Waterfall & flowerFinally I’m learning how to feed myself and still lose weight.  Up until this past weekend I’d experience a slight bounce in weight when I would switch from my water fast to the low carb food program over the weekend.  It has taken a bit of experimentation to find the right foods to use on a Vegetarian low carb food program.  I believe I’ve finally done it.  Anyone deciding to follow such a program will need to work out what works for them while carefully monitoring their daily carb intake.  This weekend I had a huge craving for unsweetened Almond milk.  I don’t know what about it I was craving but I could not get enough of it over the weekend.

The really great news is I not only did not have a bump up in my weight but actually lost 5 lbs over my three day weekend.  The scales are now rounding down on 90 pounds off.  We have decided to update my FB pic on January 1st.  Those around me are saying they can see a good amount of change, I still don’t but I do believe them, my husband and friends have always been honest with me.

Yes, for those who will ask, I’m still doing 3 or 4 days water fasting each week.  I do not find this difficult as I wish to see the scales slide down more than I wish to consume food.   After the 4th day I’m ready to eat something.  During the work week the teas I’m using are providing good nutrition.  Daily I’m using the Weight loss formula, Calcium formula, Echinacea, Infection formula and BF&C.  The Echinacea and infection formula were added a few weeks ago for my Kidneys.  The stress on them to process out the waste at this time is great and they seem to need the extra support.  I’m also drinking a glass or two of water and apple cider vinegar which is good on so many fronts, along with the Psyllium husk powder in water for bowel support.  Will another week is here and time to get busy.  Onward and downward.

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My Weight Loss Program

Dara for NLI began my current journey after reading the book by  Dr. Jason Fung, “The Obesity Code”.  With the understanding provided about how to correctly lose weight I began to fashion a program that is working for me.  As of today I have lost 49 lbs. I began this current journey six weeks ago, the last week of august 2017. This morning the scales showed a three pound loss, I loved sliding that bar down a whole three pounds, soooo cool.

VeggiesThe keto food program seems to be the best fit for me right now. At first I was a bit concerned I would not be able to find enough to eat because I don’t consume animal products but with a little work the 50 carbs each day are not proving to be an issue.

When the weight loss begins to stall a bit I find a day or two of water fasting works great to speed things back up. As for energy and feeling good, I feel great.

On the days I eat the Coconut oil helps greatly if I began to feel a bit weak or off. It is a nice quick pick up. The only issue with the water fasting days is the constant running to the washroom. Even so it is all good. Onward and downward.

The ketogenic food program (aka Ketos) is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate food program. This food program forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates by remaining in a state of Ketosis.

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead.  This process can be encouraged and continued by keeping the body in a state of Keotsis by following a low carb food program.

In general, the daily intake of net carbs required to enter ketosis could vary. Most people, who have experienced ketosis, claim to have reached that state at about 20-50 grams of net carbs per day. I have found between 30-50 carbs a day the right amount for me.  The opinions of those on line seems to be split about when and how to consume my daily amount of carbs.  Since I’m most satisfied eating only one meal a day this is how my program is set up.  For people who wish to consume food more often throughout the day the amount of carbs can be divided into the number of meals you want to consume.

When I get up in the morning, after checking my weight, (my high point of the day) I consume a large glass of water, then a glass of water with 1 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar.  When heading for my office I stop in the kitchen and make my Superfood (2 Tablespoons of Superfood have 6 carbs) in water with my Flax oil.

I take a glass of tea with the Weight Loss Formula and Licorice Root extracts to my desk, a second cup usually follows shortly with the Female Formula and calcium formula.  Depending on how busy I am or if I get around to it I may have one or two more cups of tea, often the BF&C and heart tonic.

Around noon I take a glass of water with a rounded teaspoon Psyllium husk powder for added fiber support. I tend to eat between 2pm and 4 pm depending on how busy I am.  I keep water or tea at my desk constantly so I’m not overly hungry.

