Sticking With It

Trail with fence smThe ability to stick with my good choices; to choose to do the good stuff is the outcome of years of work and healing.  The journey of emotional healing I’m on began long before I knew how broken I truly was.   My earliest memories are filled with selfish people providing the child before them lessons in selfishness.  Seldom and few were the glimpses of honest caring kindness shown during those early years.  Looking back with the maturity of a woman who has learned to love and let go I can see the Fathers love surrounding me; holding my little self safely in his care until I was ready for his healing to take place. 

Meeting and allowing the love of my husband into my life started the healing phase of my life.  It has been over 30 years since this caring man slipped under my defenses and captured my heart.  At first I felt uncomfortable; being cared for was a new experience.  I had always migrated toward the comfortable toxic relationships I understood.  This being prized, wanted and cared for felt foreign and uncomfortable.   Long story short I stayed because he was always so kind and truly wanted to be with me.  He had done nothing to deserve being hurt. So when he asked me to marry him I said “Yes”. 

As the years went by I discovered his love had filled my life like a pair of warm old slippers; always at hand and easy to wear.  He was easy to care for and at some point I began to truly love this remarkable person who had given so freely of himself. 

After spending ten years learning how to be loved and how to love in return it all fell apart.  My life as I knew it was ground to powder.  The love that had colored my world teaching me to trust and care was pulled away.  My loving husband emotionally crashed and burned.  It was only my faith in the Father’s love that allowed us to find each other again and rebuild our life together. 

The Father used it all for good.  Time and again I have seen him take the most devastating experiences and turn them into the biggest blessings to come into my life.  I can honestly say I would not change a thing.  I am how I am today because of the Love of my Father and the man he sent to love me. 

The back story I have shared was truly to make a point.  The effects of the shame that colored my early years followed by the cold selfishness of my young adult life did not vanish when I learned to give and accept love.  There were many damaging beliefs I held about myself I needed to face, examine and discard as lies.  Beliefs I would never have thought to question if not for the excellent aid of a qualified counselor.  Facing myself, owning my past and accepting the best and worst of me was one of the most painful processes in this healing journey. 

A valued counselor once explained it this way: “Once the damage is done there are no pain free options to real healing.”   After a body part or the emotional life has been broken any true healing will include some pain.  To ignore the injury, never touch or deal with it, will mean a lifetime of disability and sadness.  The only way to truly be whole again is to work through the pain.

There have been several Herbal Supports I have used over the years to support the process of healing. 

Using Cayenne and Lobelia during counseling or when journaling:

Cayenne: Use 1 tsp in juice at beginning of the session to open up.  Cayenne works on the emotional life as it does on the physical body; it enhances the ability to let the emotional issues bubble up and process.  I found when using Cayenne at the start of any counseling session the process dealing with myself flowed much better.  

Lobelia: at the end of the session ½ tsp. Lobelia added directly into the mouth followed with a swallow of juice or water will allow the emotions to settle.  When using Lobelia at the end of my counseling I was able to rest for ten minutes then freely go about the rest of my day.  All the emotional issues had settled and were processing on the unconscious level where the work of healing is truly done.

NF Formula: This is an excellent aid for emotional stress. It can be used as needed in times of emotional stress or trauma.  I’ve seen this formula stop a panic attack in seconds, just ended the drama.  Calmness washes over the mind and heart as the nerves are nourished and soothed.

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Eye Health Naturally

IMG_6785Being able to see well adds joy as well as safety to everything from a simple stroll down the road to reading a story to a child.  Several years ago I began to notice small black specks floating through my vision.  It was quite disconcerting to look into what should have been a clear glass of water only to see black specks floating on the surface.  After a bit of research I discovered the small specks floating in my vision were actually called “floaters”.  This issue appears when waste accumulates in the clear gel of the eyeball.  The waste will float into the field of vision overlaying the image with black specks.  In serious cases the specks can become like ropes blocking out large amounts from the field of sight.

The Eyebright Eyewash cleared up the floaters quickly.  IT took only one or two flushes using a few drops of the Eyebright extract in an Eyecup of distilled water to completely clear the floaters.  Over the years since when the floaters have tried to return they have been quickly cleared with a single eye flush.

