My journey to Date

The ability, staying power to continue on my current healing journey has been one long learning curve.  I’ve learned to allow myself to relax.  I’ve learned to trust myself to continue to choose well.  I don’t have to be perfect only consistently moving forward.  Growing into the ability to be consistently joyful knowing I deserve and am worthy of all the goodness.  The need to sabotage my life is over.  I can and will do this thing.  I’m learning to embrace each day with all it brings.  Slipping out of site behind all those layers of emotional padding is no longer where I want to be.  I’m ready to take my place in the sun.  

I’ve been on my current journey since the last week of August 2017, a little more than eighteen months. During the first six months I strictly water fasted three to five days each week, on the days I did consume food I kept my carbs intake to less than 15 carbs a day. The weight loss during the first six months was an amazing 140 pounds.  As the weight dropped I was better able to move around but did not add any daily exercise program.  Doing a strong exercise program while water fasting was beyond me at the time.

In February 2018, six months into my journey, the stress of water fasting was beginning to take an emotional toll.  Food is such a big part of our lives, an enjoyable part.  I missed eating.  My water fasting was cut to 2 or 3 days a week which, of course, slowed my weight loss considerably.  Eight months later my weight loss was at 200 pounds. 

In February 2019 I began a daily exercise program.  Using my treadmill to build endurance and muscle. I’ve been maintaining at 225 lbs. off since the first of the year.   As of today I have decided to do a stronger program again, a push to reach my goal.  Not sure where that will be yet but I feel this rest period is done.  I want to be at or close to my goal by the time we take our cruise in October.  I can do this!! So onward and downward. 

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Jun Kombucha

Several weeks ago Denise, introduced me to Jun Kombucha.  During a visit she offered me a sample from her jar.  Explaining the great probiotic effect the drink was providing her I decided to give the stuff a test.  Here is what happened and why I’m sold on this great brew. 

My weight loss journey is anything but over.  Since dropping 240 lbs. my new goal is to discover how best to feed this body I know have.  The joy I’ve discovered in my daily exercise is reward enough for all the work that went into this project.  The downside is the constant battle to stabilize my weight. 

The weight watcher points program has provided the best simple guideline for the vegetarian/vegan food program I most enjoy.  That said, I do best on one meal a day with fresh raw veggie snacks in the evening.  Most days I eat my one meal sometime between 2 & 4pm.  Even small amounts of nuts, grains, or beans will cause my weight to tick up.  Keeping within my daily points dose not seem to make a difference. One of the worst offenders is beans of any kind.  Even the smallest serving of beans, which I love, and my weight will bounce up. 

That is how it all stood the day Denise offered me my first taste of Jun Kombucha.  I was on an upswing needing to have a raw food day or two to drop the 5 pounds that had crept on over the past week.  After sampling the Jun and finding it delicious Denise and I enjoyed our time together cooking in her kitchen.  She put out a lovely light meal we all enjoyed.  I declined her offer of a starter for the Jun kombucha not knowing how it would react in my body. 

Later that afternoon I had one of the best clearing of my bowels I’d experienced in ages.  It was not liquid or uncomfortable, just a healthy clearing of every bit of waste in me.  That evening I used my normal amount of the LBF #1. Upon rising my regular morning movement was fantastic.  Again I want to say, it was a healthy clearing of waste not the least uncomfortable.  After my morning sprint on my treadmill I stepped on the scales and was floored to discover I was down 5 lbs.

My body let go of everything it had been holding, those 5 lbs. I was needing to drop to maintain were gone.  I would have been on Denise’s doorstep with my cup in hand if she did not live a whole hour away.  It would be the weekend again before we would be able to make a return visit.  During the week even with extended effort on the treadmill, walking on the trail ect my weight still was trying to tick back up those five pounds.  By Wednesday I had not choice but to do my raw food day and easily dropped back down. 

Saturday we secured my SCOBY along with directions for making Jun.  I’d watched a few videos online during the week so was ready to get started. 

