How to do an ELF

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We have developed a saying here at HEAL, “When nothing is going right and you feel awful, Do an Elf.” E.L.F. is short for Emergency Liver Flush. Over the years I have discovered the benefit of flushing the liver whenever a body is bogged down or what was working is no longer proving effective.

The logic behind liver flushing is quite simple, as are most powerful truths in this life. Doing an ELF, put simply, is equivalent to changing the bag on your internal vacuum cleaner. Anyone who has ever tried to vacuum a rug when the bag was full has discovered how useless the vacuum is until a fresh bag has been installed. The liver is our internal vacuum cleaner; it is constantly filtering toxins from our blood and tissues.

When the liver is unable, for whatever reason, to move the waste from itself and becomes about 70% toxic it will cease to function efficiently which can lead to problems. One issue I see often is eczema, psoriasis or hives, these are all conditions brought on by a malfunctioning liver. When unable to dump waste and toxins through normal channels (the bowels) the liver will begin removing waste vicariously through the skin. Problems quickly arise because the waste being forced through the skin is too toxic and the skin breaks down very rapidly. Often an acute onset of hives, psoriasis or eczema can be reversed quickly by doing an ELF, followed by a week of good liver flushing. If the condition has been allowed to remain for months or years it will take much longer and a lot more work to clear it from the body.

An excellent time to consider doing an elf would be to clear the lingering symptoms from a flu you had weeks ago that just won’t end. Anytime you are not bouncing back from whatever got you down it will only help to clear the liver, allowing it to filter the waste from your body more effectively.

Anyone who no longer has a gallbladder ought to consider doing an elf at least once a month. Once the gallbladder has been removed the liver has a much harder time removing that thick waxy waste from itself.

How to Do an ELF

The Bowels Must be Open
The only prerequisite for doing a liver flush of any type is that the bowels MUST BE open and eliminating well.

Items you will want to have on hand:

Castor Oil
Flannel Material
Press & Seal Wrap
Ginger Root for Juicing or Digestive Tonic
Blender or Shaker Glass
8-16 ounces Citrus Juice (I prefer Grapefruit)
8-16 ounces Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Timer or Clock
Towel or Terry Cloth Robe
Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

Optional Items:
Detox Tea
LG/AP Formula

Doing an ELF

The best time to do The ELF aka The Large Liver Flush or The Liver Bomb is between 6pm and 10pm. The liver responds best to the heavy flushing during these hours.

Castor Oil Pack

It is best to prepare the Castor Oil Pack and apply over the Liver before consuming the liver flush drink. To do this:

1) Cut a piece of flannel that will fit over the liver area when folded once. Two layers of Flannel cut to fit from under the breast to the pubic area and from just before the belly button to a little around the side on the right side of the body.

2) Pour 1 to 2 cups Castor Oil into a shallow pan and warm slightly (Very slightly)

3) Add Flannel to soak up warm castor oil

4) Lay press & Seal Wrap on counter sticky side up. You will need a piece large enough to completely cover the flannel

5) Lay the saturated Flannel on the Press & Seal, Pick up The wrap and flannel together and apply to the body over the liver.

6) At this point it is a good idea to have a terry bathrobe to assist in holding pack in place.

Making the Drink

Prepare 1 oz Ginger root juice or 1 tsp digestive tonic & 1 tsp LG\AP in 2oz water

In Blender combine 8 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 8 ounces citrus juice. Whiz for a few seconds

1) Knock back the Ginger Root juice or Digestive Tonic Mix
2) Follow immediately drinking the Olive oil citrus mix.

Lay on Right Side

As soon as you are finished downing your drinks find a place to lay down on your right side, (liver down) for 45 minutes. Set the timer and remain on your right side the entire 45 minutes.
Applying Heat to the Pack

When you have finished the 45 minutes place a Heating Pad or Hot water bottle over Castor Oil pack for 45 minutes to an hour. This will drive the Castor Oil into your system to soften up the congestion in the liver.

You are then free to go to bed. Leave the pack over your liver all night long.

Drinking the Detox Tea

If you like while you are warming the Castor oil pack over your liver you may have as much of the Detox Tea as you want. The Detox Tea will help flush the oil through your system as well as prevent any ill effects such as nausea, burping or gas.

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Impacted or Inflamed Sinuses

Herbal Suggestions for Clearing: Impacted or Inflamed Sinuses

Today we are going to discuss a program for clearing impacted or inflamed sinuses.  This past week I realized the program I have suggested for several members over the years has never been put in writing.  The Suggestions provided have worked wonderfully to clear even impacted sinuses.

