Clearing Heavy Metal Class

Dara Dietz

The Herbal Routine for Clearing the Heavy Metal issues from the body will be our discussion this week in our Zoom Class. Since this is not an extensive subject we will also discuss a few herbal supports for clearing pain issues from the body. All members of HEAL Assn are invited to join our class at 7pm EST every other Tuesday Night.

The Herbal Supports Suggested for clearing this issue are the bowel cleansing formulas, LBF #1 so the LBF #2 formula can be used during the healing process. A good Heavy Metal Combination consisting of Bugleweed, Yellow dock, and Lobelia, along with a Chaparral Extract. These herbal supports are excellent aids when used in conjunction with the Epsom Salts soak baths as detailed on the following info Sheet:

Here is an excellent routine for Naturally clearing Heavy Metal Issues from your body.

Day One of your healing Routines begin with the Foundational Programs
Bowel Cleansing, Boosting with Echinacea, Nutritional Support: Superfood.

BOWEL CLEANSING: Clearing the bowel and establishing good bowel movements can be done using the LBF #1 Capsules, then adding the LBF #2 powder, which is part of the Heavy Metal Healing Routine. A Good Vitamin C Flush is an excellent way to clear the bowels, getting a jump start on the bowel program. See links below for blogs with specific details on these two programs.

BOOSTING WITH ECHINACEA: This herbal support will allow your immune system to stay on top of the “die-off” created when detoxing the heavy metals from the body.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: Providing the nutrition needed for the body to clear the waste and rebuild the damaged areas is vital. Massive amounts of nutrition are needed any time a healing program is embark on.

Once the bowels are open and the foundational programs are in place it is time to Support (prepare) the Liver & Kidney with a good flush before asking them to clear the toxins you will be dumping that they will need to filter and remove.

It is time to do an ELF and Ultimate Kidney Flush. The directions for these flushes are available by following the links below:

Once the foundational routine has been established, and the liver and kidneys supported, it is time to add the Heavy Metal Cleansing Routine as suggested on the info sheet below. Doing any healing program before preparing the system with the foundational routines can result in a detox crisis, because the body will not be equipped and able to deal with the toxins being processed out. Remember to: Cleanse & Feed

Irritability and Lethargy: Several years ago I was experiencing a number of minor health problems not the least of which were irritability and lethargy. I presumed they were caused by a buildup of heavy metals leaking from my teeth that had been recently filled with amalgam. I turned to the book I consider my herb bible School of Natural Healing and found a combination for heavy metal poisoning. I began taking the bugleweed combination [Heavy Metals Formula] in a tea form and with the very first dosage gained a surge of energy and emotional clarity. The joy of having sufficient energy stayed with me for several days. The herbs in this combination really stimulated a cleanse for my entire body. -G.W., Mesa, AZ

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Naturally Improve your Gut Bacteria

The Book, How Not To Diet, by Michael Greger was suggested during our Zoom Class on Gut Health, as one of the best sources for understanding how to feed the body and build gut health. The Chapter on Fiber is worth the price of the book when it comes to gut health.

The pdf of , The Amazing Liver Flush by Andrea Moritz was also suggested as an excellent resource for those wanting the understand how the liver affects the health of the Gut. A link to download the pdf file is at the end of this blog.

Our class discussion included many ailments associated with the gut along with suggestion on how to rebuild the health of the gut. Any member wishing to join our discussion group should look for the invite email sent out the day of the class to our membership.

Here are some suggestions to improve your Gut Bacteria

Eat A Diverse Range of Foods

There are hundreds of species of bacteria in your intestines, each of which plays a specific role in health and requires different nutrients for growth. A diet consisting of different food types can lead to a more diverse microbiome. Generally speaking, a diverse microbiome is considered a healthy one. This is because the more species of bacteria you have, the more health benefits they may be able to contribute to. To Summarize: Eating a diverse diet rich in whole foods can lead to a diverse microbiome, which is beneficial for your health.

Eat lots of Vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruit

These foods are high in fiber which will help feed the bacteria in your gut. Fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber aid in promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, including specific types such as Bifidobacteria.

Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods have undergone fermentation, a process in which the sugars they contain are broken down by yeast or bacteria. Here is a list of some common fermented foods:

  • yogurt
  • kimchi
  • sauerkraut
  • kefir
  • kombucha
  • tempeh

Many of these foods are rich in lactobacilli, a type of bacteria that can benefit your health. Research shows that people who eat a lot of yogurt appear to have more lactobacilli in their intestines. These people also have less Enterobacteriaceae, which is a type of bacteria associated with inflammation and a number of chronic conditions. Fermented foods like plain yogurt can benefit the microbiome by enhancing its function and reducing the abundance of disease-causing bacteria in the intestines.

Eat Prebiotic Foods

They are mainly fiber or complex carbs that human cells cannot digest. Instead, certain species of bacteria in the gut break them down and use them for fuel. Many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain prebiotics, but they can also be found on their own.

Resistant starch can also be a prebiotic. This type of starch is not absorbed in the small intestine and passes into the large intestine, where the microbiota break it down. Prebiotics promote the growth of several types of beneficial bacteria, including Bifidobacteria. Some studies suggest that prebiotics could also reduce risk factors for certain health conditions by decreasing levels of insulin, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

A Plant Based Diet is best for Gut Health

A number of studies have shown that vegetarian diets may benefit the gut microbiome, which is due at least in part to their high fiber content.

Foods Rich in polyphenols have many health benefits including reduction in blood pressure, inflammation, cholesterol levels and oxidative stress. Some foods rich in polyphenols are:

  • cocoa and dark chocolate
  • red wine
  • grape skins
  • green tea
  • almonds
  • onions
  • blueberries
  • broccoli

Polyphenols can’t be digested efficiently by human cells, but they are efficiently broken down by the gut microbiota. They may improve several health outcomes related to heart disease and inflammation.

Find a good Probiotic

Probiotics are live microorganisms, usually bacteria, that provide a specific health benefit when consumed. Probiotics do not significantly change the composition of the microbiome in healthy people. However, they may improve microbiome function and help restore the microbiome to good health in those with certain health conditions.

The bottom line is your gut bacteria are extremely important for many aspects of your health. The best way to maintain a healthy microbiome is to eat a range of fresh, whole foods, mainly from plant sources like fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, and whole grains.

Something to think about and try. Fermented foods are highly nutritious and can be a great way to add diversity to your diet while enhancing gut health. Try trading milk for kefir in smoothies, using miso as a base for soups and sauces, or adding tempeh to your favorite stir-fry recipes!

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Using Extracts for Health & Healing

At the end of each class the we all decide what we will discuss at our next meeting. How to use the Herbal Supports for healing or Supporting the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, ect was the final consensus for our next class.  So this week we are going to look at setting up programs for these issues using the herbal supports and healing routines.   We will discuss what herbs and herbal supports are needed and how to use them to heal these areas of the body.  

Why HEAL prefers Herbal Extracts over capsules or press pills.  When using herb filled capsules or pressed pills the nutritional value diminishes from the bottles as they sit on the shelf.  Herbal extracts retain their potency; they do not have a shelf life.   The alcohol used to extract the herbal properties also preserves those nutrients indefinitely.   When stored in amber bottles herbal extracts have retained their value for a hundred or more years.

Extracts are quickly and easily assimilated into the system.  Even the most debilitated individual will have no problem absorbing the nutrition from the alcohol extracts.  Where the herb filled capsules or pressed pills must pass through the hydrochloric bath in the stomach to be broken down before they can be absorbed, this process is bypassed by the herbal extracts.  Someone with a diseased or debilitated system will not have the vitality needed to produce a strong hydrochloric bath in the stomach.  The result is fewer of the nutrients needed to rebuild the broken down systems in the body are absorbed from the food eaten.  The value of the extracts is absorbed directly into the system.