After several weeks of Jun my gut health has never been better.  I even enjoyed a bowel of chili with beans and lost 1.5 lbs. the next day.  This was a first for beans.  My issues now are to not overeat while I experiment on the food I can now eat.  I’m using about 6 oz of Jun a day.  Not really sure how much I need to use but with a full cup of Honey in each jar I’m a bit careful not to overuse the stuff.  It is also sooo nummy.  There is a nice fizzy effect that is such a treat.  The warmer weather is allowing the mix to be ready in 4 or 5 days.  Denise had told me that in the colder winter months it could be 10 to 15 days to get a good brew ready. 

Over the years I have use some of the most expensive probiotics on the market in an attempt to repair my gut health.  One dose of Jun Kombucha proved more of a benefit that months on the probiotic capsules.  Once you secure your starter SCOBY you will be on your way.  I’ve seen several places online where they are selling the SCOBY.  Try a Google search. Do share your experiences with me, I’d love to hear if you find the Jun as helpful.

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Plantar fasciitis; Serious Foot Pain

The past three weeks have taught me all I never wanted to know about foot pain.  Dealing with a case of Plantar fasciitis I have had to learn quickly what works and what will not provide relief. 

Herbal Support for Foot Pain with Dara Dietz

The most effective way I have found to relieve the intense pain has been using hydrotherapy along with stretching exercises.  I quickly discovered the hot and cold changes, which increase circulation, have the ability to all but end even the worse throbbing in my foot.  The relaxing effect of the circulation on the Plantar fascia tendon allowed for a more effective stretch with much less discomfort.

My daily program began with a new pair of supportive shoes.  First thing each morning I applied a BF&C Salve Pack to the bottom of my foot and another one around my ankle.  The packs are held in place with the Press N Seal wrap and my sock.  With the pack in place and my shoes on walking was much easier.

My herbal therapy program:

1 tsp BF&C extract in cup of hot water 3 times a day.  The BF&C Formulas and Salves have the nutrients to strengthen and repair the damaged tendon.

1 oz Echinacea once a day for 4 days each week.

Did an ELF; Flushed my liver one day each week.

Yes, I used the Advil as needed for the pain.  The first week I had to use the maximum dose allowed.  By the second week one dose a day of Advil for pain control was enough.  By the third week the inflammation is nearly gone along with the pain.  I am now able to do a half mile on my treadmill to stretch my legs.  The rebuilding process is slow.  As long as the tendon is stretched and supported there is no pain. 

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Physical Effects of Strong Negative Emotional Stress

Dara Dietz Author

For whatever it is worth I decided to put in writing what I have said to several of our members. Take time to be Joyful & Happy, your health depends on it.

Maintaining a healthy, infection free body means each of us must find an appropriate way to deal with all the emotional upset humanity is facing each day.  Over the past few months I have had to counsel several of our female members through their first painful bladder infections.  The cases of hives or other skin outbreaks is also on the rise.  The reason for an increase in these issues is not a surprise.  The whole body is impacted, becomes acid, when the strong negative emotions  of anger, hate, or fear are allowed to flow through us.  Strong negative reactions when allowed to rule the heart and mind equate to drinking poison. 

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22

The impact of all this societal upset can have a powerful and hurtful effect on our physical health.  An emotional gut punch, or a strong burst of anger will effectively wipe out your immune system.  To state this as plainly as possible, you will have no ability to fight off any invaders that choose to enter your body.  Whatever is floating around will find a welcoming home in your body. 

The immune system is not the only one effected by strong negative emotional upset.  For women, the hormone levels are depleted, is some cases completely wiped out.  Hormonal imbalance will bring on hot flashes, irregular cycles, mood swings, ect.  Abnormal weight gain can also be brought on when the body’s  hormone levels are compromised.

Our reaction to the events surrounding our lives is a choice we can and should control.  Choosing to surrender to anger or fear is the same as choosing to drink a glass of slow acting poison.  The Father has promised to never leave or forsake His children.  Rest in the truth that is His love for you.  The world may fall apart but the child of the Father need never be afraid or angry.  His never failing love is your protection, He has your back, front, and both sides.  You are surrounded, safe, secure, all is well.