Pouring water 2The meal begins with a nice salad followed by cooked Vegetables with some veggie meats (check the carb value on everything).  It can be tricky following a vegetarian food program while doing low carbs but it is doable. I decided while doing this program to consume eggs and some cheese, so I’m not completely Vegan right now.  Because of the change in my food program I have decided to do an ELF, (Liver Flush) every other week, just to keep my liver cleared out.

I continue to drink plenty of water throughout the evening to keep myself hydrated.  Sometime during the evening I add Keltic sea salt to a glass of water.  When my body is in Ketosis I move a lot of water through my kidneys, about every hour up until bedtime I void a large amount of water.  The good news is I only get up once or twice during the night to void.

The web is full of support for anyone counting carbs.  Look around to see what the best fit is for you.

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Herbal Supports for ALL Female Issues


There are three basic herbal support combinations for women’s issues along with several others used when their specific herbal formulas are needed. Understanding when and how to use these formulas to support or clear everything from PMS to issues arising from Menopause will add to the quality of a woman’s life as well as that of her family.


The three basic formulas are:

  • Female Formula: A hormonal balancing formula
  • Nu-Fem Formula: Rebuilding formula for the female organs
  • Changease Formula: Hormonal food formula

Female Formula183x253The Female Formula is a hormonal balancing formula.  The herbs in this formula have provided relief for menstrual issues ranging from excessive bleeding to extreme PMS issues.   Knowing how to use this valuable formula will aid any woman facing hormonal imbalance issues.  Using 1.5 tsp. daily stopping the week of your cycle will support most women enabling timely cycles while clearing all PMS issues.

At times of extreme hormonal imbalance when excessive bleeding is an issue the Female formula can be used in higher dosages to naturally stop an extended cycle and or slow the excessive bleeding to a more normal flow.   This can often occur after the birth of a child, during menopause, or when dealing with fibroid tumors.

When needing to stop an extended cycle, one that has gone on past the normal 5 to 7 days or has returned before the normal 21 to 28 days which should occur between cycles, use 1 tablespoon Female Formula daily all at once in cup of hot water, in very severe cases a tablespoon morning and evening can be used.  Continue this higher dose for one or two days after the bleeding has stopped to prevent breakthrough bleeding.  When mid-month break through bleeding occurs increase regular dose to the tablespoon daily for a day or two to stop the bleeding, then drop back to the normal 1.5 tsp. daily dosage.

Side effects of using high doses of Female Formula:  It is the natural progesterone occurring in the Wild Yam herb that controls or stops excess bleeding.  High doses of progesterone can cause tenderness in the breasts.  Not to worry when the dose is returned to normal the tenderness will disappear within a day or two.  No harm no foul or lasting effects.

Monthly Cycle-171-253Nu-Fem Formula is a female rebuilding herbal combination.  This herbal combination should be added to the Female formula when needing to rebuild the health of the uterus and surrounding glands for issues such as cysts, fibroid tumors or endometriosis.  The entire incurables program needs to be used because flushing the liver and kidneys will aid in clearing the waste while the herbal supports rebuild the affected areas.

 Changease Formula is our Hormonal Food Formula for either women or men.  This formula is an excellent aid for times of serious hormonal shifting such as child birth, menopause, and at time for the early teens when hormones are building at the onset of the cycles.  Red Raspberry tea is often enough for the young girls but when that is not enough then the Changease can be used to provide the hormonal food needed for a smooth transition from childhood into womanhood.  For all issues begin with the Female formula adding the Changease as needed for hormonal support.

THE ELF 183X253When dealing with any degraded condition of the body or if the system fails to respond as expected to the female support combinations try adding a bit of liver flushing to your healing program.  These herbal combinations will do the job, they are the gifts provided by our Father for the balancing and healing of the female organs when they fail to work the cause is often the inability of the body to properly utilize the herbal foods properly.  If the nutrients cannot be absorbed there will be no healing.  Clear the liver and the herbal supports will be able to do the work they were created to do.