The herbal supports you will need to have on hand are:

  • Snuff
  • Herbal Antibiotic
  • Echinacea
  • Bowel Cleansing Routines: LBF #1 & LBF #2
Bowel Cleansing

When the sinuses are so blocked no air can move through them it is necessary to pry them open just a bit so the herbal Snuff can be inhaled and begin its work of softening and removing the blockage from the area.  Here are a couple suggestions that never fail to get that small opening into the sinuses which will enable to herbals to be inhaled into the blocked up sinus cavity.

Suggestion #1: Cut up several onions.  In Cases where the blockage is not too severe the vapors from the onions will be enough to get the eyes watering, the nose running.  Please do not discount this simple suggestion, it can be highly effective for a stopped up head.  Once air can be pulled through the nose begin to inhale the Herbal Snuff into the Sinuses.  Keep drawing it up until you can taste the bitter Goldenseal herb in the back of your throat.  As the herb begins to work you will need to blow your nose several times as the backed up waste is melted from the head.

Suggestion #2: Blend Fresh Horseradish Root with Apple Cider Vinegar to an apple sauce consistency.  Hold ¼ to ½ tsp between your tongue and the top of your mouth.   The oils and vapors from the horseradish are an amazingly effective for opening the air ways in the sinuses. Once air can be moved through the sinuses begin inhaling the Herbal Snuff, as described in Suggestion #1, to clear the packed up waste from the sinuses cavity.

Suggestion #3: Use your Wasabi paste, (Japanese Horseradish). It is a powerful highly effective aid for opening the sinuses.  A word of caution for those who have never experienced Wasabi, it can be painful for those not used to the effect. I would suggest starting slowly with a good Wasabi paste.  It will not physically hurt you but the effects can be uncomfortable for those new to this type of food.  Again once you are able to pull air in through your nose you can begin to inhale the Herbal Snuff into the sinus cavity.

Using the Herbal Snuff

What to expect when snorting this herbal mix into the sinuses:  Some people will experience a warm feeling in the sinuses, along with watering of the eyes.  Shortly after the herbal powder is pulled up into the sinuses the nose will begin to drip.  To me it feels like the waste is being melted out.  The hard packed waste in the cavity will begin to soften and move with the pull of gravity to be expelled through the nose.  I heard the testimony of one woman who pulled ropes of hardened mucus from her nose, effectively clearing the sinuses in her head.

The Snuff can be used freely.  When I have needed to clear my head I have taken the time to inhale this mixture repeatedly until my head felt clear.  Please note I have never suffered from blocked sinuses beyond the effects of a bad head cold.  For those working to clear impacted sinuses the herbs will need more time to do the work of softening and clearing the waste.

Additional Aids for Clearing Congestion from the Head are:

Eye Health Class

Flushing the eyes with the Eyebright Formula:  this will bring good circulation to the areas surrounding the eyes as well as clear waste from the eyes themselves.  With the sinuses impacted or inflamed it would not be a surprise to discover the eyes are being affected and the circulation to them is also blocked up.

Hearing Loss Routine: Following this routine as found on our Hearing Loss Info Sheet, will aid in clearing the vertigo issues that often accompany impacted sinuses.  The head can also become off balance causing occasional dizziness to occur when the sinuses are full of waste.  The hearing can also become affected, remember the entire head is impacted because of the large amount of waste being held in the sinuses.  Clearing the waste from the ears and supporting better circulation in this area of the head will also aid in clearing the sinuses.  It is all connected.

Infection Program

Herbal Infection Support

Following the Herbal Infection Routines will prove helpful in aiding the body to remove the toxic waste you will be draining from your sinuses.  A good infection program would be to follow the suggestions provided in our Infection Information Sheet. Depending on how long the issues have been allowed to remain unchallenged in the body will determine how long the infection work should be continued.  There will be no harm in continuing to use the Infection formulas for several weeks to several months.  Let your body tell you when enough is enough.

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Detailed Enema Instructions for First-Timers

You are what you eat, drink, breathe, and think…

AND what you don’t eliminate! 

Well, here it goes! J If this is your first time, the idea of an enema may make you feel really uneasy and awkward, and rightfully so. You also may not be confident in the purpose of it.  Truth is, it may not be something you would choose to do if you were at a day at the spa, BUT you may feel just as good when you’re done!! At first it will be awkward, but it will become more natural and easier in a very short time. It’s only water… give it a try! J 

General Information

1.   Purpose: The purpose is to internally wash your colon (large intestines).  The general American diet involves highly processed foods that do not promote colon health.  The foods become sticky and thick, line the colon walls, and impede healthy peristalsis movement (wave-like contractions).  Excessive mucous thickens the waste also causing it to move through sluggishly. As a country, we have advanced in digestive difficulty, and increased in colon disease.  Because of this, we have to take some extreme measures to keep our colons functioning properly. Some choose to change their diet to mostly whole grains, veggies, fruits, and to do some cleansing programs and enemas. Others have medical colon exploration and testing, life-long prescriptions, and surgeries.  This may be you one day.  Hopefully you’ll choose the former. J

