Blood Pressure Spike

Dara Dietz

When the blood pressure spikes to dangerous levels the need to know what to do and also know that what you are doing will support the issue is vital.  Last week after making a pot of scrumptious vegetable bean soup including a can of butter beans which I failed to check the sodium level before adding, my blood pressure spiked.  I will not share how high it had gone as it will disturb many kindhearted souls who will know how dangerous the levels were.   

The afternoon and evening after consuming the soup I did not feel well but was not overly concerned.  In the morning after a good night of rest I woke with a headache and feeling a little off, dizzy, just a bit lightheaded.  I decided to take my blood pressure and found it to be in very serious condition.  Here is what I did to bring the numbers down quickly.  By 2pm my blood pressure was down to 106/62.  A little low for my normal 110/74. 

1 tsp Cayenne in my morning drink of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with distilled water.

This drink was repeated four times before noon. 

2 tsp. High Blood pressure #1 formula right after drinking my cayenne drink

Hi BP #1 was repeated two more times before noon at 1 tsp per dose.

I also took my regular dose of Echinacea.

1 rounded teaspoon of Burdock root added to cup then boiling water poured over the herb.  This was allowed to steep for 15 minutes before drinking.  Burdock root supports the kidneys to better filter waste from the blood. 

The NF Formula was a true gift as I did not need to have a panic attack over the very high numbers that kept showing on the BP monitor.  I used ½ tsp one time early in the day to keep calm. 

Complete faith and a working knowledge that what I was doing would support my blood pressure allowed me to proceeded into my day as I normally would.  I did not get on the treadmill as I was feeling a bit weak but that was the only part of my day I left out.  The more I moved around getting my shower and dressing I felt stronger, my head stopped pounding midmorning.  Every hour or so I would take my blood pressure again to find it was still much higher than normal or safe.  Understanding that the Cayenne would support my heart and prevent a stroke I took the hot lemonade with the tsp of cayenne every hour throughout the morning.

When our employees left for the day at 2pm, I went back upstairs and took my pressure once again and found it to be 106/62.  My body had removed the excess sodium and its effect from my system.  My pressure has continued at its normal levels.  Yes, I was concerned but I knew without a doubt that what I was doing to support my body would work.  This is how faith grows through time and experience.  The herbs are powerful gifts form the Father, with the nutritional strength to support life and health when used in a crisis. 

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Getting Started- The Additional Routines Class

When beginning any healing program the place to start for most members is bowel cleansing.  Getting the bowels open and working well.  When also dealing with an infection or an acute or painful problem, steps must be taken to support or clear the issue.  Our class this week will deal with how to speedily get the bowels open so the body, very often the liver, can quickly clear the discomfort.

Depending on the reason for the crisis, examples could be, a breakout of hives, gallbladder attack, chest pains, inflamed painful joints, in most cases the bowels need to be opened and the liver flushed.  A quick effective way to flush the bowels enabling an Emergency Liver Flush (ELF) is done with the powdered Vitamin C.  Using 1 tsp every 15 minutes in a few ounces of water until the bowels begin to move.  The bowels will usually continue to flush for several hours, clearing the waste effectively for the ELF to be done in the evening hours.

The Lower bowel formula will still need to be established and used to keep the bowels open and working well, but the Vitamin C Flush is an excellent tool to use when for whatever reason the bowels tighten up and need a bit of encouragement to empty well.  This is usually the case the morning after an ELF, when the waste from the liver is setting heavy in the bowels.  Very few bodies are able to pass this heavy toxic waste out easily.  Use the Vitamin C Flush to clear the bowels after the ELF as needed.

In our Class this week we will discuss the additional healing routines, when to use and how best to apply: Hydro-therapy; Castor Oil Packs; Salve Packs; Juice Fasting; The ELF ect.

