Emotional First Aid

Most associate the idea of “first aid” with stopping the flow of blood and or preventing shock after an accident.  I’d like to put out the idea of emotional first aid.  Knowing how to assist someone facing an unexpected loss or change of circumstances can be as important as supporting physical injuries.  Facing a life altering event alone can crush the physical life of nearly anyone.  An understanding friend standing silently by our side during times of crisis is a gift of inexpressible worth.  Nature has also provided several herbs to support as well as heal the physical and emotional nervous system.  The combination known as The “NF” formula (Nerve Food) is an excellent support in times of extreme stress as well as supporting the healing process during the long journey back to emotional health.

The General Nervine formula is not only an excellent sleep aid but when given during the day in lower dosages can be used for emotional crisis management. I have seen firsthand how this formula will allow the mind to process the changes while keeping the emotions from cascading out of control.  The sting of loss will come to all of us at some point.  Pain when embraced as a teacher can uplift and ennoble as the heart and mind find the inner strength to rise above and move on.  The discovery, the gift, is that you are more for having passed through the fire.

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