2. Reasons for an enema: 

Constipation: If you are not going daily (preferably as many times as you eat a meal), then it’s time to make some changes. If you can imagine the bulk of food you have eaten in a day, pretty much that same amount should exit your body.  If you have ever done juicing, that is the best example. Your body is a juicer, and it spits out the fiber. — You need to be sure that you are eliminating or you will find serious problems down the road. Enemas can help get things moving.  You will also need to focus on hydrating yourself (with water), changing your diet, increasing fiber and probiotics, and maybe even use safe herbal laxatives as necessary until you are going frequently and thoroughly.  Once you start seeing a change, you will amaze yourself!

Stomach aches/gas cramps: As stated above, these signs are often caused by some level of constipation, a reaction to food, or a common symptom of detox as your colon attempts to break loose and remove old fecal matter, mucous, and toxins.  A series of enemas can give almost immediate relief to these symptoms if they are caused by your diet or cleansing.

Headaches:  Sometimes a series of enemas can help with a headache, depending on the cause of it. Just helping to release some pent up toxins and hydrating the bowel can be helpful.

Children and High Fevers:  This process is especially helpful for children. An enema can reduce a high fever by at least one degree if not two… and can be done every time the fever begins to spike again.  You want the fever to do its job, but not to get too high, whether for comfort sake or for danger.  It also will help hydrate though the colon while the heat of the body might cause dehydration.

  Use an adult sized Fleet (or generic) bottle …emptied and then filled with warm water.  Even infants can hold about a cup of water in their colon. (Don’t worry, you can’t put too much… they will just start going on you if they’re done taking water!)J  Lay them on the floor on a towel. If it’s a baby, also put a clean diaper underneath, so that as soon as they start to go, you can quickly close up the diaper to catch any output.

Keep them calm by talking, singing, and smiling while gently, but quickly getting the water in them with a lubricated nozzle. (They may cry because of the slight discomfort, but will quit as soon as you are done giving the enema. Just try to be quick!) If they are little, you can massage their tummy in a clockwise motion. If they are older, you can teach them to do it themselves, if they’d like. If the water does not come back out within about 20-30 mins, it probably means they were so dehydrated, they absorbed it through their colon, and you will likely need to do another one.

If you are concerned about keeping bacteria balanced in your child, just empty an acidophilus capsule or two into the enema or in their juice later. You can take it for yourself as well.

During a Cleanse: When you give the body an opportunity to purge, it will release toxins into the body, bringing them to the surface. The goal is to eliminate these as quickly as possible. If you don’t, these now exposed toxins will absorb back into your body through your colon wall (or wherever they happens to be) and potentially now make you sick.  Your body had them hidden, buried in fat or some sort of tissue, until it was able to get rid of them safely, or until they cause you trouble. To put it simply, if you don’t ever get rid of these poisons, they are your potential for getting diseases or cancer later on as the immune system becomes weaker.  Occasional cleanses aid the body, but only while doing regular enemas to keep toxins moving out quickly and safely.  Also, building your immune system with large amounts of Echinacea as well (1/2 oz – twice a day) will be very helpful during a time of cleansing.  If anyone is doing any type of cleanse, you MUST be willing to do enemas, or I personally would not recommend doing a cleanse AT ALL! 

3. Enema types: There are two basic types of enemas, a regular enema and a high enema.  The first only cleans out the rectum.  These would be the Fleet sized enemas you can buy. —  A high enema means that you wash the length of the large intestines… sometimes adding something to the water for stimulation, or for a deeper cleanse (such as herbs, raw vinegar, probiotics, coffee, etc).  You can add to your enemas later on if you desire, but for now, only use warm pure water.

You’re on Your Own Now!: J

    What to buy: You will need to buy an enema bag system. Enema bags are usually sold as a combination enema/douche kit. The bag is the same, the only difference is the nozzle that you use. You will also need some lubricant for inserting the nozzle rectally. You can use either natural oil-based products, even pure Olive Oil, or a water soluble lubricant.

Preparing your equipment:

1. Clamp: Enema bags come with a clamp that fits over the tube near the nozzle end. Clamp the tube shut.

2. Warm Water: AFTER hose is clamped (or you will have a mess while attempting to fill it up!) J … Fill the bag with lukewarm water. The water should be around body temperature (95o to 100oF). You can test it on your wrist. You do not want to have the water too hot. You cannot hold the water in you very long when it is too hot, and it is uncomfortable when exiting. Don’t have it too cold, or your rectum will contract/close up, and won’t accept the water. Please be sure your water is as purified as possible. You will absorb some of the water through your colon. Clean water is important!