Since moving to the wet, humid south from the dry climate of Southern California in 1996 I began to experience itching and burning in my eyes during the spring and summer months.  Allergy eyes from the high pollen added to the eye strain from long hours working in front of a computer screen would leave my eyes feeling like sandpaper.  Flushing my eyes using the eyecup with the eyebright drops mixed in distilled water completely cleared the watery, gritty and tired feeling after a long day of over use.

IMG_6789Eye Health is all about circulation.  The tiny vessels supporting the eyes are extremely small making it difficult for the body to easily clear the waste from the eyeball.  The Eyebright eyewash increasing the circulation of fresh blood into the eye while aiding the removal of waste from the eyeball. Circulation is good healing blood loaded with nutrients in while the waste is flushed out.

The more serious eye ailments such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Bad Vision have been greatly aided and in many cases reversed using the Eyebright Eyewash.  HEAL’s Eye-Ailments info Sheet will provide additional information on supporting the eyes naturally.

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ailmentFeverLobelia as a Preventive:  The world is in a panic over the Ebola Infection, and well they should be.  Knowing how infectious diseases work in the body will help us develop an herbal remedy for any would be killer virus.  I know our loving heavenly Father has not left us without hope or help.  Today I will offer several suggestions that have not failed in the past to clear any infection I have used them on.

Preventive Measures: Lobelia can be used to stop the invasion of any infectious disease.  Between when the virus is contracted and when symptoms begin to appear is the incubation time.  During this period the virus is blocking up the system so it can take over the body.  Keeping our system’s open so normal waste can be properly removed prevents the blockage from being established which is key to not succumbing to an infectious disease.

Dr. Christopher has this to say on the subject of prevention: Lobelia is said to be an excellent remedy (and preventative) for infectious diseases. Since most fevers result from obstruction in some part of the system–usually the digestive tract, we have found–Lobelia “locates” and removes the obstruction. We have seen this happen many times with children; they begin to sicken, and you can tell there is something congesting their system. By removing that congestion, you remove the cause of the illness.

Lobelia can be used as an enema to remove congestion from the body via the colon. When Lobelia causes vomiting, Dr. Stan Malstrom claims, it usually signals a cleansing process in the body expelling debris that cannot be expelled in any other way. He considers it an effective remedy in scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough, mumps, and other contagious diseases.

It gives almost immediate relief from suffocating mucus and phlegm that has accumulated in the respiratory tract and which is often associated with these diseases.

In connection with infectious diseases, Dr. Christopher told a story about one of the most contagious of them all–mononucleosis. A woman, an elderly student of Dr. Christopher’s, was in contact with the disease with the employees she worked with at a nursery hothouse. Since all of them had been using the company drinking fountain, all of them were exposed to the disease, and there was almost a complete turnover in employees because of it.

The lady tried to locate Dr. Christopher to ask what she should take to prevent getting the disease, but he was away lecturing. She took a bottle of Lobelia tincture to work with her, and took ¼ teaspoon or 35 drops in a teaspoonful of distilled water every hour. Out of all the employees, she was the only one who did not get mononucleosis! Dr. Christopher thought that she might have needed to drink a teaspoonful every so often, (Suggested time would be 1 teaspoon every three hours) as he thought more might be needed to do the job!

Often a person who has a fever coming on will take the teaspoonful of tincture of Lobelia with a glass of water. After vomiting, the fever breaks and the person is able to go about his regular duties. Dr. Christopher said that Lobelia is an anti-infection herb as well as a relaxant.

Suggestions for Infectious Diseases

Infections can kill.  Any infection should be taken very seriously.   If you even suspect you have been exposed to any dangerous infection it is time to begin a strong infection clearing program.  Here is the best advice I can offer, a proven remedy for every acute infection brought to my attention.

  1.       Begin using one ¼ teaspoon lobelia as a preventive every waking hour or 1 teaspoon every three waking hours.
  2.       Do the “Flu Buster Remedy” as often as needed.  This can be done daily for a week or more in serious cases if needed.
  3.       Begin the Foundational Infection Program using both the Infection formula and the Herbal Antibiotic every three hours.  One hour take the Infection formula, 2nd hour take the Herbal Antibiotic, third hour take nothing, then begin again.
  4.       Do the garlic paste to the feet one or two nights in a row.
  5.       Flush your liver two or three times a week while clearing a major infection.

All of these suggestions are being offered under the assumption that the foundational healing programs are in place.