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Preventive Program for The Flu Season

Blessed crop 11.14.19

Why do we have a flu season each year?  In the Fall and Winter Seasons the weather becomes cooler causing people to bundle up their bodies, close the windows and drapes in their homes and stop going outside into the fresh cleansing air.  All these actions allow the system to become clogged up with waste.

Our bodies and or our homes need circulation of the fresh cleansing air to prevent the germs and bacteria from getting a foothold.

The Holiday season with all its special treats (sugar) add to the mess by clogging up our immune systems.  So a perfect recipe for the flu season comes around every fall and winter.  All the emotional drama of the holiday season along with the sweet rich food aids in weakening our immune systems.    Added to our tightly closed up homes, and lack of sunshine to purify our surroundings and the germs, viruses , and bacteria are allowing to grow.

Natural Support for Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases; the Preventive Program

  • When possible air out your living quarters.
  • Open the curtains let the sunshine in to purify your rooms.
  • On the warmer days open the windows if possible to let fresh air circulate for a few minutes. In very cold areas I understand this is not an easy thing to do.
  • Keep your body clean with a daily bath.
  • Change your bed sheets on a regular weekly schedule.

During the Fall and winter months I would suggest the following:

  • Vit C. 3000 mg time release at least once a day.
  • Echinacea 1 oz each day for 4 days each week.
  • When everyone around is trying to get sick add the Super-tonic or Herbal Antibiotic to your daily routine. These two formula are all about Garlic.

When you are concerned you have been infected here is a good program to follow:

  • 1 oz Each day Echinacea 4 to 6 days each week
  • 1 tablespoon Super tonic 3 times a day
  • 3000 mg Vit C twice a day
  • **Infectious Diseases add 1 dropper full of Lobelia every 2 or 3 hours. (waking hours)

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Clearing Boils Naturally

Infection Poultice

In most Cases clearing Boils is a two-step process.  Relieving the pain and pressure by pulling the boil from the body is only the first step.  The Use of Burdock Root to purify the blood along with a light to moderate infection program will prevent the boils from refilling.

You can view my video on making the poultice on youtube: Simple Drawing Infection Poultice Video

A good Simple program to clear boils:

Simple Drawing Infection Poultice
  • Use the Infection Poultice to pull and empty the boils. This will draw a boil to the surface even if it is deep in the tissue.  Normally the boil will open and drain overnight, relieving the pain and pressure.
  • Begin drinking one cup of Burdock Rt tea each day. Use 1 rounded teaspoon of the root added to 8 to 12 ounces boiling water. Allow to steep 15 minutes before drinking.  For a stronger tea add ½ tsp. Burdock Root extract to the boiling water along with the dried root.
  • Begin the light or moderate infection program: 1 oz Echinacea daily; 1 tsp infection formula every 2 or 3 hours. See Infection Info Sheet for details.
  • Remember to ensure your bowels are open and working well. It will do no good to use the herbs to clear the toxins from your blood if they are unable to be properly removed from the body.
  • Cut out all process foods, Sugar, White flour ect.. Your body needs support to do the cleansing work you are asking it to do.  When doing infection work it is good to add 16 to 32 ounces of carrot juice to your daily food program.
  • Drink!!! Flush your body with plenty of water or herbal teas. Try to get down a gallon each day to support the clean up you are doing.

Continue using the Burdock for 3 or 4 weeks after all symptoms have cleared.  Continue the infection program for 10 days. For serious cases both the infection work and burdock can be extended for 2 or 3 months or as long as needed to clear the issues from the body.

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Three Things I have learned

09.19.19 235 lbs

We are our choices

We are our choices.  What makes us who we are is the choices we have made since we entered this world.  The effect of our choices on our personalities and temperaments make up our character.  Repeated choices become habits and habits become a character. Each time we choose to do something new and better we make it easier to make that choice again.  Building new pathways in our minds enabling the new habit to come more easily each time we choose and do our new thing.