3. Hang it up: Place the enema bag about 3-4 feet above the floor in your bathroom. The kit comes with a hook or hole of some type. The bag must be placed at a point where you can easily reach and insert the tube when you are laying flat on the floor. Hooking the enema bag on the doorknob or towel rack is usually about the right height. The higher the bag is above you, the stronger the flow of water.  Individuals may vary on preference as to whether they like a slow or quicker flow. We actually attached a hook permanently on the wall and leave our emptied and rinsed bag hanging there, covered with a towel when not in use.

4. Clear air from tube: You’ll need to clear the tube of air bubbles.  Hold the nozzle over the toilet and open the clamp to let the water flow a couple of seconds until the air has been released from the hose (you can hear it clear out)… then quickly clamp shut again.

5. Prepare your spot: Place a towel over the spot where you will lie flat. This is usually best position (as you will read later), but if necessary, you can get on your knees, or even do it while sitting on the toilet (just be sure that your hose doesn’t kink, and that your bottle is much higher for better water pressure, to get it in the colon as far as possible).  This may help if you have back issues or other difficulties that would make it complicated getting up from the floor and to the toilet. 

6. Lubricate: Place some lubricant on the nozzle and on you to make it easier to insert.

Prepare yourself:

1. RELAX and Breathe!  Granted, this isn’t the most pleasant thing you could be doing right now, but it is going to be profitable for your health and cleansing. Play some music, listen to a speaker, read your Bible, a book, this wonderful enema reading material J, or just take advantage of some quiet time to think and pray!

2. What to expect:  You will feel the water entering your colon. It will slowly start to build up a pressure feeling, and may even cause some cramping.  These can be small twinges, or extremely painful.  You have either hit fecal matter, or gas bubbles in your colon.  If you clamp it shut and relax or move side to side a little and massage, it will often move things around and pass it so you can continue to get more water in.  If the pressure is just too uncomfortable, go ahead and leave it clamped, remove the nozzle, and move to the toilet and release. Afterward, go back and do your second enema to get water farther up into the colon. It will likely be easier the second time around… and even more so after several days of enemas.  It is not uncommon that the first time or two you ever do an enema that nothing but water comes back out.  Eventually after the first couple, you should start to see a mixture of water and fecal matter as things loosen up a bit.

**You are now ready to begin:**

1. Position: If on your back…Lie on your LEFT SIDE, not your right, always start an enema on your LEFT SIDE.  If you look at a diagram of the intestines, you will understand. If looking down at yourself, your colon (or large intestines) goes up a short distance and quickly makes a 90o turn to the left and then goes up the left side of the body, then it crosses over at your ribs, and goes down the right side of the body. If you started an enema on your right side, it will make it more difficult for the water to work its way through. That is why it helps to do an enema beginning on your left side.

2. Begin: While laying on your left side, gently insert the nozzle being careful to go straight in to feel comfortable and get good water flow. The instructions with the bag will indicate how far in to place the nozzle. Usually an inch or two is as far as it needs to go.

3. Water flow: Open the clamp on the nozzle and let the water flow. (If it doesn’t seem to be flowing properly, look for kinks in the hose, and adjust the nozzle in you, being sure it’s not pressed up against the wall of your rectum and cutting off flow.) The first time you take an enema, the water flowing is a rather odd experience. You become used to it after a few times.

4. Massage: As the water flows in, gently yet firmly, massage your abdomen. This does two things. It helps to break up and release as the water flows. It also releases trapped air as the water flows in.

5. Roll with it:  Guess-timate when you are 1/3 through the bag then turn on your back, flat. You sometimes can even feel about where the water is, depending on the temperature. After another 1/3, turn to your right side. Hopefully the water has travelled through a majority of your large intestines.  On occasion, I have been able to get up, add more warm water to my bag, and continue until I can feel I’m filled to the max.

6. Wait: Remember, the water is washing the inside of a dirty tube. You  should try to learn let the water stay in you for 10 to 15 minutes. Initially, you may not be able to hold the water in that long. Often the urge to go becomes intense after the water has gone in. Your first few times, you might just want to go to the toilet and release until you become more familiar with the feeling of it.

