The Cost Of Change

There is a price to pay for change of any kind.  Doing something new or different means you must pay a price in time, effort, and the loss of the comfortable habit you have decided needs to be stopped, changed, or amended.

A lifetime ago, a wise friend tried to open my eyes to a poor choice I was making.  Standing outside the hospital room of my sick friend he quietly explained,  “You must let go of the past before I can give you something better.“  Letting go of what is no longer working is the only way to truly embrace something better.  Creating a space in your life for a better choice, a change, requires removing what is in that space.  Making the time for something new, or ending a relationship that no longer works.  Making space in your life is Honestly Choosing To Embrace Change.

August 2017 was a month of change in my life.  Deciding to begin a serious weight loss program, something I’d done many times before. The emotional healing needed had been done, I was ready to let it all go, and I had a good game plan.  Understanding enough to know I would need a daily reward or boost from my scales I decided to do an intense weight loss program.  Following the advice provided in, “The Obesity Code,” by Dr Jason Fung, I began  a modified water fasting program.  To his lemon water and vitamin supplement suggestions, I opted to add the Weight Loss formula, or the Anti-Depressant Formula to my daily routine  (FYI: All alcohol extracts are ‘0’ carbs when combined with hot water)

Over the next 12 months 200 lbs melted from my body.  I continued on a strong program for another year and dropped an additional 40 lbs.  My endocrine system took a real hit from the rapid weight loss.   There has been an emotional and physical cost to pay. 

Physically the need for additional nutrition to rebuild and strengthen while being careful to reset my bodies set weight so it will not feel the need to pack the weight back on.  My daily food program is a combination of High protein and high fiber in conjunction with intermittent fasting, 

Emotionally it has been a struggle to develop a new mental image of myself.  Changing my self-perception required all obese pictures be removed and new ones put in their place. An illustration of the need to update my self-image played out one afternoon.  My husband and I went out to a restaurant and as we were being conducted to our table were required to pass through a small opening between tables.  I became flustered knowing I’d never be able to comfortably fit.  I was looking around for another way to our table when my sweet husband noticing my distress said, “You’ll fit.”  It all happened very quickly and there was actually plenty of room to maneuver. 

Once the weight was off I had to accept and embrace the woman the Lord created me to be.  Developing the emotional strength to move through my life without the physical buffer created by the excess weight I’d been hiding behind for the past 30 years.  In the first couple of years I had to deal with the occasional panic attack. The lost, alone feeling defeated me one afternoon as I was shopping. I fled the store leaving my basket of groceries somewhere inside.   Praise the Lord for the Nerve Food Formula, my nerves needed additional nutrition once provided I could cope. Has the price of change been worth the cost?  You bet; I love my life even though I am still paying in installments for all the changes.  My physical system in still a bit weak.  Emotionally there are days I still feel a bit lost and alone.  The learning curve required to be me has been deep but doable.  The Lord and my husband have been with me every step of this new journey, smoothing the way, providing the love and strength I lacked for the journey.

About Dara Dietz

Dara D Dietz is co-founder with her Husband of H.E.A.L. Marketplace, a private Natural Healing Association. As a teacher and counselor she has been supporting the members of H.E.A.L. with Natural Healing information and herbal supports since 1998. She continues to maintain strong ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since healing her own kidney ailments she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using natural herbal remedies. Dara has written and compiled numerous articles on a wide variety of natural healing topics. Drawing from her own healing experiences and borrowing from the vast wisdom of natural healers long departed, she continues to provide H.E.A.L.’s international membership with down to earth natural healing wisdom in H.E.A.L.’s bi-weekly newsletters. Dara and her husband currently reside in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
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