The three Foundational Programs are:

·         Nutrition (lots of Superfood and fresh juices)

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Weight Loss Update 112.5 lbs off

jan23.2018 344 lb

Jan 24 2018 112.5 Lbs Off

Friends and members are asking; “What exactly are you doing?” The weight is continuing to dissolve away.  It has become obvious that whatever I’m doing is working and working very well.   As of this morning 112.5 pounds have melted from my form.  Of course I’ve tweaked the plan from the book, “The Obesity Code” to fit my needs.

What exactly am I doing?  The answer is simple; I’m following a low carb food program, water fasting and Liver Flushing.  I’ve been water fasting three to five days a week since the last week of August 2017.  Many feel this is quite dramatic, but the results are very worth the effort.  Before forming an opinion for or against this program read the book “The Obesity Code”.

Dara Before pic from 2014

April 2014 at Top Weight

The Liver Fasting part is where it becomes a bit trickier.  I’ve been doing an ELF or Amazing Liver-flush about every other week.  The Amazing Liver Flush is very effective and really clears out the waste but is a bit harsh and I can only tolerate one or two a month.  What triggers the liver flush is when the weight loss stalls.  If I’m going to water fast then I expect to drop some good weight the next day.  After struggling through a day of water fasting and running to the bathroom all evening only to not lose or only lose a half pound the next day I know it is time to flush the liver.

Liver Flushing clears the waste from the liver so the liver can effectively process the excess fat out more effectively. Any weight loss program will benefit from regular liver flushing.  An example would be this past week.  After three days of water fasting I’d only lost a pound.  Friday night I did an Amazing liver Flush.  Saturday I water fasted as I felt a bit off from the flush.

jan23.2018 344 lbs

Jan 24 2018

Sunday morning the scales showed a five pound drop.  Sunday I when out to lunch with a friend which likely cost me.  Monday – Wed I water fasted and dropped another 2.5 pounds.  This makes the total weight loss this week at 7.5 pounds.  Anytime what you are doing stops working or fails to work when it is obvious it should then it is time to flush the liver.  My problem is I get so tired of all that oil and will put it off for several day instead of getting right on it and clearing the issue quickly.

This is the summary of what is working for me.  The emotional work is also a part of this process.  I have become emotional for no reason; my sweet husband has been a great support for this process even if he is scratching his head wondering what is wrong with me.  It’s all good and then is an end in sight.


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Is the Coffee Enema Beneficial?

CoffeeOne of our members has asked if I could talk a bit more on this subject.

Dr. Christopher Discusses “The Coffee Enema”

One of the most harmful methods of tripping the gall bladder reflex is the coffee enema.  It is used by so-called “holistic” practitioner without respect to its ill effects on the body.

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine which can be habit-forming. Over the years, Dr. Christopher has treated patients who could not take food orally or intravenously.  There was once a baby who had to be fed rectally until his health improved.  Nutriments were actually absorbed through the rectum.  Likewise, with the toxic substances.  A young lady who was trying to stimulate her gall bladder into functioning properly, administered to herself at least one coffee enema a day for several months.  During this time she became addicted to caffeine and began to experience severe withdrawal symptoms once the enemas were stopped.  She would never think of taking even a sip of coffee, but here she was getting high doses of caffeine rectally!

There are safer ways to stimulate the gall bladder. One is by taking cayenne pepper orally.  This has been reported in medical journals to trip the gall bladder reflex and promote the flow of bile naturally.

Coffee enemas are used to trigger the gallbladder to dump; they do not flush the liver.   Nutrition taken in through the colon is absorbed straight into the blood stream.  All the blood from the stomach and small intestine flow directly to the liver where the substances picked up from the stomach is broken down and handled as needed.  Blood from the colon dose not route directly through the liver where harmful substances can be broken down or removed.

Years ago I heard the story of a man who decided to drink his whisky by enema into the rectum.  He died of alcohol poisoning after ingesting less than a fifth of whisky into his colon.   The effects of the caffeine are also intensified when absorbed through the colon.

The benefits gained do not out weight the negative effects of caffeine on the body.  A teaspoon of cayenne extract taken by mouth will produce the same effect without any harmful side effects.  I’ve also used a strong tea of Skullcap & Catnip as an enema to encourage liver dumps.  Both of these produce excellent release without robbing the body of vitality.

I recently purchased the entire Gerson Therapy program DVD Set as I was interested in doing the program.  After going through the material I discovered the program is not based as I thought on juicing and eating healthy foods.  They advocate some drug use along with the coffee enemas.  I was also surprised to hear her advice against the use of water.  She felt enough fluid was taken in through the juices and water was not needed.