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Gut Health Naturally

Dara Dietz

When thinking about a healthy gut most of us equate a Healthy Gut with good bowel movements and no stomach issues. If you don’t spend time thinking about your gut health, because you have no issues that upset your stomach or bowels, most people believe they are fine. It is not until you experience some sort of discomfort somewhere in the middle of your body that your attention is focused on how well or unwell your gut actually is.

Many live Unconsciously, eating, drinking, and emotionally consuming whatever catches their fancy, without a thought for the health of the mind and body. Yes, the emotional life, as well as our physical life will impact the health of the body and the mind. Once the health of the body has been compromised the only way to rebuild is to stop all the unconscious living and begin to make healthy, uplifting choices.

Our class this week is dealing with Gut Health, it is amazing how much our emotions affect the health of the entire body but even more the effect of our digestive system. The ability to absorb the nutrients we eat and eliminate the waste. Class meets on Zoom every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST.

Handouts for class:

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Schedule Your Herbal Extracts

There is no question, herbal extracts provide the nutrients necessary to clear issues form the body.  There is a master herb in nature for every function and organ in the body.  These master herbs contain the specific nutrition to rebuild and restore proper function to the areas they target.  When dealing  with several issues how is a body to get all the nutrients in during any given day.  This is the challenge we will be addressing.

Here are several sample schedule sheets. These are excellent tools to use for scheduling your daily herbal routine. 

Understanding Herbal Extracts

When doing a healing or cleansing program it is important to keep the nutrients available in the body throughout the day.  Taking all the nutrients needed for the entire day all at one time will not work.  Just as you cannot drink all the water you will need throughout the day in one setting, among the lesser discomforts this could lead to water poisoning.  A situation where the excess water dilutes the sodium levels in the blood causing serious if not deadly effects.  Water and nutrition need to be taken in throughout the day keeping the body supplied with fluid and nutrients as we are able to properly utilize them.

How often, how much of the formulas need to be to be taken for proper nutritional support will vary depending on how seriously degraded the body.  The work of rebuilding a weak joint, or clear arthritic conditions can be accomplished with every 3 hour dose or three times a day dose.  Dosing more often will keep the nutrition in the blood, available for use as the body requires for restoring the damaged area. 

Infection work: Depending on how serious the infection the infection work can be done every hour or every two hours or every three hours.  The liver will need to be flushed to support the work the infection formulas are doing.  It will be necessary to do an ELF (Emergency Liver Flush) at least once a week when doing any infection program.  The liver is our bodies vacuum cleaner, when the bag is full the liver will lose its ability to remove the infection being thrown off.  When this happens the infection is reabsorbed causing any number of issues to appear.

Write in the schedule for each formula you are using.  When using more than one formula in an hour allow 10 minutes between formulas. 

You can use this hourly chart to include your daily walks and meals.  Make some new and good habits.  Using this scheduling tool will enable you to view your plans for the day and sticking with them. 

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Healing the Mind Class

Brain Fog

Our class this week is going to focus on herbal supports for healing the mind. What can be done to nutritionally support the body and mind. We will look at the herbal supports that aid in sharpening the mind, clearing depression and the best food program to support the health of the brain.

Our Tuesday evening class provides an opportunity to ask your questions and share what works and what has proven to be less that helpful. Members will receive an email sometime Tuesday with the Zoom Class Link. Class begins at 6:30 EST.

An excellent book on brain health is: The Aging Brain by Dr. Tim Jennings

Dr Tim Jennings: Modern Medicine Seminar deals with the “Developing Brain” and the “Aging Brain”. These two videos are not to be missed. In his discussion on the brain he covers how our DNA is affected by our early experiences. He also provides several suggestions on how to heal damaged DNA.

The Developing Brain
The Aging Brain

Class Handouts:

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Female Support Class

Dara Dietz

Our Class discussion this week will cover Female Issues. Unbalanced hormones in women can destroy the quality of life along with feeding any number of issues such as, breast cancer, fibroids, PMS just to name a few. For most women detoxing our life as well as our bodies will bring balance and healing.

