Arthritis Class

Dara Dietz

In our Class this week we will cover the Subject of Arthritis.  This is a painful condition that affects a large number.  Over the years the Simple herbal Suggestions we support have never failed to provide relief.  We would love to see you in our Zoom Class on Tuesday at 6:30 PM Est.  If you are unable to make the class the video will be posted on my blog and Youtube channel.

Class Outline:

  • 1) What causes the inflamed condition in the joints. 
  • 2) Foods that create issues and foods that support the health of the joints.
  • 3) Hydrotherapy for Arthritis ;
  • 4) The value of Salve packs and how to apply them. 
  • 5) The Herbal Supports that take down the inflammation and support the body in healing the joints.          

Class Handouts

The four pdf files below will prove helpful as you proceed to learn how to clear these issues naturally.

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Infection Class

Dara Dietz

Our Zoom Class this Tuesday at 6:30 PM Est, will be on Infections. This is a huge subject to cover, that said the answers are impowering in their simplicity. The Simple remedies when applied correctly prove very effective in clearing even the worst infections.

Class Outline

  • Topical Infections & Wound Care
  • Preventive Infection Work
  • Light; Moderate; Intense Infection work.
  • What herbal Supports to keep on Hand for Infection emergencies
Herbal Infection Class

Handout for Tuesday Night Class:

Three Videos to watch before the Infection appears.

Charcoal Flax Poultice

Garlic Paste to the Feet

The ELF Flush

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Kidney Flush Class and Supporting Videos

During the Class I mentioned several procedures which I already have videos for. They have been grouped together for you in this blog.

Kidney Flush Class Video:

Kidney Flush Class

the Intense Kidney Flushing Program Video. Here is how you make the Intense Kidney Flush also Know as the Stone Dissolve Flush:

Ultimate Kidney Flush Routine

Using the Hot Lemonade as a daily Kidney Flush is an excellent idea. Those who have suffered through Kidney stones will want to keep up with this routine to prevent additional stone from appearing in the Kidneys.

Learning To Use Cayenne–Hot Lemonade

The Infection Routines for Kidney Infections. After Using the three drinks suggested in the video if you determine you have a kidney infection the Infection program has proven very helpful in aiding the body to clear the issue.

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Kidney Flushing Light to Intense

Dara Dietz

We are continuing our Tuesday night Class this week with Kidney Flushing. 

Part three of the Incurables Routines, in this class we will discuss every aspect of Kidney Flushing from the light seasonal flush to the intense flush use to quickly lower blood pressure issues, dissolve kidney stones, and support the renal system in aiding to clear edema.

Learn how to rebuild kidney function naturally.  we will be discussing the best food program for those with poor kidney function along with an on going program to Rebuild the renal system.

HEAL Members are encouraged to join our Zoom Class, Tuesday July 13th at 6:30 PM Est

Kidney Flushing Class

Download the Handout for the Kidney Flushing Class. The pdf file is linked below.

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Liver Flushing topic for Zoom Class

Liver Flushing at every level will be the topic of my Tuesday Night Class this week. 

Join us in Zoom at 6:30 pm Est for an in-depth discussion of Liver Flushing. 

This class will cover the three levels of liver flushing, which are the regular, moderate, and intense liver flushing programs. The importance of flushing the liver often and well when clearing any issue in the body or just detoxing to maintain health cannot be overstated.  If you do not flush your liver your healing program will be awfully slow if it will work at all. 

Liver Flush Zoom Class from Tue July 6th 2021

The liver is the organ responsible for reversing the toxic sick conditions in the body, it is the vacuum cleaner of the body, pulling waste, clearing blockages, removing disease from the system.    When the liver becomes 70% toxic it will stop pulling waste and begin stashing waste around the body until it can be cleared (flushed).  Think of a liver flush in this way, you are simply changing your internal vacuum cleaner bag.  Flushing the waste out so the vacuum can pull more effectively. 

Download your Class Handout!!!

Join us Tuesday, bring your questions, this class will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Liver Flushing but did not know to ask. 

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Why Eat Tofu

Block Tofu

Tofu is low-fat, high protein, high in iron, and 100 percent vegan. But the soy-based meat-alternative has a variety of other health benefits too.

The benefits of tofu

Tofu has been given a bad rap throughout the years, but now this soy-based protein is enjoying a new popularity, as health-conscious consumers are turning away from meat and looking for plant-based alternatives to add to their daily meals. Want to love it? Let these health facts convince you to become a fan of tofu.

Eating soy does not increase breast cancer risk, but actually lowers it

Many people mistakenly believe soy can raise breast cancer risk, or impact the recurrence of breast cancer. Here’s why: Soy is a uniquely rich source of isoflavones, the naturally occurring plant chemicals that are classified as phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), and in one lab test on mice, isoflavones stimulated the growth of tumors. Yet there are flaws in assuming that soy creates this effect in humans. “Not only do mice metabolize isoflavones differently than humans, but isoflavones also differ from the hormone estrogen,” says Mark Messina, Ph.D., M.S., president of Nutrition Matters in Pittsfield, Mass., adding that clinical studies show that neither soy foods nor isoflavones increase breast cancer risk and appear to lower it.