Herbal Extracts are easy to use.  The liquid herbal formulas can be added directly to any drink.  The preferred way to consume the extracts is as a cup of tea.  Add the amount of the extract you desire to your favorite mug, top with hot water and your tea is ready to drink.  Sweeten with honey, or maple syrup if desired.

Herbal Extracts are Life Saving & Fast Acting. 

Here are several examples of how quickly the extracts work.  An older woman with heart palpitations discovered relief in less than a minute when consuming a hot tea containing hawthorn and cayenne tinctures.  Dizzy spells often end as soon as Cayenne extract enters the mouth. Muscle Spasms; Charlie horses are stopped in seconds by a dropper full or two of Lobelia taken directly in the mouth.     Adding the Digestive tonic to a glass of water for Acid reflux issues will provide relief all but instantly.  It’s like a fire hose putting out the flames as it washes from the mouth flowing down the throat and into the stomach.  These are only a few examples of the value of the herbal formulas.

Additional reading and Class Handouts

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Infectious Diseases Class

Dara Dietz

Our Zoom Class this Tuesday at 7PM Est, will be on Infectious Diseases. We will be discussing what to do and what to keep on hand to prevent and clear infectious issues from the body. The answers are impowering in their simplicity. The Simple remedies when applied correctly prove very effective in clearing even the worst infections.

Why do we have a flu season each year?  In the Fall and Winter Seasons the weather becomes cooler causing people to bundle up their bodies, close the windows and drapes in their homes and stop going outside into the fresh cleansing air.  All these actions allow the system to become clogged up with waste.

Our bodies and or our homes need circulation of the fresh cleansing air to prevent the germs and bacteria from getting a foothold.

The Holiday season with all its special treats (sugar) add to the mess by clogging up our immune systems.  So a perfect recipe for the flu season comes around every fall and winter.  All the emotional drama of the holiday season along with the sweet rich food aids in weakening our immune systems.    Added to our tightly closed up homes, and lack of sunshine to purify our surroundings and the germs, viruses , and bacteria are allowing to grow.

Infectious Diseases; the Preventive Program

  • When possible air out your living quarters.
  • Open the curtains let the sunshine in to purify your rooms.
  • On the warmer days open the windows if possible to let fresh air circulate for a few minutes. In very cold areas I understand this is not an easy thing to do.
  • Keep your body clean with a daily bath.
  • Change your bed sheets on a regular weekly schedule.

During the Fall and winter months I would suggest the following:

  • Vit C. 3000 mg time release at least once a day.
  • Echinacea 1 oz each day for 4 days each week.
  • When everyone around is trying to get sick add the Super-tonic or Herbal Antibiotic to your daily routine. These two formula are all about Garlic.

When you are concerned you have been infected here is a good program to follow:

  • 1 oz Each day Echinacea 4 to 6 days each week
  • 1 tablespoon Super tonic 3 times a day
  • 3000 mg Vit C twice a day
  • **Infectious Diseases add 1 dropper full of Lobelia every 2 or 3 hours. (waking hours)
Garlic Paste to the Feet

Hand outs for Class:

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Nervous System Degeneration

Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Muscular Dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease


Nerve disorders can be cured—but it takes total, dedicated to the natural programs to do it.

In this information sheet, you will read about people with various nervous system diseases who were cured.  Doctors may say these people were in remission, but between you and me, they were cured.

There is no wonder substance, or “herb in a capsule” that will correct these disorders.  And I can’t believe people are so ignorant as to believe that drugs can cure these diseases, or that they ever will.

Nervous disorders are total system breakdowns.  To think you can cure them with a drug is as nuts as believing that some gasoline additive can “cure” a car whose motor is worn out.  If you have one of these diseases, you need a complete overhaul, the whole Incurables Program.  Do not be tempted to pick some herbs from this chapter and try them first.  Do the whole program, or don’t waste everyone’s time.

That means the cold sheet treatment, the hot and cold showers, the juice fasting—all of it.

This Information sheet is drawn from a conversation Dr. Richard Schulze had with Sam Biser.  It begins with a long discussion of the various factors that are specific to curing these diseases.  Then, they discuss several cases in detail so that you can see how these principles are applied.