7. Move and groove:  This may be too much for you, but it is recommended by some that when you stand up to go, shake your stomach from side to side, back and forth, and round and round. You will often hear the water sloshing inside you. The more you can shake and slosh the water, the more cleaning you get, and the more sludge you will break loose. Some also suggest that you should lie there while the water is in you and roll from the left side to your back, then to the right side.  Others suggest to slosh while lying down. While lying on your back, raise your hips off the floor and slosh.  That will help the water get evenly distributed throughout the colon. Just beware of sudden urges that take over you. Don’t want to create more clean-up for you! J 

8. Release!:  Finally!… When the urge becomes too strong, or your 10-15 minutes is up, just sit on the toilet and release… a very watery bowel movement will eliminate quickly.  Sometimes after a few minutes, you will feel a second… and  maybe third… urge as more water and fecal matter works its way out. Message your colon in a clock wise motion for best elimination results. — Occasionally you may get a painful cramp as a gas bubble tries to work its way through and exit the body.  Just bend over, and continually message your colon to help it exit as quickly as possible.

9. REPEAT: I recommend that you do the enema three times at each session. This helps to be sure you have a thorough cleansing.

10. Clean-up:  Quickly scrub and wipe down toilet, it is easier to do so immediately afterward. Sometimes, old fecal matter that you eliminate can stick to the sides of the pot like cement if left to dry. (Aren’t you glad it’s out of you now?!) J  Empty remaining water that’s in the bottle, and wash the nozzle thoroughly with hot water and soap, and hang it all to dry. You are now prepared for your next session!

11. Great work!  You have done a great service to your body, aiding it in its constant effort to keep you clean and healthy!  Keep up the good work by continuing in a diet of pure food and water for a heathier more energetic life!! 

This article authored by Breanne Fariss

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Weight Loss Coach

Sandra After Losing 269 lbs

There is no “One size fit all” weight loss program, only “Your sizes fit You”  Learn to become as empathic, loving, and naturally whole in relationship to yourself, not the world around you as it is.

When your mindset differs from society’s belief that your “ample figure” is a problem stemming from a life-style of over-indulgence, lack of motivation, and downright lazy behavior, can you then truly see its society’s image of the body that is distorted.

You will have to learn to like your body in the midst of learning to love others for who they are along the way.  Something I had to learn as a woman of size on my own 269-pound weight loss journey.

There was apprehension. There was fear.  But I just had to do it!

Weight Loss Conversation With Dara & Sandra

But all you need to truly know is a body that feels right is capable of allowing you to live the life you desire and rightfully deserve.

Sandra Before Weight loss Journey

My ability to creatively promote your weight loss and nurture your emotional wellness is a gift I would like to extend to you.

I am the Weight Loss Coach ready to support you as you travel on your journey in search of your own, real-life, meaningful change to discover it.

We at are here for you when you are ready!

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Chickpea Vegetable Patties

What do I like to eat is a frequent question? Today I want to share a favorite recipe with you.  These Chickpea Vegetable Patties are very tasty, quick, and easy to make.  Looking over Youtube I discovered many cooks putting out their version of the Patties.  I tend to like spicy food so after playing with the different recipes provided I put one together that is proving perfect for us.  I hope you like it too. 

Chickpea Vegetable Patties

Tasty High Protein Vegan Patty, This patty is made with freshly ground chickpea flour.

Items you will need:

2 cups raw chickpeas (Grind to flour in blender or you may buy Chickpea flour)

2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Season salt

1 tsp Pepper

1 tsp Curry Powder

1/2 cup Yeast Flakes

Mix all dry items and set aside


1 lg Carrot grated

1 lg onion diced

2 stalks Celery finely chopped

1-2 cups frozen peas

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Season salt

Add to skillet with tablespoon olive oil to soften

When Veggies are ready combine about 3 cups water with dry flour mix water to form pancake batter,  once the water is mixed well add hot veggies and mix well.  The heat from the cooked veggies will thicken the batter. 

Fry on medium heat in oiled skillet and cook about 2 minutes on each side.  Add Olive Oil as needed.

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Finding Balance

Dara Dietz

Finding my balance has been my goal this year.  Discovering what works and what will not.  Since beginning the latest part of this healing journey that is my life, the personal revelations just keep coming.  To quickly recap the past few years.  In August 2017 I began the perfect weight loss program for me.  By January 2019, my weight had dropped 220 pounds.  At that point I began a new journey.  I have been trying out all different types of food programs, looking for what is right for me.   The balance has been found; I am finally comfortable with my food program.

I am ready to share what is working.  There are so many diet books out there but one I recently came across, “How not to Diet” has validated so many of the parts that are working for me.  In his book, Dr. Michael Greger MD, pulls all the research together to prove what is truth.  With the science to back up my choices life have gotten much easier.

So here is what works for me.

I get on the scales twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Knowing I will be weighing before bed encourages me not to eat in the evening. 