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Successful Weight Loss

Pouring water 2Read “The Obesity Code” This was a real eye opener, so much about losing weight has been upside down and backward. What we have been doing is right and wrong, I think the bottom line is we have been linking weight loss exclusively to the concept of decreasing calories and increasing exercise. Yes it is important to move but we completely miss the real issue which is like every other activity in our body our weight is controlled by hormones. In his book Dr. Jason Fung MD, explains how to get off the diet merry-go-round by resetting what your body says is your set body weight. Anyone working with people or trying to lose weight themselves really needs to take the time to get thought this book. There are answers here.

tea-3Successfully did my first 24 hour water fast from Friday to Saturday. It was not as bad as I expected it to be. In fact I would say it was as easy as a juice fast (my longest juice fast was 40 days several years ago). Since clear, no calories teas ect are acceptable on a water fast I used the weight loss formula and the BF&C and Calcium formulas as a nutritional support for the day. The weight Loss has the kelp which supports thyroid and glandular function (a weak spot in my body) along with other herb high in nutritional support.

In the book, The Obesity Code, where Dr. Fung explains how to do the water fasting, he suggests when doing extended water fasts for a week or more to use a vitamin supplement. I don’t care for pressed pills overall and have used the superfood as my daily supplement for years. This is not available when water fasting.

If anyone can suggest a good high quality vitamin supplement I would be happy for the referral. I would like to be able to do a longer fast. I am a bit concerned that the extracts will not support well enough for longer water fasting.

Ok for the good stuff and the not so good. The weight loss has been steady. Since beginning the program and with the water fast I have lost a total of 18 lbs in two weeks.

The not so good is what Dr Fung said would happen when you beginning burning ketones, my body dumped a huge amount of water. This was to be expected he explained the reason for it in his book. I’ll not go into it here but except for the need run for the bathroom every hour or so I can’t say it was a bad experience. As he suggested I added a bit of sea salt to my water when I began to get a headache. The pain in my head ended nearly before I had finished drinking the salted water.

My energy is up and I feel so good that I believe I will do it all again today. He suggested intermittent water fasting from 16 hours in a day to a week at a time. We shall see how this all works out. I do suggest reading his book “the obesity code” it is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand how what you put in your mouth affects the body. Very good reference.


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Memoir of a Five Day Liver Flush

Why all the fuss over cleansing?  Because the simple truth is that you matter to a great many people.  While in my early twenties my responsibility toward those who cared for and relied on me was made clear when my husband’s family welcomed me into their hearts.  After a lifetime of living with indifference I received their acceptance a bit guardedly not sure if it would last or if I even liked it. My presence was desired not only at the dinner table but also all family gatherings.  I mattered to these people; if I felt unwell someone who cared would be reaching out with open hands wanting only to help.  In return all they asked was that I show up in my place.  The discovery that I mattered to these people grew into the realization that I wanted to be there for them.  The need to take care of myself not for my sake but for the sake of those who would feel the void of my absence took hold in my understanding. To not care for my own health is to prematurely remove my presence from the lives of those who need and care for me.

Day One

Dara & TannerToday Tanner and I began our liver flush. We will be doing the incurables program until we don’t want to do it any longer. Tanner is working on a major health issue; I on the other hand am thrilled to have a cleansing partner.

We started our day with the day one liver flush drink followed by a large cup of the detox tea and the two shots of LG/AP & Detox drops. This was followed by our breakfast Superfood. Lunch was pretty much the mirror image of breakfast. We had our liver flush followed by another glass of Superfood. This evening we will change it up for dinner by doing an ELF.

How do I feel? Except for a mild head ache I feel great.

It is now 4pm and I’m in the middle of slowly drinking my carrot, beet, and cabbage juice. I’ve been sipping on a large glass of the juice for the past half hour and my headache has completely cleared. How amazing to see the power of nutrition at work. What a lift this glass of juice has been.

Tanner and I will keep you posted on our progress. We are doing a very aggressive program this month. I expect good things for both of us.

Day Two

Juicing counterMy energy is up, my head feels clear, and it’s all good. On day two of our juice fasting liver flush we still agree it is a good idea. One day at a time is the only way to get through any fast. The promise I always make to myself is that if I really want to stop I can. I never force a fast upon myself or allow guilt to mar the good work I’ve done. I agree to continue until I don’t want to do it anymore.