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Covid And The Manipulation of Your Mind

On July 15-16th, 2022 some of America’s top doctors and scientists in the areas of pharmaceutical and environmental toxins, including Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., DLFAPA, presented a two-day summit in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Summit was an opportunity for providers and patients alike to hear the evidence-based science on some of the most controversial topics we face today in Federal and professional organization regulatory oversight and healthcare.  

Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., DLFAPA, gives a 54 minute lecture to attendees of The United For Healthcare Summit on July 15, 2022 in Grand Rapids, MI and details 19 lies told to the world population by world and national governmental health agencies and the 9 step process used to manipulate your mind to believe those lies.

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Heart Health Class

Dara Dietz

In our class this week we are going to again discuss HEART Health Issues. Knowing what to do in a heart emergency can make a huge difference for the afflicted person.  We will discuss how to herbily support the heart in a crisis along with many great healing suggestions for rebuilding a damaged heart.

Our Zoom Class meets every other Tuesday at 7pm Est.

The handouts for the class are listed below.  Do take the time to read the excerpt from the Book, The Amazing Liver Flush by Andrea Moritz,  it is a long article but very worth reading.

Heart problems can stem from many sources, too many to go into here.  The important thing is to minimize medical intervention as much as possible, because the drugs given for heart problems can often cause side-effects as bad as the heart disease itself


Cayenne is one of the finest foods for the feeding of the heart and for keeping the veins and arteries in good youthful condition.  It is best to begin using cayenne in small amounts and increase the volume gradually.

For example, start with 1/3 teaspoonful of cayenne in a little water three times a day.

Continue taking cayenne in these amounts for three or four days and then add another third of a teaspoonful to the original third each time it is taken.

Again after three or four days increase the amount of cayenne by another third of a teaspoonful until you can take at least a teaspoonful three times each day.

This herb is not a drug.  It is merely an excellent food, high in calcium, Vitamin C, etc.  Even though one senses heat and slight discomfort at first, this is due only to a stepping up of the circulation and can do no harm to the body.

The herb cayenne is a great food for the entire circulatory system because it feeds the necessary elements into the cell structures of arteries, veins, and capillaries throughout the body so that these structures regain the elasticity of youth again and blood pressure adjusts itself to normal.  Cayenne rebuilds the tissue in the stomach and will heal stomach and intestinal ulcers.  By equalizing blood circulation, cayenne produces natural warmth and by stimulating the peristaltic motion of the veins, arteries and intestines it aids in assimilation and elimination.

When the venous structure becomes loaded with sticky mucus, the heart has a harder time circulating the blood and therefore higher blood pressure is required to force the substance through the veins.  Cayenne regulates and equalizes the flow of blood from the head to the feet which immediately relieves the heart and gradually extends its effects to the arteries, capillaries and nerves.  The frequency of the pulse though not increased is given more power.

Heart Attack:

Prop up the patient and pour hot cayenne tea down, (use a teaspoonful of cayenne in a cup of hot water), and have the patient drink the full cup. The attack will stop immediately. We have been called in the middle of the night so many times. A teaspoon of cayenne should bring the patient out of the heart attack. In case cayenne is not around and you have a heart attack, the dosage on black pepper can be tripled and used.

Garlic & Cholesterol

Garlic has been known for centuries to function as a natural antibiotic. It destroys the unnecessary and harmful bacteria throughout the human system. It emulsifies cholesterol and loosens it from arterial walls.

Wheat Germ for Cholesterol and Heart:

Wheat germ oil is excellent for feeding the heart and helps cut the cholesterol and smoothens its removal from the area.

Heart Weakness:

Scullcap combined with cayenne and golden seal cannot be surpassed.

Motherwort Vies for the Honor of Being the Best Heart Tonic Known.

It calms and supports the heart and nerves, and may be used in large doses. Motherwort is beneficial as a healing tonic in recovery from debilitating fever where other tonics are inadmissible; it is a good diaphoretic.