Join us on Tuesday at 6:30PM Est.

Links will be sent via Email to our Members.

The Herbal Supports for women are powerful sources of nutrition that provided the body with the nutrients needed to build and maintain our hormonal health. The natural herbal supports provided in nature, (God’s Pharmacy) can be used at all stages of a woman’s life to restore balance and aid in a happy healthy outlook on life.

“Too many of us recall with distaste the time we became women.  Instead of rejoicing as we crossed the threshold from childhood to young womanhood, we suffered shame, embarrassment, and pain from menstrual cramps.  Perhaps we were uninformed and terrified at the flow; one young woman confided that she was certain that she was dying when her first period commenced, for her mother had never explained puberty to her.  Most often, our mothers’ hasty and uncomfortable explanations colored our emotional reactions to menstruation.

How lovely it is for a girl to become a woman!  Her body shape changes and she begins the path to motherhood when she first menstruates.  Many modern mothers, having overcome their negative feelings about menstruation, are helping their young daughters celebrate their “rite of passage” into womanhood.  Sometimes the mother fashions a special menstrual pad out of satin or silk, trimming it with embroidery or ribbon.  After the pad is used, mother and daughter ceremonially bury it as a symbol of childhood now past.  Some girls wear a pretty skirt, a special ribbon, or other adornment at the time of their periods, signifying a heightened and joyful attitude toward their bodies’ cycle.  Mothers help their daughters understand the emotional and energy changes related to their cycles, using these changes to plan their monthly activities; they are most active during the time after menstruation, when their energies are concentrated, and then as the period approaches, the girl learns to be more meditative and quiet.  How wonderful to have mother guide her young woman through these changes!” Excerpt from An article from Dr. Christopher Material; Read more:

Here is a collection of my blog articles on Male & Female Issues

Painful Periods My Testimony; By Dara Dietz

Sadly, my story is far too familiar.  When womanhood began pouring out of me during my fifth grade year it marked the beginning of a monthly cycle of misery.  On that fateful day my parents rushed to my school with a change of clothes and the female products necessary to rescue me from the girl’s bathroom.   Release from the cycle of pain would not be so easily secured.  Over the next twenty-five years I normally kept a supply of over the counter female remedies in my purse at all times.   The onset and intensity of my menstrual pain was too unbearable for even a quick trip to the corner store once my cycle began.

In my late twenties the development of uterine fibroids intensified an already intolerable state of things.  The fibroids caused my cycles to increase in volume and duration.   A prescription for birth control pills provided some normalcy and relief but these were not the healing answers I so badly needed.  My body continued to show serious signs of hormonal imbalance.  During routine salon visit for a wash and cut in 1996, my stylist informed me she felt I had abnormal hair loss.  She had to be right; the apparent hair loss was visible every time I ran a brush through my hair.

Browsing through the herbal remedies at my local health food store I came across a jar of Progesterone Cream, a hormonal support product made from Wild Yam.  I began rubbing a small amount into my skin morning and evening.  Within a couple of weeks my hair stopped falling out and my next cycle was nearly normal.   The wild yam continued to prove itself and within a few months the heavy bleeding and painful cycles had greatly subsided.    Two years later in 1998, I discovered the power of herbal extracts and the Female Formula which contained a list of balancing herbs used by women for hundreds of years.  The Female Formula brought an end to Twenty Five years of monthly misery.

What to expect when using the Female Formula

Working with hundreds of women over the past 30 years a pattern has emerged in the way the Female Formula generally affects the cycles over the first three months of use. Three months is the average time needed to normalize a hormonally unbalanced system.  It is not uncommon to skip a cycle during the first full month of using the Female Formula.  The second month the cycle will resume with less hormonal issues.  Most women experience greatly improved to normal cycles by the third month.

Class handouts:

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Intense Virus Program

Here is your program when you are seriously sick.