The hum of the juicer began at 8 am shortly after Jessica arrived. She presented us with our first liver flush of the day about fifteen minutes later. Day two liver flush is double the garlic, ginger & Olive oil from day one.

Liver flush WednesdayYesterday ended very well. Except for incessant runs to the washroom, the day was a huge success. Even the washroom pee breaks proved to be a bit of comic relief. Tanner and I would be doing our own thing but invariably appeared at the bathroom door at the same moment both needing to be there very badly. This morning Tanner shared with us that he began checking out the look on my face before committing to a bathroom run. Smart guy

Day Three

treat-cancer240x240Day three of our juice fasting, liver flushing week and we are still going strong. We need to pick up more fruits and veggies for juicing. It is amazing how much produce is used when juice fasting. I feel great this morning, lots of energy. Last night we did an ELF for our last Liver Flush of the day. After we drank the flush we went downstairs to watch a movie while we laid on our right sides for the 45 minutes. One of our employees suggested “The Kings Speech” as something I’d like. She was right I thought it was an excellent movie.

Today our liver flush contains ½ cup olive oil, a lot of garlic and ginger root. Pretty strong stuff; this will get the liver moving very well, all the garbage is moving out. On that note I have noticed a need to increase the LBF #1′s. My bowels have slowed up a bit with all the liver dumps and heavy detoxing waste passing out. This is to be expected when doing a strong program. I think I’ll do a Prune Juice Flush Tomorrow. That should really clean me out. I’ll see if Tanner wants to do one too.

I’m sleeping much better even though I’m up several times during the night to empty my bladder. Yesterday I slowed down my drinking after 7pm and was only up one time during the night. Anyone who is juicing might want to consider drinking a bit less in the late afternoon and evening, if possible, when nighttime runs to the bathroom become excessive. If hunger or blood sugar is an issue, have an extra glass of Superfood before bed.

Day Four

liverflushdrink1Today we begin stepping down the strength of the flush, easing off the olive oil, garlic, and ginger. Tomorrow will be a walk in the park compared to Wednesday’s flush, only 2 tablespoons Olive oil, a couple pieces garlic and thumb size piece of ginger.

Wow, the drama has begun. Yesterday afternoon my hands went south. I began having a bit of discomfort in my fingers around lunch time, by late afternoon I had no strength in my left hand and the pain was all but unbearable. I felt washed out all over. Surprisingly, no headache, normally a detoxing crisis will bring on a real banger.

Deciding to use my own advice I took an extra ounce of Echinacea in the evening. Within a couple of hours the discomfort in my hands was clearing and this morning I feel great again. There is still a little stiffness in my right hand but no real pain. When detoxing remember to dose up the Echinacea when any part of you begins to deteriorate. As the toxins are processed out your immune system must be able to neutralize the waste or your will become symptomatic. (Begin feeling bad)

Tanner did all three liver flushes yesterday; he is feeling a bit off today. I decided to skip the dinner flush and just have my glass of Superfood. Wednesday’s flush is the biggest one of the week and does a huge amount of work in the body. That said, No one is benefited by over doing the good stuff, the body can only process so much waste at a time. Detoxing is a great way to clear any issue but it is important to do the work wisely. If you begin feeling toxic slow down the flushing and do an extra dose of Echinacea.

Day Five

Michael & NeoThe last day of any juice fast is always a good day. I feel really good this morning. No lasting effect from the detox crisis on Wednesday. Tanner and I are looking forward to a nice big green salad tomorrow. We are both completing a full week of liver flushing and juice fasting today. Starting Monday we will do a week of Kidney flushing. Tanner has opted to eat raw during his kidney flushing week.

I woke up this morning feeling so grateful to my husband for all the work and time he has put in on our new office space.  As I have traveled through this life I have been blessed with two loving companions, my heavenly Father who has been with me every step of my journey, and my husband who fell in step beside me nearly 30 years ago. Of all women I have been truly blessed to have been cared for and loved so well.