My day begins with a trip to the walking trail or a walk on my treadmill before I eat or drink anything.  After my morning workout I consume three drinks over the next hour.  4 tablespoons of Superfood in water, psyllium husk fiber in a glass of water, Hot Lemon Aid drink (1 tsp. Cayenne,  ½ oz Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon juice to taste in water)

My one meal for the day is sometime between 2pm & 4 pm

The weight watcher points program is perfect gage to keep my portions and amount of food right. 

A Vegan/Vegetarian  food program provides all I need.  I tried adding animal products last year and it just did not work.  After reading “How not to Diet” I understand why the Keto food program failed to take my weight down.  I was able to maintain my weight on the Keto program but did not lose.  He has a whole chapter on the Keto diet and explains exactly what it does and why it will not work.

After work in the late afternoon, when weather permits, Michael and I enjoy a walk on the local walking trail. 

Food Program: No Sugar,  No white flour.  Using Honey, or Maple Syrup is fine.  All other fruits, Veggies, grains, nuts, etc. are fine. 

Finding what will work and what did not has taken two years.  The emotional growth and faith in myself that I will continue to be able to make the good choices has not come easily.  Along with feeling more balanced than I think I ever have I can see the weight dropping again.  One day soon the final pound will fall off and I will have unwrapped the woman God created me to be.  

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Multi-Seed Crackers

Here is the best High Protein & High Fiber Cracker. Easy to make and so good to eat.

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One of the Best Dr. Christopher Articles on understanding the winter flu season!

Atchoo!!  You sneeze and everyone around you thinks you have a cold.  “Are you ‘catching’ cold?” they ask.  The reply is usually, “Oh yes, I feel awful,” or “everyone in the room got a cold yesterday from so-and-so.”  Well, a sneeze is the body’s reaction to foreign matter in the nose.  If you can’t sneeze once in a while in order to discharge the foreign matter from the nasal passage, then you might as well forget having a nose as a safety valve.

You might wonder when we are going to get to the formulas to cure the cold.  Well, dear friends, there is no cure for the common cold, according to current medical beliefs.  Of course, they are absolutely right.  There is no cure for the average elimination, either.  These must take place to clean the body.

You see, when you are following the program of the three-day cleanse (once a month, at least) and the mucusless diet, there is no doubt that what you are experiencing as a “cold” is no more or no less than an elimination of toxins from the human body.

Types of Colds

We believe that all “colds” stem from the basic cause that all other diseases stem from: MALNUTRITION.

The common cold is usually referred to as “a general inflammation of the mucus membranes of the respiratory passages caused by a variety of viruses.”  Most people contact the cold “virus” about 2 or 3 times in one year.

The main reason for a cold is toxic waste matter in the body which cannot readily be eliminated.  You have all heard of the cure for the common cold, ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the great cell cleansers of the body. 

Of course it will clear the toxins from the body just as fast as you can say “Jack Toxic,” but it is by no means the cure itself.  If you ever need to take an inorganic form of Vitamin C, take it with rose hips, acerola, fresh orange juice, or some other source of fresh Vitamin C, to raise the vibration of the straight ascorbic acid.

Causes of Colds in Winter

  • Heavier food–equals more waste in body (more grains that people will eat in cold weather).
  • Less exercise–(skiers and winter runners exempt) more waste retention because of less circulation in body.
  • Stuffy house air–less O2, less waste carried away by cells in body.
  • Cold causes pores of bodies to close thus eliminating free flow of toxins out through the pores.

Cough and Sore Throat

Sore throat is by no means pleasant.  The causes are varied.  The tonsils may be swollen from a clogged lymphatic system, or the throat can be sore and irritated from coughing. 

What we need here is instant relief from pain and something to soothe and heal the throat.  For the serious sufferer who wants very quick relief, cayenne pepper taken in juice or water will bring great results.  The stimulating effects of the cayenne will increase the circulation in the throat area, minimizing the pain. 

Jethro Kloss, the self-educated healer and author of Back to Eden, states that pain results from poor circulation in an area of the body.  Warm ginger tea is an excellent remedy for pain of sore throat. 

A hot fomentation of mullein and lobelia over the throat can also speed healing.  It, too, increases circulation. 

The soothing demulcent such as slippery elm and marshmallow root tea can lessen throat irritation. 

Mullein is another valuable remedy.  Sage tea has been used for centuries for colds and sore throats. 

A few drops of the liquid antiseptic formula, consisting: Of Oak Bark, Golden Seal, Capsicum, Comfrey, Garlic, and Myrrh, can be dropped into the throat.  This is one of our most wonderful formulas for the use on cuts and wounds.  We have found that it also obliterates the irritation of sore throat for several hours.  Because it is such a powerful remedy the taste is also very powerful.  It needs to be used very sparingly.

