Emotional flushing

Healing hurts also heals the body. 

Copy of echinacea21Emotional clearing can be as important to the healing of the body as the clearing of physical toxins.  Learning to let go of the past is the first step in the healing journey only you can take.  Letting go takes many forms.  Learning to truly forgiving yourself and those who have wronged you is one way to begin.  Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.  Holding onto old hurts will eat you up from the inside out, destroying your capacity to receive or give love.

Finishing what you began, freedom from past obligations is also an excellent way to release the past.  Deciding to choose something new and better for ourselves requires we make room in our lives for the new.  When closing a chapter of your life it must be finished or it will continue to call you back.

How is this done?  What does it look like?  Stop for a moment and take a walk with your mind and heart through the chapter of your life you want to finish.  What memories or people still call out to you?  What promises have been left undone or projects unfinished?  With pen and paper make your chapter closing list.  Finish what was begun and move on.

Several years ago I discovered Life had played a dirty trick on me.  In the process of writing my story I finally found my voice and the emotional strength to confront my violators. Yeah for me!  Will not so great, they were all dead.  So what does one do with all the words that must go unsaid, and all the questions that will go unanswered in this life?

Maturity has brought with it a wisdom and understanding of the soul capable of the atrocities I endured in my younger years.  The bits of wisdom providence saw fit to share with me I have been privileged to pass on.  Sharing through the written word and one on one as the opportunity arises has turned the hurts I endured into a healing balm for shattered hearts.  The painful past is over, that chapter is closed, and today I stand here, where the Lord has placed me, strong in His strength.  The broken girl I was is now a capable woman.

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