Over the years many members have expressed a reluctance to do the liver flushing part of the cleansing programs. The common excuses have been:

  • “I can’t get the oil down.”
  • “I already feel so bad; I don’t want to feel worse.”
  • “I can’t afford to take off time from work if I get sick.”
  • “Way too much work. There must be an easier way to get well.”

Everyone underestimates the power of the Liver Cleanse. Failure to do all the cleansing programs rigorously and repeatedly can cause you to NOT GET WELL. Members believe they are on the Incurables program, yet they are not regularly flushing their livers. They fail to understand how critical it is to repeatedly clear the waste from the liver.

We would all like to be handed some herbs in a bottle that will reverse, in a day or a weekend, all the damage, heal our diseases, and fix 30 years of unconscious living. There is no magic herb.

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Living in Love

Pink bunch flipWhat is real love, how does it materialize into a life?  What impact will honest loving have in real life?

To know true love is to learn to be at peace with whatever the day brings.  Why?  Because all truth and love come from God, the Father who is love is aware of all my needs no matter how small.  He has covered my life, is willing to take every burden, and heal every hurt.

Accepting, and living in the flow of his love allows all His loving goodness to flow through my life, healing my past while providing strength for today’s trials and annoyances.  Where true love abides there is no fear.  The future holds only the bright promise that when we have done all the good possible in this life we will take that last step into eternity.

The eyes of love see and understand the damage selfishness and fear can inflict on the innocent.  True love is other focused more interested in giving than receiving.  His love allows me to love the unlovely, to care for those who have no care or concern for me.  I am loved.

Many hold the dream that true love sweeps all trials and annoyances from life’s path.  Such a dream is foolish thinking.  How would one grow if not for the trials life brings?  How can I learn to believe in a benevolent, loving heavenly father if the need to test my faith in him never arises?  Each trial is an opportunity to grow beyond who I am today.  A chance to embrace the truth about myself found only when daily annoyances and trials push me beyond my limited resources.

True love is the assurance that when all doors have been closed and the only way of escape is the open window He will provide the wings for you to fly.  Love is the Freedom to live wide open allowing life to be what it is and everyone to be who they are.  Love’s eternal wave brings healing, wisdom, and strength to anyone willing to stand and receive the full happy life founded on truth and love.

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Understanding & Using LBF #1

Businessman with stomach ache

Those new to natural healing may question the need for supporting the bowels at all.  No healing can happen in a body where the waste is not being removed.  Holding a cesspool in the middle of your body filled with months or years of backed up waste is creating a diseased condition throughout the entire system.  Clearing the bowel will not only open the largest channel for waste removal but will also aid in clearing and cleaning the blood.

The Herbs in the Lower Bowel Formula #1 provide the bowel a natural support that not only aids in removing waste but over time will strengthen the muscular tone of the bowel.  IT has been said that these laxative herbs are addictive.  To answer this allegation we need to look closely at what the herbs actually do and do not do.

lbfcaps183x253The nutrients in these herbs when brought into contact with the bowel cause the peristalsis, (the wavy movement of the intestine that propel the contents onward), to work more effectively.   The increased activity strengthens the muscular tone of the bowel.  As the bowel tone is strengthened the need for the herbal supports becomes less and less until the herbal supports are no longer needed.

An addictive substance is known to cause the body to need more and more until the organ or body part atrophies or becomes useless without the aid of the addictive substance.  This is not the case with these herbal bowel supports, they not only aid in clearing the toxic waste from the body but they also strengthen the bowel to work more effectively.  This is NOT how an addictive substance works.

The herbal laxatives in this formula do NOT work on the content of the bowel by bulking the waste up with fiber or adding a coating of oil to help the waste slide out.

They DO cause the muscular tone to work more effectively, propelling the waste through the bowel naturally.

The instructions for using there herbal supports:

anxiety-herbs-lgTake one capsule the first night with your evening meal, two capsules the second night, three the third night.  Continue to increase by one capsule each night until you have found the correct number of capsules for your bowels to effectively clear the waste from your body.