This is also how to rid ourselves of bad or useless habits.  Every time the inclination surfaces to choose to do our useless or bad habits we deliberately choose to do something else.  Consistently choosing to do a better thing until it is the natural inclination, what you do without thinking.  You have created a new habit, become a different person.

As a friend told me years ago “You fake it till you make it.” “Put on the woman you want to be no matter our fake it feels until she is who you truly are.”

Three time in my life I have “put on the woman”, persona I wanted to become.  Each time I felt like a fraud in the beginning.  Acting in a way that felt foreign and uncomfortable.  After a time I realized this was who I truly was all along.  I was being unwrapped and revealed, becoming the woman God always intended I would be.

Trials are gifts & teachers

Life’s trials and tribulations provide us a chance to grow.  No matter how much I would like to think otherwise I accept that everything touching my life is drawn to me by who I am, my attitudes and choices are a magnet for both the positive and negative events that affect my life.

I have learned to Embrace the hard times, so I can grow beyond these lessons.  It is my goal to draw every bit of learning and growth from life’s trials.

It is human nature to want to blame others for the hard times, and take complete credit for the good.  Truth is, the credit for both is mine.  My choices, attitudes and actions effect circumstances around me creating all the events that make up my life.

I choose to look at my life through the eyes of a victor not a victim.  The trials and tribulations that nipped at my heels throughout my growing years and young adult life needed to be owned and embraced.  They bring with them the lessons I missed or had no opportunity to learn.  It is all good, the Father allows only what I need to into my life so I can become the woman he always intended me to be.

Only life worth living is the other focused life. 

The Christ centered life or Other focused life is often spoken of but until recently I had no idea what it really was.  How it looked in action.  At the heart level what is other focused living.  Dose this mean you do not take care of yourself, allow everyone to take advantage of you.  No, allowing others to treat you badly is failing to respect them or yourself.  Living an other focused life is truly caring for those in your spear of influence.  Understanding that unless you are in the best health, emotionally, mentally and physically you will not be able to do your best for those who rely on your care.  Becoming a burden to those around you through neglect or laziness is selfishness in action.  Forcing those who care for you to accept responsibility for your life.  Other focused living is accepting responsibility for yourself, living in a way that allows others to be blessed by your influence.  Passing through the world you leave it a bit better than it was before you entered.

There is much satisfaction and joy in knowing you have been a blessing to someone else.  Holding all you have in an open hand to the Father so he is able to use you to be a blessing in the lives of others.

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“INCURABLES” Program: FIRST 30 Days

30 Day

The Food Program:

ALL Food consumed must be 100% TOTAL (Vegan) Vegetarian RAW Food! This includes ALL Vegetables, Fruits, RAW Nuts and Seeds, and soaked and sprouted Beans and Grains. Try to eat Fresh ORGANIC Produce, that is grown locally and in Season. Liquids, ONLY Distilled Water, Herbal Teas (Non-Caffeine) and Fruit and Vegetable Juices.
NO Animal Flesh, Eggs, Milk or Milk Products (Cheese, Yogurt, Butter) can be consumed. NO Cooked Foods (Bread, Baked Potatoes, Tofu, etc.) NO Alcohol, Coffee, Black Tea or Sugar. If you are SERIOUSLY-ILL, do a Water and Fresh Juice Fast for the ENTIRE FIRST 30 Days, drinking at least 1 gallon daily, and then use RAW Foods. In any case, FAST at least one day EVERY Week. Also, drink at least 8, if NOT 16 ounces of Fresh Carrot, Apple and Parsley juice DAILY. If you do NOT have a Juicer, BUY one. It will SAVE YOUR LIFE!!

The Herbal Nutritional Program:

4 tablespoons per day, 2 tablespoons A.M. and 2 tablespoons P.M. (a DOUBLE dose) of HEAL’s SuperFood is suggested EVERY day! Make the following Nutritional Drink (mix in a Blender) 8 ounces of Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice, 8 ounces of Distilled or Pure Water, ½ to 1 cup of FRESH Seasonal Fruit and 2 tablespoons of HEAL’s SuperFood.


