

Many years ago a peasant was heading home on foot, with miles to go. He was racked with fever, colds, and lumbago. While crossing a stream, over a log for a bridge, he slipped and fell into the icy cold water and was drenched to the skin. It was a bitterly cold day and the man had to walk home in the cold in sloppy wet clothes. By the time he had arrived home, his clothes were nearly dried out. The fevers and heat in his body had been raised, while hurrying miles home, to a point of healing climax and was down to nearly normal at the end of his journey. The lumbago and fever were gone and he rejoiced! The next time he got lumbago and fevers he knew the cure–he would return to the stream, fall in and walk home again.

We are going to explain a procedure that will do the job at home without “falling into the stream” and this is a life saver, when pneumonia, colds, flu and fevers hit. It is called:

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