A quick on line research into Tofu has shown so many benefits to using Soy. this along with how versatile the food is allows it to be a staple in any good vegan food program.

Tofu has no flavor of its own allowing a versatility in seasoning most foods do not have. Keep an eye on my Cooking Classes as I will show more ways to use this yummy food in simple tasty dishes.

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Scrambled Tofu

This week in our Tuesday Night Zoom Cooking Class we will be making scrambled Tofu.

Class Time: 6:30 PM Est

Email: or Text 828-287-8787 for a link to the class.

Used as an egg substitute or just something good to eat. Scrambled Tofu is a tasty filling meal.

Serve over Brown Rice, Couscous, millet or quinoa, or a mix of your favorite grains and seeds. Country fried potatoes is also a great addition to this meal.

We have also enjoyed making this dish into breakfast burritos using whole grain shells, salsa and vegan cheese.

When making the dish for breakfast burritos use less onion and bell pepper, about half the amount normally used works very well.

Breakfast Burrito

2- Blocks extra firm tofu (cubed or smashed)
Olive oil (coat bottom of pan)
2-tbs Vegetarian Chicken seasoning
2- tsp turmeric
¼ -cup parsley
1 ½ -tsp Sweet Basil
2-tbs garlic minced
2-lg onions diced
1- Green Pepper diced
2-tbs yeast flakes optional
½ – cup tomato sauce optional

Additional Veggies: Mushrooms, Fresh Spinach, fresh cut tomatoes, ect…use your immigration, add what you have it will all be good. I prefer not to mix the fresh spinach with the bell pepper. I normally pick one.

❖ In large pan heat oil med heat,
❖ Rinse tofu before using, pat dry, and cut into 1/2 in cubes or smash with potato masher.
❖ Heat tofu in oil until begins to turn golden (about 10 min),
❖ Add seasonings, taking care to make sure all tofu pieces are covered. Mixture may start to stick after adding seasonings, if so add just a little water (a tablespoon or two) to help control this.
❖ Add onions and cook covered until tender
❖ Lift lid and add ¼ cup nutritional yeast flakes and ½ cup tomato sauce. (This is optional, it will give a creamy cheesy texture and flavor to the dish.)

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The Foundational Programs Class

Dara Dietz

Our Zoom Class this week is The Foundational Programs.

Class is at 6:30 PM EST Tuesday , August 17th

Anyone wanting to attend can text me at: 828-287-8787, for a link to the Classroom.

The three parts of the Foundational program need to be established and continued throughout the healing process. Depending on how serious your issues are you can the “Regular”, “Moderate,” or “Intense” programs.

The Class will cover: The Using of Echinacea, why it is so important and how to know how much you need to use.

Bowel Cleansing routines, what you need to know and how to get the most out of your bowel Cleansing program.

The Food program, how to best support the healing program with the best food programs for your needs.

Class Handouts:

The Food Program

The Foundational Programs

Bowel Cleansing


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Grilled Veggies

Cooking Class Tuesday, June 15th

The Bright sunshine flowing in through my window is all but compelling outdoors.  Before I can indulge my love of this sunny day I must clear my desk and let you all know that our Cooking Class is on for Tomorrow. 

Our Class tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15th, is going to be on the art of Grilling Veggies.  Over the years so many have wanted to know what was good to eat.  How to fix healthy simple foods.  Grilled Vegetables are a simple, delicious dish that never fails to surprise and please the members who stop by for a visit or do to some Detoxing work. 

You can Join us either, in person or via Zoom.

Members are welcome to Text me at the Phone Number below for the Zoom Link and passcode.

Class Time: 6:30 pm EST

Class Location: 360 Carpenter Rd, Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Any Questions: Call or Text me at: 828-287-8787

As this  is all new to me and many of you too, I encourage you to come and join in the fun and learning.   A cooking class on Zoom ought to be interesting.

If you have any questions please let me know.  We are here to help!! 

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HEAL Zoom Classes to Begin

Vegan Cooking Class /HEAL Class #2: The Foundational Programs

Our Summer Schedules are so full, it appears there are many conflicts with our Summer class Schedule.  I’m so sorry to have missed so many of you last week.  We will continue on and hope to see more of you next week. 

We have decided to move the Class to Tuesday Night as this seems to be a better fit for several members who are wanting to attend.

I had planned to do a cooking class this week but with the conflicts several of our local members who want to attend, we will start our Vegan Cooking Classes next week, Tuesday, June 15th.

There will be no class this week!!  (June 8th)

The Following week, Tuesday, June 22nd, we will be covering the Foundational Programs.  This is where everyone begins, regardless of the degree of disease or illness.  Establishing the three Foundational programs is key to detoxing the body.  To these programs we would also add any Support herb for the specific sick or weak area  as needed for each individual. 

Handouts for June 22nd Class: The Foundational Programs

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom or in person.  I will post the Zoom link to my blog the afternoon of the Class.  The Class will begin at 6:30pm EST.  Come ready to learn and enjoy just how easy it can be to prepare simple tasty and healthy food for you and your family.

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