Licorice root has been used in commercial preparations for several centuries.  The 18th century herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper, mentions it as a soothing tea for hoarseness and cough.  It also helps loosen bronchial and pulmonary congestion.  The mild laxative effect that licorice root possesses makes it a wonderful remedy for colds and flu because it keeps the bowels open and satisfies the appetite for food. 

Eating should be discontinued during the period of healing from a cold or flu. 

We recommend going off all food and drinking plenty of red raspberry leaf tea at the first sign of cold or flu.  My son, David, did this one time and after one day, he started feeling much better, so he and his wife went out to dinner to celebrate by having a regular meal.  Well, this overworked his digestive system and his influenza symptoms came back.  The second time wasn’t so easy to feel better soon.  It took several days and several courses of our Anti-Plague remedy to cure him.  The curious thing about Anti-Plague remedy is this; some people can’t stand the taste of it while others maintain that it tastes as good as high quality salad dressing.  David is one of those people in the first category.

Respiratory Nasal Congestion

Mucus in the body usually takes the nearest route to the outside.  The stuffiness in the head, nose and chest area is the result of mucus plugging up the nasal passages in an effort to be eliminated quickly.  If you are uncomfortable in this area, a nose ointment, made from peppermint and spearmint oils in a base of petroleum jelly to prevent burning, can allow you to breathe easier

Two formulas which provide relief in breathing

  1. The General Lung Tonic (marshmallow, comfrey, mullein, chickweed, and lobelia) or;
  2. The Allergies & Hay Fever Formula (Brigham tea, marshmallow root, golden seal root, chaparral, burdock root, parsley root, lobelia and cayenne)

When these formulas are not on hand, you can make a tea of golden seal root (1/4 teaspoon to a cup of water) which can be inhaled into the nose to disinfect and cleanse the area. 

We have even used the old formula of sea salt water inhaled into the nose to cleanse this area.  This may be slightly uncomfortable at first but is not harmful and will do the job of “housecleaning” within a few minutes.


A simple powdered herbal snuff can be prepared by combining a few simple ingredients. 

Since the middle ages, bayberry has been used as a traditional snuff.

Other ingredients can be added to this base.  Garlic, a pinch of cayenne, golden seal, or lobelia may be some that you would like to experiment with. 

After combining the desired powders, take a small pinch of snuff and inhale it into the nostril, holding the other nostril shut. 

In some persons we have seen a wave of sneezing with accompanying nasal discharge. 

At one of our recent seminars we demonstrated to the class the preparation and use of herbal snuffs.  One gentleman tried it and was so excited at the results that he loudly exclaimed, “Hey, I can breathe easily again after ten years of nasal blockage!”

During the time of a cold, an electric vaporizer or a simple vaporizer made by letting a pan of water steam on the stove should be used to introduce moisture into the air.  Some oil of eucalyptus or eucalyptus tea leaves in the water puts eucalyptus fumes in the air and aid in opening up stopped nasal passages.

The headache that often accompanies a cold will be greatly relieved by keeping the nasal passages and the bowels open. 

The migraine-type headache that people often experience is due to the impaction of the transverse colon. 

Headache can often be alleviated by taking some tincture of wild lettuce and valerian or nervine herbs for pain.

Dr. Shook, gave us a time-tested remedy for colds, influenza and fevers:

This is equal parts of elder flowers and peppermint combined as a tea and taken very warm. 

This formula should never be forgotten because it will work wonders. 

Dr. Shook has stated that more lives are lost for want of a simple remedy through influenza. 

Elder flowers and peppermint will break a fever so a person could sweat out toxins within about one hour.  Children are especially responsive to this remedy.

We have several herbal formulas that are blessings during cold or flu. 

Garlic Paste to the Feet; this procedure can save a life by quickly clearing the lungs of congestion.

The Infection Formula (composed of Plantain, Black Walnut, Golden Seal Root, Bugle Weed, Marshmallow Root, and Lobelia) is great for the cleansing of the lymph system as well as purifying the blood and fighting infection.

The Herbal Antibiotic: Garlic, Dandelion Rt. Goldenseal Rt., Ginger Rt., Horseradish, and Cayenne, is a proven germ fighter, clearing even the worst symptoms from the system.

Winter is known as the cold and flu season.  It needn’t be.  The dangers of the flu shots such as swine flu shots and other insipid immunizations are great.  Some of the older folks received these and serious consequences resulted.

Rafinesque, an early botanic physician, once said: “There are several modes of effecting cures by equivalent remedies; but vegetable substances afford the mildest, most efficacious and most congenial to the human frame.”

