Hydro-therapy / Castor Oil Packs

coldsheet garlic injectionThe Water Therapy Programs

High Enemas:

You must use a high enema every other day with an implant afterwards. Use only distilled water for the high enema.

A soothing Implant can be eight ounces of Aloe Vera gel and 8 oz of distilled water.

A good detoxifying Implant can be two ounces of wheat grass juice with 16 ounces of water.

An Implant that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal is: 1-2 cloves of garlic blended into eight ounces of raw apple cider vinegar and eight ounces of distilled water.  The garlic implant is an excellent healing aid but it can be very intense.

Any of the healing herbs and foods available can be used as implants, use your imagination: An excellent blood-cleansing tea implant is red clover, or use Echinacea root tea for its immune-enhancing abilities

H&C 2smHot and Cold Showers:

This is the most effective way to move the blood and create circulation.  This should be done at least twice daily, and for some people, up to four times a day.  Do the complete hot and cold shower. Start with hot water for one minute, then cold for one minute. Repeat this seven times, so the shower should last about fifteen minutes.

Apply the hot and cold changes directly to the affected area, such as the breast, or the head, or the genitals.  Massage the area vigorously while you do the hot and cold showers.

Castor oil packs nightly are critical. There’s no excuse for skipping them.

castroil-itemsEvery evening, do a castor oil pack over the affected area and leave on all night long. You can do multiple castor oil packs over different parts of the body. They can be kept warm with a hot water bottle. Soak a minimum one-foot square piece of flannel. Heat the castor oil pack before you put it on.

Don’t be stingy with the size of the castor oil pack, or with the amount of oil you put on it. It is better to cover more of the area of your body than less. If you use more, you’re cleansing the nearby areas which are probably infected or congested also.

Go to your local fabric store and get some cotton muslin that’s used for making baby diapers. Buy a good amount and cut it up as needed.”

Here are a few suggestions for making thicker pads.

If you want a thicker pad buy heavier weight cotton and put it on, and kind of sandwich itCastor OIl pack in-between two pieces of the cotton muslin. This makes a really nice, thick pack.  If you have the time you can sew multiple layers of Cotton Muslin together with cotton batting inside.  Buy some good cotton batting or cotton felt, and put it inside, one layer of cotton batting and one of muslin on each side and stitch together around the edges.  This will hold a lot of castor oil.  Using more castor oil available over the affected area will allow the effect to go deeper and be more effective.

Cover the pack with plastic to keep it from soaking into your blankets and sheets–which may get stained anyway.  Cover the castor oil pack with plastic wrap, and then put on a thick, terry cloth robe.  To protect your sheets and mattress use the blue bed liners.

Baking soda, in addition to soap, is helpful in getting the oil off the skin in the morning. The baking soda seems to soak up the oil.

When the pack becomes stained with colors from drawing out toxins it is time to throw it away and replace it with a fresh pack.  It is not necessary to refrigerate the castor oil pack during the day.

A full body pack can be done by soaking a sleeping bag in castor oil and sleeping in it. If you plan to do this you will need to purchase a large amount of plastic sheeting to lay the bag on.

Be careful with castor oil, because it can spoil all your bedding and furniture. Use huge plastic garbage bags laid out flat underneath the the sheets. When I do a castor oil compress on my head, I cover the whole pillow, and the headboard of the bed, with plastic. When doing castor oil packs, use underwear and T-shirts that you keep separate from your regular underwear. Castor oil can leak into your undergarments, and you will never really get all of it out.

The Cold Sheet Routine Must Be Done if you want to get well.

The cold sheet treatment, also known as the artificial fever routine must be a part of any healing program. Do the cold sheet treatment once or twice a week.  You will become more comfortable with this procedure by the second or third time around.  Complete detailed instructions are available on-line in our Hydrotherapy E-book.

Do NOT skip the cold sheet routine and do everything else.

There is NO herb or physical exercise that substitutes for this treatment. If you wimp out, your body loses.

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