The Cleansing Morning Drinks and Teas:

Every morning must begin with Morning Drink #1 or #2 and the Herbal Tonics and Teas from the 5-day Cleansing and Detoxification Program. You can alternate these flushes weekly.

Herbal Detoxification Programs:

Lower Bowel Formula #1 (Cathartic formula): You must use an Herbal Formula EVERY Day to keep your Bowels VERY ACTIVE. Start with 1 Capsule just after Dinner and INCREASE by one Capsule DAILY until the desired effect is reached.

Lower Bowel Formula #2 (Drawing and Detoxifying Formula): You must use a Bowel Drawing and Detoxification Tonic EVERY Day (once you have your bowel working with Formula #1) to keep your Bowel CLEAN.

The Bloodstream and the Immune System:

Alternate these Formulas Weekly, starting with the Detox Formula Tonic and then the Echinacea Plus Tonic during Week No. 2.

Detox Formula Tonic (Blood and Lymphatic Cleanser):

Use 2 Dropperfuls (70 Drops) 4 times DAILY.

Echinacea Plus (Immune System Stimulant):

Use 2 Dropperfuls (70 Drops) 4 times DAILY.

If you do ONLY 1 Program or use ONLY 1 Herb, it should be Garlic. In the MANY Years at the Clinic, I have seen it HEAL MANY, HURT NO ONE, and create MIRACLES!
Garlic is one of the MOST POTENT and RELIABLE Herbal Healers known. It is a POWERFUL Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic. It is also Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Parasitical and has PROVEN itself to RID the Body internally and externally of any Antigen or Pathogen.

Garlic has been PROVEN in Hospitals and Laboratories worldwide to DESTROY CANCER and break up Tumors, THIN the Blood and NORMALIZE Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels. Hundreds of my Female Patients used Vaginal Garlic Implants to do EVERYTHING from HEAL Infections to ELIMINATE CANCER!

Garlic externally is an Herbal Surgeon. It’s 700+ various Sulfur Compounds will DESTROY INFECTION and, if used FULL strength, will BURN off ANYTHING in it’s way! Garlic nutritionally is a GREAT Strength-Builder and has been REVERED throughout History in numerous Cultures as a Food to INCREASE Health and Energy.
It can be eaten RAW, swallowed WHOLE, chopped up and mixed with Food and put through your Juicer. Just get it in!

The BEST Garlic is the HOTTEST, and, of course, ORGANIC! If NONE is available, which is RARE, then use your HOTTEST Onions, which is Garlic’s next of kin. Consume at least 3 cloves of FRESH RAW Garlic EVERY Day.

H&C 2sm

Hydrotherapy Program:

High Enemas: You must use a High Enema 2 times a week with an implant afterwards. Use ONLY Distilled Water for the High Enema! The implant can be:
8 oz. of Aloe Vera Gel and 8 oz. of Distilled Water (soothing) or 2 oz. Wheat Grass Juice with 16 oz. of Distilled Water (Detoxifying) or 1 – 2 Cloves of Garlic blended into 8 ounces of RAW Apple Cider Vinegar and 8 oz. of Distilled Water (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal).

HOT & COLD Showers: This is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to move the Blood and create Circulation. Once DAILY, you must do a COMPLETE HOT & COLD Shower! You will start with HOT Water for 1 minute, then COLD for 1 minute. REPEAT this Routine 7 Times, so that the Shower lastS about 15 minutes.

Another time, DAILY, you can do a COMPLETE HOT & COLD Shower Routine again or a partial one, just applying the Water DIRECTLY to the AFFECTED Area. Make SURE, while you are doing BOTH HOT & COLD Showers, that you pay SPECIAL Attention to the AFFECTED Area and massage it VIGOROUSLY. If the Shower is IMPOSSIBLE, then use HOT Packs and ICE Packs.