The question usually asked at this point is; what is a healthy functioning bowel?  How many bowel movements a day are normal?

Our bodies are made to have a bowel movement each morning shortly after rising; this movement is mostly composed of waste eliminated from the liver into the bowel over the nighttime hours.  About an hour after each major meal the bowels, when functioning well, will eliminate.  The reason we know this should be is because when we chew and swallow food the peristalsis motion is initiated.   The meal we are currently eating is moved from the stomach to the small intestine.  The meal from early in the day or the night before is now moved from the small intestine into the bowel.  The meal resting in the bowel is now moved into place for elimination.

The BEET TEST: Our bodies are made to deal with only three meals at any given time.  At lunch time breakfast is moved on into the bowel and dinner from the night before is ready to be eliminated.  To determine how well the bowel is performing it is suggested you do the “BEET TEST”.  This is done by eating a healthy portion of steamed beets at the beginning of your meal.  Make a note of when the beets are consumed.  Now watch the waste as you eliminate to see how long it takes for the beets to move through and out of your body.   The beets will serve as a marker they go in red and come out red so it is easy to see when they are passed.  It should take about 24 hours in a normal functioning body for them be eliminated.

Tips for using the LBF #1’s

The LBF #1 will not cause unwanted bowel movements as the work they do is initiated when food is chewed and swallowed.  It is suggested you not chew gum between meals as the chewing can start the peristalsis motion bringing on movement before its time.

The LBF #’1 can be taken at any time during the day. Most like to take them with their evening meal so the strongest effect or push will occur early in the morning.  The formula kicks in about 12 hours after they have been ingested.

IF you forget to take daily dose before bed you can make it up first thing in the morning.  Upon rising take the missing LBF #1 dose; you may want to put a little something on your stomach before swallowing them.  In the evening with take your regular dose like normal.

The average person uses between 3 and 5 capsules daily.  Many must use as many as 10-15 or more.  There is no limit use what you need to eliminate the waste from your body.

As the bowel strengthens the body will not require as many of the LBF #1’s.  It may be several months or longer before the bowel will require less of the herbal formula.  When the time comes you will discover the amount that has been working just fine for months is now making you a bit too loose.  This is all fine, drop a capsule or two from your daily routine. Continue at the lower dose until your body lets you know it needs even less.  Use as much as needed for as long as needed, your body will let you know when to cut back.

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Sunburn Relief with BF&C Salve

sunburnPraise be for BFC!  Last month my fair skinned daughter had a really bad sunburn and on a whim I told her to put the BFC on it and it relieved the pain as well as healed the burn much more quickly.  Daughter #2 had the same experience but waited until she was already peeling to use it and it stopped the peeling – she used a light face scrub to remove the dead skin, applied the BFC and no more peeling!

And as if I don’t know better (she who always wears a hat in the sun) ended up surfing without a hat and got a bad sunburn on my forehead – I immediately applied the BFC with some lavendar oil (mostly for the smell) and it relieved the pain and I did not peel.  I applied it for two days.

Love it!!!

Happy Member in Flordia

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Cysts, Boils, Rashes, Blisters, Eczema

hives 2Breakdown of the skin in the form of rashes, blisters, and eczema, cannot be addressed with a topical application or soothing salve.  It is necessary to go to the heart of the issue by flushing the liver.  As the vacuum cleaner of the body, the liver is constantly pulling waste from the blood and lymphatic fluids as they cycle through the organ.  When the liver is unable to dispose of this filtered waste through normal channels because of blockage on the way to, or backup in the bowels the waste is then vicariously eliminated through the skin.  As an organ the skin is unable to handle the toxic waste produced by the liver and will quickly breakdown becoming rashy or forming blisters.

Healing of these issues is often achieved quickly within 24 to 48 hours of doing an effective ELF (Emergency Liver Flush) or The Amazing Liver Flush (done with the Epsom salt).  The Liver is cleared, the waste now being directed out through the bowels, the skin is free to clear and heal.  The BF&C Salve is now useful as an aid in healing the skin.  The herbal properties found in the BF&C formula aid in knitting the skin back together.  The formula is often able to prevent any scaring from occurring.