Coronary Disease and Chocolate

In 1970, Dr. Lawrence A. Kohn, M.D., from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry conducted a survey correlating the incidence of coronary disease among older male patients with chocolate consumption in their lives.  His results showed that 45 percent of 40 men tested who had coronary disease had used chocolate extensively in early life while only 18 percent of the men free of coronary troubles had the chocolate habit early in life.  Another survey which he conducted at Strong Memorial Hospital showed that 55 percent of the males questioned who had coronary disease had been chocoholics in their youth (Kohn, 1970, pp. 2-3).

The fact that caffeine depletes the bodies calcium and places additional stress on the arteries, nerves, and endocrine system enables one to see caffeine in chocolate as one of the contributing factors to coronary disorders.  We recommend the herbal calcium formula, the hawthorne berry syrup, and cayenne pepper plus the various herbal aids for the heart, nerves, circulation, in addition to a wholesome diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, plus the elimination of chocolate and other stress-producing foods from the menu.

Alfalfa & Heart Disease

Alfalfa leaves are extremely rich in calcium…this accounts for the claims of herbalists and doctors concerning the benefits of using alfalfa for repairing tooth damage and strengthening the structure of the teeth.  Calcium is also necessary for proper muscle function–That includes the heart muscle as well.  Calcium regulates the heart rhythm.  How much simpler to indulge in alfalfa early in life rather than a pacemaker in later life.

Hawthorn Berry to Build and Strengthen the Heart:

The heart is our life pump, and when it is not properly fed (with wholesome foods) it suffers malfunction (weakness and heart attacks) causing the heart failure condition that is one of the world’s greatest killers.  The mucusless diet used over a period of time can rebuild a heart to a good strong condition, but if the heart, its valves, and other working parts are in a weakened condition and need quick help we use a great “heart food or tonic” to assist it back to health.  This food is the hawthorn berry … This Berry, or Herb, or drug… is claimed to be a curative remedy for organic and functional heart disorders such as dyspnea, rapid and feeble heart action, hypertrophy, valvular insufficiency sufficiency, and heart oppression. Hawthorn berry extract is an aid and preservative.  Recommended dosage is one half teaspoon three times in a day.

World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease:

By Dr. Dwight Lundell

Read the entire article at:

We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong… As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries, today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact.

It Is Not Working!

These recommendations are no longer scientifically or morally defensible. The discovery a few years ago that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of heart disease is slowly leading to a paradigm shift in how heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated.

Simply stated, without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes. Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the body as nature intended. It is inflammation that causes cholesterol to become trapped.

Inflammation is not complicated — it is quite simply your body’s natural defense to a foreign invader such as a bacteria, toxin or virus. The cycle of inflammation is perfect in how it protects your body from these bacterial and viral invaders. However, if we chronically expose the body to injury by toxins or foods the human body was never designed to process, a condition occurs called chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is just as harmful as acute inflammation is beneficial.

What are the biggest culprits of chronic inflammation? Quite simply, they are the overload of simple, highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods.

There is but one answer to quieting inflammation, and that is returning to foods closer to their natural state. To build muscle, eat more protein. Choose carbohydrates that are very complex such as colorful fruits and vegetables. Cut down on or eliminate inflammation- causing omega-6 fats like corn and soybean oil and the processed foods that are made from them.

By eliminating inflammatory foods and adding essential nutrients from fresh unprocessed food, you will reverse years of damage in your arteries and throughout your body from consuming the typical American diet.

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Accepting a Hard Truth

Dara Dietz

The hard truth is, I cannot help everyone.  Since the beginning of my journey into Natural Healing I have come across a certain type of mindset that is unable to accept or understand what natural healing can accomplish.  this mindset is not looking for healing, only for relief of their uncomfortable symptoms.  Symptoms earned as a result of years of unconscious living, the choices they have made and continue to make. 

Often because they are in such discomfort or someone they trust has told them the Natural, Herbal Route, worked for them, they grasp onto the hope that something outside western medicine will have some sort of magic.  The hope is to remove the symptoms, clear the discomfort with the minimum amount of effort on their part. 