A story shared on the DVD set to show the benefits of Coffee enemas convinced me how weak and worthless they actually are.  The testimony goes that a man suffering from an acute onset of eczema began using the coffee enemas starting with one a day resulting in twelve hours of symptom free skin.  So he escalated to two enemas a day and became symptom free as long as he continued to use the coffee enemas.  It took nearly six months for the condition to clear.

I have used the emergency Liver Flush (ELF) to completely clear an acute case of eczema in two days with only two flushes.  I have seen these results repeated over and over again with acute skin conditions of all kinds.  The coffee enema is unable to quickly clear an issue because it does not flush the liver, only stimulates the gallbladder to dump what it is holding.  From what I have seen and read the Gerson Therapy does not promote liver flushing aside from the coffee enemas.

As for Coffee enemas being the superior treatment for cancer I would have to strongly disagree.  While the caffeine robs the body of vitality needed for healing, the Coffee enemas do not create a flush for a real clearing of waste from the liver.

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Clearing the Small Irritations

questionsOften the little irritations that crop up in our bodies can be quickly cleared.  Today I want to address several of these issues along with their herbal supports.

Eye Problems: Tired irritated eyes; Allergy eyes; Tearing of the eyes; and Floaters in the eyes;

Flushing the eyes with the several drops of the Eyebright formula added to an eyecup with distilled water is a quick fix to any sudden irritation of the eyes.

sore-throat315x244Throat Problems: Sore Throat; Loss of Voice; Strained vocal cords; Enlarged or Swollen lymph nodes

Issues arising around the throat and neck can be quickly cleared with a cup or two of The Herbal Antibiotic and an Ice Poultice to the throat.  Detailed instructions are available on the Infection Information sheet. The Ice Poultice is also a preventive aid for speakers who tend to over use their voices.  The application can be applied before an event to shore up the voice.

Skin Problems:  Itchy Rash; Hives; Dry chapped skin;

A quick ELF (Liver Flush) will effectively clear most acute skin issues.  Treating the symptoms by using creams on the skin may provide a bit of relief but will fail to clear the cause behind the rash or outbreak.  When the liver becomes backed-up or congested the body will attempt to eliminate toxins through the skin instead of through the normal channels.  The skin cannot easily handle the toxic waste and breaks down rapidly resulting in rashes, blisters, or the like.  Flushing the liver will quickly clear the back-up allowing the toxic waste to clear from the system through proper channels.  The BF&C Salve can then be used to quickly heal the affected skin.

NeckPainStiff Neck & Muscles:  Headache due to tight muscles; Muscle spasms; Over used crampy muscles;

The M&L Salve is an excellent topical muscle relaxant.  This salve will relax and release even the worse spastic muscle issues.  In sever issues using a bit of the Anti-Spasmodic Extract orally along with the M&L rubbed into the affected area works wonders in minutes.

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Waterfall & flowerFinally I’m learning how to feed myself and still lose weight.  Up until this past weekend I’d experience a slight bounce in weight when I would switch from my water fast to the low carb food program over the weekend.  It has taken a bit of experimentation to find the right foods to use on a Vegetarian low carb food program.  I believe I’ve finally done it.  Anyone deciding to follow such a program will need to work out what works for them while carefully monitoring their daily carb intake.  This weekend I had a huge craving for unsweetened Almond milk.  I don’t know what about it I was craving but I could not get enough of it over the weekend.

The really great news is I not only did not have a bump up in my weight but actually lost 5 lbs over my three day weekend.  The scales are now rounding down on 90 pounds off.  We have decided to update my FB pic on January 1st.  Those around me are saying they can see a good amount of change, I still don’t but I do believe them, my husband and friends have always been honest with me.

Yes, for those who will ask, I’m still doing 3 or 4 days water fasting each week.  I do not find this difficult as I wish to see the scales slide down more than I wish to consume food.   After the 4th day I’m ready to eat something.  During the work week the teas I’m using are providing good nutrition.  Daily I’m using the Weight loss formula, Calcium formula, Echinacea, Infection formula and BF&C.  The Echinacea and infection formula were added a few weeks ago for my Kidneys.  The stress on them to process out the waste at this time is great and they seem to need the extra support.  I’m also drinking a glass or two of water and apple cider vinegar which is good on so many fronts, along with the Psyllium husk powder in water for bowel support.  Will another week is here and time to get busy.  Onward and downward.