Cysts & Boils: The other skin or flesh issue we need to address is that of Cysts and boils, these are often inflamed and painful refilling with foul smelling puss over and over.  Dr Christopher explains that Cysts, boils and moles occur because of potassium deficiency:  The cause, according to Dr. Christopher, is potassium deficiency. When a patient takes plenty of potassium foods (not supplements) you can remove the cause of the cysts and tumors. Other foods, which are lower in potassium, must not be increased when you are trying to increase the potassium in the system. When patients go on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet and take the female corrective formulas [Nu Fem], they receive nourishment which is high in potassium. Miraculous things happen to them.

 For even faster results, you can add to each cup of herb tea six to ten drops of elderberry tincture or six to ten drops of black walnut tincture, both of which are extremely high in potassium.

Cysts and tumors are like leeches, but they stay in places where there is a body deficiency. As soon as the body is balanced and well, the cysts and tumors have to go, because the material is too healthy for them to live on.

Burdock Root: Several years ago I discovered one of the best herbal supports for clearing boils, and quickly too.  For some reason I had a breakout of boils on the back of my leg.  I’m very sensitive to pork and will develop boils with only a hint of pork grease in my food.  Somehow this must have happen.  For several weeks I played around with blood purifying options without success.  I came across a statement in Christopher’s writing that Burdock Root will “quickly” clear boils.  I decided to give it a try. I used only one teaspoon full a day of the dried root in a cup of boiling water.  I began on Tuesday and by Friday the boils were gone, completely gone.  I was impressed so decided to continue to use the Burdock one dose each morning for the next few months.  The herb proved beneficial for my kidneys and was an excellent blood purifier.  Members can read more about the benefits of Burdock at “ladyofherbs.com”

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New Flushing Experience

liver flush drink232x189The best discoveries have come when something I have done over and again the same way for years is tweaked a bit with amazing results.  One of these “light-bulb” moments came a few weeks ago during a juice fast and liver flush.

My week of juice fasting was going well when I decided to do the “Amazing Liver flush” which is a bit different from an “ELF” Liver Flush.   The Amazing Liver flush should only be done once or twice a month because of the Epsom salt consumed during the process.  The concern is with the amount of water being dumped from the bowels during the process.  Don’t get me wrong this is an excellent cleanse but must be used with respect and common sense.  The ELF Flush can be repeated without concern that one might upset the Electrolytes balance in the blood.

Wednesday night I decided to do the Amazing Liver flush.  I mostly followed the directions but made a few tweaks in the process.  To be able to share this The Amazing Liver Flush My Way has been posted to the member’s area.  Everything progressed perfectly, no burps or upset in my tummy.  Normally when doing this flush I don’t get a lot of sleep due to the lose bowels that accompany the use of the Epsom salt drink.  It really was not so bad, I eliminated very well but was able to sleep soundly without issues.

I felt fine the next day and decided around 9pm to do another liver flush.  My body was so primed to flush and the little voice inside me was letting me know the work was far from done.  So I did an ELF. I followed the directions did not really tweak anything except instead of doing the ginger root juice I did 2 tsp. each of the Digestive Tonic and LP Formula in 6 oz of water, followed closely by the Oil drink.

The flush went perfectly, I slept like a log and the next morning was amazed beyond belief at the amount of waste eliminated.  Remember I’d been juice fasting for 4 days, there was no solid food to process out, and a tremendous amount of waste had been processed from my liver during the night.

So now it’s been three or four weeks since the flush the big question is: What effects do I continue to feel in my body?  What lasting benefit remains?

  • My need for the LBF #1 has been cut in half and appears to be holding at this lower amount.
  • The pain in my injured knee (always a bother, sometimes a BIG bother) has all but gone away.
  • My concentration has improved.

Following the links above will allow anyone who would like to try the chance to do this flush work.  The feeling that I need to do this again is strong, likely I’d repeat the process next week or so.

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