Here is an excellent program put together by Andrea Aravena, one of our members-healers. She shared these very intense herbal suggestions with me, which of course means I’ll pass them onto our membership. Here is an excellent program for clearing the worst cases of whatever virus you end up with. There are so many floating around this year the need for a strong protocol for any and all virus infestations is strongly needed. These herbals supports will aid in clearing any serious infection from the system.

First thing: Do an Ascorbic Acid Flush; (Vit. C flush) on an empty stomach. 1 tsp every 15 minutes in two ounces of water until you have a watery bowel movement. Rinse your teeth after every round because its acidic to the teeth even though it is alkaline to the body.

Once your have a watery bowel movement you can start on the herbs:

Oregano Oil: 5 drops under tongue three times a day

Vitamin D Hammer

  • Day 1: 50,000 IU
  • Day 2: 30,000 IU
  • Day 3: 20,000 IU
  • Continue during the winter months with 10,000 IU daily

Lobelia 1/2 tsp in mug. Pour boiling water over to fill cup. Waite until cool then drink. Do this 2 times a day.

Echinacea: Add one ounce (2 Tbsps.) into mug along with 1 tsp Infection Formula. Pour boiling water in to fill cup. Wait until cool then drink. Do this 2 times a day.

Herbal Antibiotic and Infect5ion Formulas: Pour 1 tsp of each into separate cups. Pour boiling water to fill only have of the cup. These can be consumed warm. Drink one wait 10 minutes then drink the other. Do this hourly when really sick.

Bronchitis Formula: Pour 1 tsp into mug. Pour boiling water half way up mug. Drink 5 times a day (every 3 hours)

Garlic Paste to Feet

Do the Garlic Paste to the Feet as needed. This can be done two days in a row. See the video and pdf for directions. Don’t discount this procedure, it is a powerful healing tool for clearing infection and an effective aid when the lungs are involved.

Daily hot soak in 4 cups of Epsom salt in bath is very helpful for the muscle aches and to pull out toxins. If you have one available a daily 45 minute session in the far infrared Sauna is very helpful.

This herbal program has saved lives. The Father has not left us without resources for clearing even the worst issues. Aggressively using these herbal remedies can restore even the most dire cases.

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Lung Health Class

Dara Dietz

Our Class this week is focusing on the Lungs.  The current health issues are alarming in how quickly the lungs can be compromised.  Knowing what to do to quickly clear the lungs can be the difference between recovery or death.   

This Tuesday’s class will be a discussion on many of the issues that affect our lungs.  From lung Cancer to Asthma. 

A brief overview of Lung Function

The respiratory system is the network of organs and tissues that help you breathe. It includes your airways, lungs, and blood vessels. The muscles that power your lungs are also part of the respiratory system. These parts work together to move oxygen throughout the body and clean out waste gases like carbon dioxide.

Class Handouts:

What does the respiratory system do?

The respiratory system has many functions. Besides helping you inhale (breathe in) and exhale (breathe out), it:

  • Allows you to talk and to smell.
  • Warms air to match your body temperature and moisturizes it to the humidity level your body needs.
  • Delivers oxygen to the cells in your body.
  • Removes waste gases, including carbon dioxide, from the body when you exhale.
  • Protects your airways from harmful substances and irritants.

Many conditions can affect the organs and tissues that make up the respiratory system. Some develop due to irritants you breathe in from the air, including viruses or bacteria that cause infection. Others occur as a result of disease or getting older.

Conditions that can cause inflammation (swelling, irritation, and pain) or otherwise affect the respiratory system include:

  • Allergies: Inhaling proteins, such as dust, mold, and pollen, can cause respiratory allergies in some people. These proteins can cause inflammation in your airways.
  • Asthma: A chronic (long-term) disorder, asthma causes inflammation in the airways that can make breathing difficult.
  • Infection: Infections can lead to pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) or bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchial tubes). Common respiratory infections include the flu (influenza) or a cold.
  • Disease: Respiratory disorders include lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These illnesses can harm the respiratory system’s ability to deliver oxygen throughout the body and filter out waste gases.
  • Aging: Lung capacity can decrease as you get older.
  • Damage: Damage to the respiratory system can cause breathing problems.
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Foot Health Class

Dara Dietz

Our Zoom Class meets every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST Members will receive an email with the class link sometime on Tuesday.