An old adage I came across years ago truly fits this sad mindset: They give their soul to the preacher, their brain to the teacher and their body to the doctor then set back and wounder why their life is such a complete failure. 

The hard truth is, you are the only one who can determine the direction of your life or the degree of health and happiness you will have.  Choose to live consciously, deliberately making decisions for yourself is the only way to ensure personal health and happiness.  Natural healing is all about “Stopping the harmful choices, walking away from the hurtful people and things in our life, then choosing to replace them with healthful, healing choices and people.  Set yourself up for a life of success, filled to the brim with health and happiness, where the heart, soul, and physical body, can be well.” 

Once the body is sick or broken there are no pain-free roads back to health.  As the toxic waste,  that is creating the diseased condition in the body, is cleared there is a stress placed on the eliminative organs that must be supported.  The detoxing, flushing, programs aid the body in removing the diseased condition, clearing the sick areas of the body.  Once the toxic condition is cleared the body’s natural ability to self-heal begins.  The health of the body can be regained if the body is given the proper nutrients to rebuild  the sick or damaged area, and, the body holds enough vitality, (vigor, energy, strength,) within itself to affect the healing, restoring work needed. 

The connection between the eliminative organs, such as the bowels, liver, and kidneys, and the diseased or broken area can be confusing to this mindset. 

  • Why, I’m asked,  do I need to do a liver flush when I have an infection in my jaw? 
  • What do the bowels being cleared have to do with acid reflux or heartburn?  
  • Why when my blood pressure is spiking do you suggest flushing the kidneys?  

The answer is key to healing the body.  The toxic condition that has created the uncomfortable, painful issues in the body must be cleared.  The only way to truly clear the waste is for the bowels to be open to allow the waste to pass out.  Once the bowels are open the liver is then free to dump its waste and continue to “vacuum” or draw out the toxins from the affected area.   The kidneys filter the blood and must also be supported or they will begin to show signs and symptoms of toxicity.

The hard  truth is, the mindset that wants immediate relief from symptoms will continue to refuse to do the hard work or take responsibility for their life.  They look for someone who they can make responsible for their healing.  All around are aware of the pain or discomfort they experience.   When pressed to learn or do something that will aid their recovery that might look like work, they dissolve into tears or become agitated, it is all too much for them, just give them the relief they want, that is all they are asking for, all this detoxing information is way too much for them to handle.  The need to go to the root of the issue and support the body in restoring the broken or damaged area is what nature wants to do.  Natural healing is not into symptom suppression, it is about going to the cause and allowing healing to happen the way the Father intended.  The true gift of healing is in the journey, learning to accept all parts of who you are and begin making responsible choices from an understanding of the benefit received from the choices made.

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Lungs & Respiratory System Class

Dara Dietz

Join our class this week for a great discussion on Lung Health. What can be done naturally to support the health of the Respiratory System and how to restore health to this vital organ.

Our Zoom Class meets every other Tuesday at 7pm Est.

A brief overview of Lung Function

The respiratory system is the network of organs and tissues that help you breathe. It includes your airways, lungs, and blood vessels. The muscles that power your lungs are also part of the respiratory system. These parts work together to move oxygen throughout the body and clean out waste gases like carbon dioxide.

Here is an article by, Andreas Moritz, I have found very beneficial to understanding how gallstones and an enlarged liver affect the Respiratory System.

Understanding How Gallstones in the Liver affect the Health of the Respiratory System.

Andreas Moritz

Both mental and physical health depend on the effectiveness and vitality of the cells in the body. Most of the energy required by the cells is derived from chemical reactions that can only take place in the presence of oxygen. One of the resultant waste products is carbon dioxide. The respiratory system provides the routes by which sufficient oxygen is taken into the body and carbon dioxide is excreted from the body. Blood serves as the transport system for the exchange of these gases between the lungs and the cells.