Hot Castor Oil Packs (breaks up congestion ):

Use HOT Castor Oil packs in the Evening over the AFFECTED Area and leave on ALL Night long. They can be kept Warm with a HOT Water Bottle.

The “COLD SHEET” Treatment:

Do the NEW “COLD SHEET” Treatment once weekly.


Massage the ENTIRE Body EVERY Day with SPECIAL Emphasis on DEEP Foot Reflexology and ALL around the PROBLEM Areas. Do NOT be AFRAID to touch your SORE or SICK Parts. Put some LIFE back there. Alternate Castor Bean Oil and Olive Oil for your Massage Oils. Skin Brush with a NATURAL Bristle Skin Brush and SCRUB yourself thoroughly EVERYDAY!

You must exercise EVERYDAY! Do whatever you can do to PUSH yourself! INCREASE the amount EVERYDAY! You should breathe hard and work up a SWEAT! 1 hour EACH Day is to be your eventual goal. If you rest, YOU RUST!

I HIGHLY suggest for ANYONE, who has been diagnosed as “INCURABLE” or “HOPELESS” to THROW OUT that Diagnosis and start on a HEALING Program IMMEDIATELY! The “INCURABLES” Program has NO POWER, unless you put ALL of the Time and Energy, that you have into it! You must give l00%!
LOVE, giving it and receiving it, is the MOST POWERFUL Cleansing and HEALING TOOL! Be RESPONSIBLE for yourself! You created this PROBLEM and you can get RID of it! NO one ever got BETTER by feeling SORRY for themselves! The Doctors were WRONG; you can get WELL! FORGIVE EVERYONE in your PAST, including ALL of the Doctors! The MAIN Function of your Body is to REPAIR and HEAL itself, so let’s get STARTED! THERE ARE NO “INCURABLE” DISEASES! GET POSITIVE RIGHT NOW! BELIEVE, START NOW!

Additional Routines:

EVERY Day strip naked and take a Sun and Air Bath for 10 to 15 minutes. EVERY Day take a walk outside in your BARE Feet and shuffle them in the Grass or Dirt, and even lie down on the Earth. Do DEEP Breathing, while you are outside; FRESH Air will HELP you to HEAL FASTER! Use ONLY NATURAL Soaps, Shampoos and Toothpastes. Do NOT use ANY Deodorants, Perfumes, Colognes, etc.! You may use PURE Herbal Essential Oils, if you want to smell BETTER. Wear ONLY Natural Fiber Clothing (i.e.-Cotton, Wool and Silk)! NO Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon or even Blends! Drink as much of the Potassium Broth as you can stand! This is a GREAT tasting addition to your Cleansing Program. It will FLUSH your system of UNWANTED Salts and Acids, while giving you a CONCENTRATED amount of Vitamins and Minerals!

Final Thoughts, a NATURAL Death:

We will ALL eventually experience a Physical Death! For ALL of us, this Time will come! By using NATURAL Healing, Herbs and my Programs, we are NOT trying to CHEAT Death; we are INCREASING the QUALITY of Life!
Medical Universities tell us that the Human Body should LAST 125 Years. We are lucky today, if we make it to HALF of that! There have been MANY People, who have lived to 150 and even a FEW over 200!! Looking at this MIRACULOUS Being, that we have been BLESSED with, I know that the Ages in the Old Testament of the Bible are CORRECT! When we finally die, after living a HEALTHY NATURAL Lifestyle, what I have seen is that we go with NO PAIN, a BIG SMILE on our Face and in a Room with our LOVED ones!

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ELF; Liver Flushing Updates

Apr 2019 a
Dara Dietz, April 2019

Over the years I’ve tweaked the way I do my liver flush.  Since starting my current reducing program I’ve been doing a lot of “ELF-ing”(Emergency Liver Flushing).  Anything to keep the pounds moving in the right direction.  I know myself and I’ll not dirty my juicer for an ounce of ginger root juice.  Several years ago I discovered that the Digestive Tonic mixed with equal parts of our LP formula will do a better job at settling the stomach than Ginger juice alone.  When doing an ELF, or any Liver Flush, the two teaspoons of LP and Digestive tonic mix is what I use to prevent nausea from consuming all that oil.