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My Weight Loss Program

Dara for NLI began my current journey after reading the book by  Dr. Jason Fung, “The Obesity Code”.  With the understanding provided about how to correctly lose weight I began to fashion a program that is working for me.  As of today I have lost 49 lbs. I began this current journey six weeks ago, the last week of august 2017. This morning the scales showed a three pound loss, I loved sliding that bar down a whole three pounds, soooo cool.

VeggiesThe keto food program seems to be the best fit for me right now. At first I was a bit concerned I would not be able to find enough to eat because I don’t consume animal products but with a little work the 50 carbs each day are not proving to be an issue.

When the weight loss begins to stall a bit I find a day or two of water fasting works great to speed things back up. As for energy and feeling good, I feel great.

On the days I eat the Coconut oil helps greatly if I began to feel a bit weak or off. It is a nice quick pick up. The only issue with the water fasting days is the constant running to the washroom. Even so it is all good. Onward and downward.

The ketogenic food program (aka Ketos) is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate food program. This food program forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates by remaining in a state of Ketosis.

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead.  This process can be encouraged and continued by keeping the body in a state of Keotsis by following a low carb food program.

In general, the daily intake of net carbs required to enter ketosis could vary. Most people, who have experienced ketosis, claim to have reached that state at about 20-50 grams of net carbs per day. I have found between 30-50 carbs a day the right amount for me.  The opinions of those on line seems to be split about when and how to consume my daily amount of carbs.  Since I’m most satisfied eating only one meal a day this is how my program is set up.  For people who wish to consume food more often throughout the day the amount of carbs can be divided into the number of meals you want to consume.

When I get up in the morning, after checking my weight, (my high point of the day) I consume a large glass of water, then a glass of water with 1 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar.  When heading for my office I stop in the kitchen and make my Superfood (2 Tablespoons of Superfood have 6 carbs) in water with my Flax oil.

I take a glass of tea with the Weight Loss Formula and Licorice Root extracts to my desk, a second cup usually follows shortly with the Female Formula and calcium formula.  Depending on how busy I am or if I get around to it I may have one or two more cups of tea, often the BF&C and heart tonic.

Around noon I take a glass of water with a rounded teaspoon Psyllium husk powder for added fiber support. I tend to eat between 2pm and 4 pm depending on how busy I am.  I keep water or tea at my desk constantly so I’m not overly hungry.

Pouring water 2The meal begins with a nice salad followed by cooked Vegetables with some veggie meats (check the carb value on everything).  It can be tricky following a vegetarian food program while doing low carbs but it is doable. I decided while doing this program to consume eggs and some cheese, so I’m not completely Vegan right now.  Because of the change in my food program I have decided to do an ELF, (Liver Flush) every other week, just to keep my liver cleared out.

I continue to drink plenty of water throughout the evening to keep myself hydrated.  Sometime during the evening I add Keltic sea salt to a glass of water.  When my body is in Ketosis I move a lot of water through my kidneys, about every hour up until bedtime I void a large amount of water.  The good news is I only get up once or twice during the night to void.

The web is full of support for anyone counting carbs.  Look around to see what the best fit is for you.

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Herbal Supports for ALL Female Issues


There are three basic herbal support combinations for women’s issues along with several others used when their specific herbal formulas are needed. Understanding when and how to use these formulas to support or clear everything from PMS to issues arising from Menopause will add to the quality of a woman’s life as well as that of her family.


The three basic formulas are:

  • Female Formula: A hormonal balancing formula
  • Nu-Fem Formula: Rebuilding formula for the female organs
  • Changease Formula: Hormonal food formula

Female Formula183x253The Female Formula is a hormonal balancing formula.  The herbs in this formula have provided relief for menstrual issues ranging from excessive bleeding to extreme PMS issues.   Knowing how to use this valuable formula will aid any woman facing hormonal imbalance issues.  Using 1.5 tsp. daily stopping the week of your cycle will support most women enabling timely cycles while clearing all PMS issues.

At times of extreme hormonal imbalance when excessive bleeding is an issue the Female formula can be used in higher dosages to naturally stop an extended cycle and or slow the excessive bleeding to a more normal flow.   This can often occur after the birth of a child, during menopause, or when dealing with fibroid tumors.