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Parasite Cleanse

Black Walnuts

Pinworms, tapeworms, and roundworms are parasites existing in the intestinal tract. The three most common types of worms found in the body are: the thread or seat worms (Oxyurix vermicularis), the roundworm (Ascares lumbricoides–lumbrici), and the tapeworm (Taeince-taenia solium, Bothriocephalus latus). There are other less-common worm types that enter the body, such as hookworms (Ancylostoma duodenal, Nectar Americanus) and those of unclean pork (Trichinella spiralis), which thrive upon various conditions of filth and degeneration.

Restlessness at night, picking the nose, gritting the teeth, itching at anus, dry cough, etc. Worms sometimes cause spasms, fits or convulsions.

Poor diet, poor hygiene, and constipation are usually the problem. Worms are found when the stomach is deranged from eating improper foods. Worms are the effect. The cause of the worms is improper diet–the lack of wholesome foods (do not use processed or refined foods) and heavy mucus and starchy food intake. To work on the effect and rid the body of worms is like killing the flies and leaving the garbage–which has attracted them–in the same foul condition.

Hulda Clark

Here is one of the most effective Parasite Cleanses. I’ve used this one for years and found it to be very effective. It was put together by Hulda Clark. The Schedule and amounts she suggests to use are on the attached file.

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Tooth and Gum Health

Dr. Christopher

Tooth problems start several generations back. The weakness of calcium deficiency is passed from parent to child. By following the same parental pattern of “poor food selection,” each new crop of babies becomes weaker. “The sins (of omission and of commission) of the parents are passed on to the third and fourth generation.” While the baby is being carried in the womb, Mother Nature is interested in that which is being produced more than the one producing. She is continually trying to upgrade humans and animals by drawing on the mother to supply the child. How often do we hear the expression, “Well, I’m carrying another child, so that means more varicose veins and loss of more teeth – I don’t see why mothers have to suffer this way.” Please don’t blame the Lord for these conditions, rather blame the use of pastries, soda pop, candy, sugar, ice cream, etc. The sugar leaches the calcium out of the body. Pregnancy is a strain on body calcium, because the mother must have enough calcium in her body for both her and the baby being formed, and later for nursing. If there is not enough calcium for her, because of this leaching process by the sugar (of past and present), the fetus draws on the mother’s body. The calcium it now takes is from the bones, muscles, and the teeth, etc. Sometimes so much is taken from the mother that she will, after a number of babies, have bone and muscle problems from a great lack of calcium.

When a child is being formed and there is not enough calcium being supplied to the fetus, the jaw of the child will not form fully. It will be narrow instead of broad. When it is time for the child to cut teeth, they cannot come in “Straight” because of a crowded jaw space. So, naturally, they will come in crooked. Later as there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth, they must often be extracted before coming through. When the day comes that the jaw is adequately large and well-shaped to accommodate all thirty-two teeth without crowding them to crookedness, and the wisdom teeth can remain until old age (and in comfort), it will mean we humans have “gained enough wisdom” to keep them!

The basic cause of calcium loss, of course, as mentioned, is leaching out the calcium with sugars and a toxic body condition. Nearly all tooth decay comes from the blood stream, saliva, and the inside of the teeth, not only from the external surface. The teeth deteriorate but it is from the toxic blood stream and the enamel-destroying toxic saliva which is a result of an impure (toxic) blood stream. If a child has good wholesome food and has been given a “good solid start in life” with a full healthy set of teeth and jaws, he can go through life without tooth problems. The condition of perfect teeth is, of course, dependent upon a continual use of wholesome and proper foods. –Advice from Dr. Christopher.

Dara Dietz on Teeth & Gums

Calcium from Eggshells:

Another type of natural calcium is found in the use of eggshells.

A chicken consumes grit and sandy materials, and these materials go into and through the gizzard into the blood stream. Then these calcium-type materials are taken from the blood stream to form the egg shell.

After breaking the eggshell open, be careful to pull out the small membrane that lines the shell. This membrane is high in cholesterol and it is wise to eliminate it.

Dry the shells at room temperature or under 130 F.

When thoroughly dry, powder the shells in a blender, nut mill or with a rolling pin.

When the powder from one dozen eggshells is ready and finely powdered, cover with one pint of apple cider vinegar or one pint of lemon juice (lemon juice will sour and spoil quicker than the apple cider vinegar).

Mix the eggshell powder and liquid in a large container, because the chemical reaction will cause the solution to foam.


  • For the adult, use two or more tablespoons (or add to distilled water, tea or juice if desired)

For children, the same, but in proportion

Some people like to add a tablespoon of honey for each tablespoon of the vinegar-calcium mix, as this is a great help in adjusting the hydrochloric acid balance in the body as well as feeding calcium to the system (read Cyril Scott’s book on Folk Remedies).  

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