Gallstones in the liver can impair respiratory functions and cause allergies, disorders of the nose, nasal cavities and diseases of the bronchi and lungs. When gallstones distort the lobules (units) of the liver, the blood-cleansing ability of the liver, small intestine, lymphatic system and immune system weakens. Waste material and toxic substances, normally rendered harmless by these organs and systems, now begin to seep into the heart, lungs, bronchi and other respiratory passages. Constant exposure to these irritating agents lowers the resistance of the respiratory system against them. Lymph congestion in the abdominal region, particularly in the cysterna chyli and thoracic duct, hampers proper lymphatic drainage from the respiratory organs. Most respiratory ailments occur as a consequence of such lymph blockages.

Pneumonia results when protective measures fail to prevent inhaled or blood-borne microbes from reaching and colonizing the lungs. Gallstones harbor harmful microbes, as well as very toxic, irritating material, which can enter the blood via the damaged liver sites. Gallstones are, therefore, a constant source of immune suppression, which leaves the body, and particularly the upper respiratory tract, susceptible to both internal and external disease causing factors. These include both blood-borne and air-borne microbes (believed to cause pneumonia), cigarette smoke, alcohol, Xrays, corticosteroids, allergens, antigens, common pollutants, etc.

Further respiratory complications arise when handfuls of gallstones accumulating in the liver bile ducts enforce an enlargement of the liver. The liver, situated in the upper abdominal cavity, spans almost the entire width of the body. Its upper and anterior surfaces are smooth and curved to fit under the surface of the diaphragm. When enlarged, the liver obstructs the movement of the diaphragm and prevents the lungs from extending to their normal capacity during inhalation. By contrast, a healthy liver permits the lungs to extend into the abdominal region, which puts pressure on the abdomen. Consequently, the abdomen moves forward, as can be seen in healthy babies, especially. Due to the increased expansion of the abdomen during inhalation, blood and lymph are pressed upward towards the heart, which helps maintain proper circulation. An enlarged liver prevents full extension of the diaphragm and lungs, which causes reduced exchange of gases in the lungs, lymphatic congestion and retention of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the lungs. The restricted intake of oxygen affects cellular functions throughout the body.

Most people in the industrialized world have an enlarged liver. What is generally considered to be a ‘normal-size’ liver is actually oversized. Once all gallstones are removed through a series of liver flushes, the liver returns to its normal size within about six months.

Almost all diseases of the lungs, bronchi and upper respiratory passages are either caused or worsened by gallstones in the liver, and can be improved or cured by eliminating these stones through the liver cleanse.

Class Handouts:

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Clearing a Gallbladder Attack Naturally

Emergency Herbal Treatment for a Gallbladder Attack

  1. Stop eating all food immediately which is a good idea with any acute illness. Take 1 teaspoon of Digestive Tonic and 1 teaspoon of the L/P Formula in an ounce of warm water immediately.
  2. When the pain has subsided a bit, give yourself a high enema, relax, take an hour to do it.
  3. For any spasmodic pain or cramping in the liver take an additional Teaspoon of the Digestive Tonic and LP Formula you can also add 1/2 to 1 dropperful of Lobelia in an ounce of water.

If an Enema is not a option you can quickly clear the bowel with a Vitamin C flush or a Prune Juice Flush. Follow link for Directions:

Once the bowels have been cleared you will need to Prepare and Drink an ELF (Emergency Liver Flush). In an emergency fresh apple-lemon juice is preferred, but any juice will work. this Flush is best done between 6pm and 10pm, but can be done anytime during the day in an emergency.

Directions for doing an ELF:

Throughout the evening the following tips will be a comfort and aid the process of clearing the gallbladder

  1. Lie on your RIGHT side with a hot pack over your liver, Caster Oil packs over the liver are very beneficial as is hot and cold hydrotherapy.
  2. Throughout the evening as needed drink 2 cups of hot, STRONG Detox Tea with 1 teaspoon L/P Formula in each cup.

The patient should than immediately start using the 5 Day Cleansing and Detoxification Program for the liver. Remember, a gallbladder attack should be a wakeup call to change a person’s lifestyle to a liver friendly one.

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