When needing to stop an extended cycle, one that has gone on past the normal 5 to 7 days or has returned before the normal 21 to 28 days which should occur between cycles, use 1 tablespoon Female Formula daily all at once in cup of hot water, in very severe cases a tablespoon morning and evening can be used.  Continue this higher dose for one or two days after the bleeding has stopped to prevent breakthrough bleeding.  When mid-month break through bleeding occurs increase regular dose to the tablespoon daily for a day or two to stop the bleeding, then drop back to the normal 1.5 tsp. daily dosage.

Side effects of using high doses of Female Formula:  It is the natural progesterone occurring in the Wild Yam herb that controls or stops excess bleeding.  High doses of progesterone can cause tenderness in the breasts.  Not to worry when the dose is returned to normal the tenderness will disappear within a day or two.  No harm no foul or lasting effects.

Monthly Cycle-171-253Nu-Fem Formula is a female rebuilding herbal combination.  This herbal combination should be added to the Female formula when needing to rebuild the health of the uterus and surrounding glands for issues such as cysts, fibroid tumors or endometriosis.  The entire incurables program needs to be used because flushing the liver and kidneys will aid in clearing the waste while the herbal supports rebuild the affected areas.

 Changease Formula is our Hormonal Food Formula for either women or men.  This formula is an excellent aid for times of serious hormonal shifting such as child birth, menopause, and at time for the early teens when hormones are building at the onset of the cycles.  Red Raspberry tea is often enough for the young girls but when that is not enough then the Changease can be used to provide the hormonal food needed for a smooth transition from childhood into womanhood.  For all issues begin with the Female formula adding the Changease as needed for hormonal support.

THE ELF 183X253When dealing with any degraded condition of the body or if the system fails to respond as expected to the female support combinations try adding a bit of liver flushing to your healing program.  These herbal combinations will do the job, they are the gifts provided by our Father for the balancing and healing of the female organs when they fail to work the cause is often the inability of the body to properly utilize the herbal foods properly.  If the nutrients cannot be absorbed there will be no healing.  Clear the liver and the herbal supports will be able to do the work they were created to do.

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Successful Weight Loss

Pouring water 2Read “The Obesity Code” This was a real eye opener, so much about losing weight has been upside down and backward. What we have been doing is right and wrong, I think the bottom line is we have been linking weight loss exclusively to the concept of decreasing calories and increasing exercise. Yes it is important to move but we completely miss the real issue which is like every other activity in our body our weight is controlled by hormones. In his book Dr. Jason Fung MD, explains how to get off the diet merry-go-round by resetting what your body says is your set body weight. Anyone working with people or trying to lose weight themselves really needs to take the time to get thought this book. There are answers here.

tea-3Successfully did my first 24 hour water fast from Friday to Saturday. It was not as bad as I expected it to be. In fact I would say it was as easy as a juice fast (my longest juice fast was 40 days several years ago). Since clear, no calories teas ect are acceptable on a water fast I used the weight loss formula and the BF&C and Calcium formulas as a nutritional support for the day. The weight Loss has the kelp which supports thyroid and glandular function (a weak spot in my body) along with other herb high in nutritional support.

In the book, The Obesity Code, where Dr. Fung explains how to do the water fasting, he suggests when doing extended water fasts for a week or more to use a vitamin supplement. I don’t care for pressed pills overall and have used the superfood as my daily supplement for years. This is not available when water fasting.

If anyone can suggest a good high quality vitamin supplement I would be happy for the referral. I would like to be able to do a longer fast. I am a bit concerned that the extracts will not support well enough for longer water fasting.

Ok for the good stuff and the not so good. The weight loss has been steady. Since beginning the program and with the water fast I have lost a total of 18 lbs in two weeks.

The not so good is what Dr Fung said would happen when you beginning burning ketones, my body dumped a huge amount of water. This was to be expected he explained the reason for it in his book. I’ll not go into it here but except for the need run for the bathroom every hour or so I can’t say it was a bad experience. As he suggested I added a bit of sea salt to my water when I began to get a headache. The pain in my head ended nearly before I had finished drinking the salted water.

My energy is up and I feel so good that I believe I will do it all again today. He suggested intermittent water fasting from 16 hours in a day to a week at a time. We shall see how this all works out. I do suggest reading his book “the obesity code” it is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand how what you put in your mouth affects the body. Very good reference.


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