Apr 2019b

Normally I’ll decide sometime in the afternoon that today is a day to do an “ELF”.  Around 6pm I’ll combine 2 tsp of Digestive tonic and 2 tsp LP formula in a couple swallows of water.  At the same time I set up my shaker glass holding 8 oz extra virgin olive oil and 8 oz citrus juice.  Not wanting to consume extra carbs I use seven ounces of water with an ounce of lemon juice as my citrus juice with the oil.  Grapefruit juice is the best way to get the oil down.  It is what we use for our guests who come to stay overnight and do an ELF.

What needs to be in place before attempting to do a Liver Flush is:

  • The Bowels must be working well
  • Stop eating solid food around 2pm so the stomach is clear before you drink all that oil.
  • Continue to normally drink water or juice up to about a half hour before consuming the flush.
  • If needed do a prune juice flush in the morning to ensure the bowels are open.

Doing an ELF two nights in a row is a powerful tool for clearing waste from the liver.  Adding a third night is even better.  Every 8 weeks or so the “Amazing Liver Flush” done the first night followed by a night or two of ELF’s is a huge healing, cleansing tool.  The Amazing Liver Flush is done with the Epsom Salt which is harsh but very effective.  This Liver Flush CANNOT be repeated for a second night.  Waiting 8 weeks before repeating this flush is necessary.  The ELF can be repeated for up to five nights in a row.

Liver Flushing not only clears my liver but has a calming effect on my system.  The agitation accompanying my food program along with any food cravings will ease or clear.  Liver Flushing equates to pressing the restart button in my system.  Flushing calms all the internal jumble, dumps the trash and clears me for another week of work.

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Spring Time Allergy Issues

Clearing Allergies Naturally
hay fever

Spring is here along with all the pollen issues;  allergy eyes, lung congestion, skin outbreaks.  Below are several herbal suggestions for clearing and or preventing the springtime allergy season.

Ensure the bowels are moving well. Constipation is a major cause for allergy issues.  The waste trapped in the bowel is picked up by the blood and recycled throughout the body.  Holding toxic waste in the bowel, (body)is never a good idea. Use the LBF #1 Formula (Lower Bowel Formula #1) as needed to ensure healthy regular elimination is occurring.

One bowel movement a day is not enough.  Over the years many members have assured me their bowels are working fine only for me to discover fine in their minds is one movement in the morning.  We were created to have a bowel movement in the morning and after every major meal.  Meaning to function well the bowels should move three or more times a day.

The Liver dumps waste into the colon during the night.  The liver is active during the night filling the colon with waste which is normally eliminated first thing upon rising in the morning.  This accounts for the early morning movement many assume is the only one needed.

Chewing and swallowing food enact the peristaltic (The wavelike muscular contractions which pushes ingested food through the digestive tract.) The meal currently being consumed is moved to the stomach and small intestine.  The meal from before which has been resting, being absorbed in the small intestine is now pushed on into the colon and the meal resting in the colon is moved on for elimination from the body.

This is how we were made to function.  Three meals only in the body at any  given time.  If you are eating dinner, then lunch is moving from your small intestine to your colon and breakfast is up for elimination within an hour or so of your meal.

Flush your liver. Do an ELF (Emergency Liver Flush).  The liver is our internal vacuum cleaner.  When the liver is full of waste it is unable to process toxins out properly.  As an alternative of eliminating through normal channels it begins to push waste out through any number of areas. A favorite is the Skin, which will breakdown quickly when used to eliminate the toxic waste from the liver, resulting in hives, blisters, scaly red patches ect.

Allergy Eyes: Eliminate the itchy, watery eyes by flushing the eyes with the Eyebright formula.

Congestion issues: Relief or prevention of the Runny nose, and congested lungs associated with allergy season can be supported with the A&H formula (Allergy & Hay fever formula. More information on Allergies and Hay fever is available in our Allergy Information Sheet available at the top of this page.

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