When your feet are hurting nothing else matters.  In our class this Tuesday we will discuss natural ways to quickly clear all the painful and not so painful issues associated with our feet. 

One of the most painful issues is Plantar Fasciitis.  After clearing this issue from my foot last year I can testify to how completely debilitating this condition can be.  It took three weeks using the BF&C Packs, for the inflamed condition to clear and the pain to stop.    

Calluses, Corns & Bunions can also destroy our quality of life.  There is a simple and effective way to clear all these issues.  Also some great suggestions to prevent them from forming. 

Toenail fungus, and athlete’s feet can both be effectively cleared with Black Walnut, one of the most powerful anti-fungal’ s in nature.  Applying this herb as effectively as possible will clear even the most stubborn case of fungus.

Ingrown Toenail Class with Andrea Aravena

Poor circulation to the feet contribute to neuropathy, numbness of the feet.  Along with sores on the feet that will not heal.  This week we are going to take time to really look at the health of our feet and how to support and restore them to the best condition.

Class handouts:

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New Aid for Kidney Stone Pain

Michael & Dara Dietz

This past week my husband and I make a weekend trip to Dr. Tim Jennings Class in Collegedale Tennessee.  While we were there my husband had a Kidney Stone attack.  He admitted to feeling a little discomfort before we left but did not think it would become a problem over the weekend.  The lack of proper fluids during the four and a half hour car trip likely contributed to the active stones becoming painful. 

One of the worst things you can do when having a kidney stone issue is to allow yourself to become dehydrated.  The walls of the vessels in the kidneys are lined with nerve tissue.  When the fluids in the kidneys are allowed to fall off the vessels will collapse around the stones  causing all the rough edges to rip and tear into the nerve tissue as they pass through the kidneys.  Staying hydrated fills the vessels with fluid keeping the stones buoyant, floating in the center with much less ripping and tearing into all that nerve tissue.

I learned a lot over the two days in a hotel with a husband passing a kidney stone.  First, hot fomentations can be done very effectively in a hotel room.  I wet and rung out the two small hand towels, then put them in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.  This made them steaming hot, by the time the towels made it across the room to the bed they were the perfect heat to place over the kidney area.  The stone began in the back and moved to the front over the next few hours. The wet heat kept the kidney calm and the pain all but gone.  He had some Advil, over the counter pain medication that proved an additional help with the pain.  I also massaged the area with our Anti-Spasmodic Salve.  The M&L Salve is normally perfect for topical muscle spasms.  The Anti-Spasmodic Salve is a bit stronger and proved helpful over the weekend. 

Friday night to Saturday morning he slept well but the pain began to escalate in the morning.  Likely because he was not keeping well hydrated during the night while he was sleeping. The last time I visited Dr. Tim’s Class I was introduced to another natural healer.  I approached the woman and she was glad to help.  She provided an excellent herbal aid for calming the spasm and knocking out the pain.  After using her suggestions Michael did not need any additional pain meds. 

Her suggestion was to use a mix of chlorophyll, Zinc, and Peppermint Oil added into 4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice.  According to her material she uses this mix as a morning drink upon rising to flush the kidneys and keep them functional.  This combination has the nutrients to break up crystals and stones while it cleans out any uric acid. This morning “zinger” is especially good if you have a propensity toward kidney or bladder infections.

After noting the benefits Michael received from using this mix I decided to duplicate the procedure and try it on myself also.  My kidneys are a weak spot in my body so I’m always open to any herbal support for the kidneys.  Natural Healers will often come at these common issues from different directions.  There is always more than one way to clear any issue in the body.  Discovering this great support which seems to really help with the pain was a true gift. 

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